New Anti-Trans Initiatives Cropping Up Nationwide Being Fought By Activists & ACLU | MSNBC 1

New Anti-Trans Initiatives Cropping Up Nationwide Being Fought By Activists & ACLU | MSNBC


Trans rights are under fire as states nationwide put forth new, anti-trans legislation and policies. Jonathan Capehart’s panel explains the anti-trans initiatives being fought around the country, and the ultimate goal of inclusion and acceptance for all trans Americans.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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New Anti-Trans Initiatives Cropping Up Nationwide Being Fought By Activists & ACLU | MSNBC


    1. @Demetria Karnavas You literally just described the left. I’m a conservative, just an average American, not some crazy Trump supporter as you stereotype. So when I saw this video, I tried to research actual bills and legislation that suppressed the transgender community but couldn’t find any. Is this all about not letting biological men not compete against women and completely destroy them in a sport? That’s like Mike Tyson identifying as a women and competing in womens boxing. How is that fair? Can you link these bills and legislation of oppression?

    2. @Mike Too many compelling things in the country and world competing for my attention to hyperventilate about transgender people in sports. I’ll leave that to the right.

  1. I may come back here late
    It will be interesting to hear those who are in fear of their own sexual feelings, as they shriek to the ignorant minority.

    1. keep spreading your propaganda loonie, your comparison is a typical right wing response, it’s terrible, plain and simple.

      How badly do puberty blockers hurt a child, not anything far worse then the religious cult, you know the one you quacks are typically found in, lots of messed up “things” going on with “children” found there

    2. @Margaret Nicol You do realize the majority of children return to living their original birth gender right? What do you tell those children who have irreparable damage caused to them because you encouraged them to take hormone blockers and mutilate their genitals?

    1. @Wohooo
      Translation – I am ignorant on this subject and I like the mental the capacity to create a valid argument against your statements.
      Response – I already knew that so instead of being ignorant why don’t you go and increase your knowledge base.

    2. Democrats today champion perversion, immorality
      and everything wrong with America. They are so sick.
      God help them in the hereafter.

    1. @Craig Crawford No, it is you who does not understand the burden of proof. Those who make extraordinary claims bear the burden of proof. Saying that morality is entirely based on emotion – subjective – and not based on facts – objective – is manifestly obvious to anyone who has given the matter even thirty seconds of serious consideration. So, let me suggest you do exactly that, before continuing to make a fool out of yourself.

      By the way, our emotions – like morality – are also evolved to facilitate our survival, procreation, and sense of well being.

    2. @Richard Owens *so stop pretending that stories like the Bible are true.* ….but it’s okay for you to believe the stories of your psychologist gods right? Even though there is NO evidence in existence that proves somebody is born the wrong gender, even though your biological gender will never change and you will die the biological gender you were born. Even though the large majority of children return to living their original gender. That’s okay to encourage children to pretend their the opposite gender but believing in the Bible isn’t. Who said you get to dictate what is moral and what isn’t? Who said you get to dictate that the stories in the Bible aren’t true but the stories of your psychologists are? People like you are pure evil.

    3. @Craig Crawford becoming something they are not? Like becoming loving instead of hateful? Becoming compassionate instead of blind? Becoming virtuous instead of sinful? Love thy neighbor

  2. It’s not just ignorance. It’s not mostly ignorance. It’s bigotry and hatred. Very much so.

    1. @El Ohwell
      Will you protect your kids against the so called respectable republican congress man matt gaetz

    2. @Sagi Lyonheart you act like there’s not other doctors that they can see, not even sure how that’s relevant to me or my arguement

  3. Watching Arli Christian almost cry hearing about a father, Jon Ralston, talking about his transgender son was so real, emotional and cool…

  4. The Holy ghost face killers of black moonlite purgatory and all these chuckle head thrill killer likely stories. Black moon shine feel’n fine and the kid that seems to have lost his lucky Lucifer star way. The guiding light of the thrill killers among us in trust.

  5. Any updates on the capitol attack yesterday that left a capitol police officer dead? I believe one of the actual news channels names the attacked as Noah Green, follower of the Nation of Islam. Background, motive, news!?

  6. Baby Cheesuits are more worried about transpeople going to restrooms than Matt “Pizza” Gaetz cruising for schoolgirls.

    1. And your more worried about Matt gaetz than the thousands of kids being trafficked at the border daily

    2. @No Show Joe Being a creep is still a crime. You’d never know if someone were transgender unless you were looking at their genitals. That makes YOU the creep, freakshow.

    3. @CShield You’re not fooling anybody dude but nice deflection. literally anybody can tell in an instant if someone’s a transgender. A man who puts makeup on and wears a dress isn’t fooling anyone. The facial structure and body type is a clear indication it’s not even a challenge to decipher a man and a women if you’re trans.

    4. @No Show Joe What deflection? You’ll never know what genitals another person has unless you’re creeping on them in the bathroom. Get help for your perversions.

  7. Can someone please explain the life saving treatments? I’m not trolling I’m honesty just trying to educate myself as the suicide rate pre and post opp is no different. I feel like I need more information to better understand the issue.

  8. as a human rights issue(s), all these policies will fall by the wayside once brought before a Court – they simply cannot legislate the exclusion of, and thereby the future of our children. That is more than cruel – it’s inhuman.

  9. Republicans got to after someone. They have discriminate and hate one someone like they always do.

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