New Bombings In Israel, Gaza Amid Reports Of Possible Cease-Fire

Despite potential for an imminent cease-fire, Israel launched a fresh wave of airstrikes across the Gaza Strip overnight as the Palestinian militant group Hamas resumed rocket attacks. As of Thursday, Hamas has fired more than 4,000 rockets at Israel, most intercepted by Israel's iron dome defense system. The violence between Israel and Gaza has left nearly 250 Palestinians dead.
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  1. An Israeli Occupier: [with a serious tone] “What is the problem, huh? If I don’t steal it, someone else will”

    1. Israel is one of the most unstable countries in the world they’re being the first to get rid of the passport and do the Covid passport which is slavery to the point where they can tell you when and where to work (Israel is unstable)

    2. Anyone who thinks Israel is an occupier should stay out of politics…you don’t know history so just hush up.

    3. @smilus joel The demokkkrats elected racists like AOC, Talib, Pressley, etc who all say the same rhetoric.

  2. Children, women, men hearts and souls every one of them. People w real problems stop w Dr. Seuss Americans the world needs current caring intelligent politicians

  3. Until Palestinians and Christians are given the same rights and treated like equals not the second class citizens.

    1. @James Braid But they deny citizenship to half their population. Try to keep up. Israel isn’t a democracy. It’s a Racist religious oligarchy.

    2. @YouTubeSucksCock 1234 Hundreds of years later? The Ottoman Empire only left the area about 100 years ago.

    3. This is a Hamas doing, not Palestine. Until people see and understand the difference they should keep their mouth shut

  4. G-hoad….. A teacher in our university and expert in middle east works some years ago knew exactly what is happening in the region. He died some years back. But said it’s a religious war that will never end until the end of time, just as it started thousands of years ago and con’t till this day.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson In fact, the Palestinians started the battle this time around — at least in terms of firing rockets.

    2. @Lindsey Stein Please specify exactly which horrific human rights violations you are referring to.

    3. @DrBharat Patel Sorry, but the state of Israel has more to do with the holocaust than it does with Moses.

  5. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh wow, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

  6. Looking at the background of this reporters speaking to the camera makes me wonder how bad is it as you don’t see shops shut down or people running for cover?

    1. Talk to an Israeli soldier in the north near Gaza, or a Palestinian awakened intermittently by bombs. You will hear a different story. Eastern Jerusalem is the location of property differences that sparked sparked the violence, but it is not the site of violence. Also, remember, Israel is protected by a deflective dome, and is able to repel the 3000+ rockets fired by the Palestinians into Israel, thus protecting Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, etc. for the most part.

    2. 80% of Israelis are sleeping in bomb shelters. They get a 30 second warning to head for shelters at other times.

  7. Both sides ought to look at what they are doing to one another. It’s a real shame when ADULTS can’t control their fervor even for the sake of ALL the children. What kind of example are you’s setting?

  8. One question…. What side is hurting about what? It’s gots to be a reason why one side is fighting…

    1. they just hate each other they have been rivals since the 1900s and they both fire at each other missles, mortors, etc. Sadly the palastinians citizens are caught in the crossfire as the israeli government can defend against palanstians rockets bc they have the iron dome where as the gaza strip has no effective missle deterent and as a result has suffered way more casulaties than israel. My opinion, its just war no one side is really worse then the other and sadly civilians are caught in the cross fire

    2. Israel keeps intentionally killing people’s children, creating more terrorists. An Israeli General even came out in support of killing people’s families in the war.

    3. @Andrew Will its not just crossfire. There’s videos of the idf intentionally shooting children.

    4. Arabs keep air striking Israel but thankfully Israel has the “Iron Dome” system funded by the US (that basically stops missiles in their tracks). So Arabs fail to harm Israel and Israel counterstrikes

  9. The madly pastor lally dam because rainbow lovely fix astride a useless fine. hoc, deserted leopard

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