1. @Danger Close Whatever, champ 👍

      They’re all going down because the facts don’t care about your feelings

    2. @Persephone kajira I don’t care if they go down. That’s what happens when you act like a fool

    3. @Al Notterbot Do I have a life? Joined 9/2013. 95 unique uploads. 458 subscribers (none of whom I know personally). 205K+ visits. Oh, and *_NOT_* a member of Moby Trump’s Death Cult

  1. The GOP opposition shouldn’t mean a thing.
    The fact that it is allowed to obstruct justice gives you a clue why you are under attack, why you have been under attack for several years and why things are about to turn ugly.

    1. @Red Alert Yep. Hitler eliminated the other parties when he got out of jail. Make his stay in prison a long one and don’t give him the luxuries that Hitler was given

    2. Lotta Sunshine, I’m almost the same age, and there hasn’t been a decent Republican since Eisenhower. Their only agendas are money and power, they use lies, fear, bigotry and hate to control their base. They went before the Supreme Court trying to justify disenfranchising voters because if they can’t then no Republican will ever win another election. The simple fact is that voting rights are guaranteed every citizen, political parties aren’t guaranteed in the Constitution. The hubris of Republicans to feel entitled to power is absurd. It also indicates that they are ideologically bankrupt. Somehow they believe that they aren’t responsible to their constituents. Someone should tell them that’s what they were elected to do.

    3. Agreed. The Royalist traitors of 250 years ago, the Confederate traitors of 150 years ago, and those traitors who supported Hitler 80 years ago would all look on the modern GOP and recognize them as friends.

    1. I think there’s a lot of blackmail involved that would explain why some republicans flip flop from emotionally criticizing the old prez to kissing his butt.

    2. @Rickie Matthews The only setting up Trump was involved in was starting the coup, and lighting the fuse. Then he ran away to the white house to watch it unfold with glee.

      Your party is nothing but swampy Traitors, and so is anyone who still supports it. I can’t wait for Democrats to go ahead anyways with the investigating. We should’ve never tried to be bipartisan with racist Trash.

  2. The reason why the republican cowards will oppose is because a lot of them will be exposed for the traitors they are in the public eye and wouldnt be able to deny any of it. Jail time awaits

    1. Also, the Commission’s report wd come out before the midterms, and no doubt the Repubs wd lose votes, and the chance to take the House. McCarthy’s sole ambition is to be Speaker. He doesn’t care abt the truth, or justice and least of all, about accountability. He and McConnell want power, and they KNOW a Commission wd find some very damning things abt the GOP and their Fuhrer. Power before principles dictates their obstruction.

    2. @Irena P. When a plane falls out of the sky you don’t just remove the body’s and clean up.. YOU FIND OUT WHY it fell.
      Only tR**pets are in denial!

    3. There will be no jail time for anyone. Bullets will eventually sort this out. Check your history, violence has always settled things.

    1. 2/3 of the guilty were members of the Congress and they too should be tried for treason.

    2. If we can believe what they say is truth. But it won’t be. The democrats were behind it all along and that they will never let be investigated. Pelosi and her minions they have it controlled. Just like your President no one voted for.

    3. @Robin Valenti sorry you believe all the lies Trump and the Republicans are putting out . but all the people that where there on January 6 .where Trump supports . they broke the law over a lie.

    4. @Robin Valenti Either you are a bad troll, hilariously mis-informed or just plain tone deaf. Which is it?

    1. They are ordered to resist it by Trump. Trump doesn’t want little Kevin have to tell the truth about the phone call. He doesn’t want anybody to look into how deep Trump or his clown car of supports had in the organization of insurrection. Lots I bet!

    2. @SoulHarvester Gaming
      Yes, that’s why Trump’s msg. to the Capitol terrorists was “go home, we love you” LOL
      Trump, GOP, Republicans, Right-wingers & their Media are looking ridiculously stupid!

    3. Poor babies… That was just touring the capitol i assure you everyone tha was there was a legal gun owner of more than one gun. If rep. wanted to take it dont dont you think they would have brought them you whining lefties really are dumb arent you

    4. @Glenn v I guess your MAGA pals didn’t send you a copy of the memo that said “Don’t Bring Guns To DC.

  3. Of course the g.o.p. doesn’t want it investigated because they know some of them. Will have to testify under oath.but since when do we allow part of the investigatied andy ,one way or the other.

    1. Actually it is worse than that! McConnell and McCarthy know that there is plenty there and they are afraid that investigating what happened on January 6th will show that folks like Trump, his enablers and the 139 Republican Representatives and 8 Republican Senators who voted to object to accepting the lawful vote for Joe Biden provided aid and comfort to the insurrectionists?

      And for anyone who has ever really read our beautiful US Constitution they would have come across this small part, Section 3 of Article 3:
      Section 3
      Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against
      them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person
      shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the
      same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

      And be assured that folks who ransack the US Capitol in an effort to overthrow the US Government are “ENEMIES”
      Trump cultist always talk of their love for the US Constitution, but in my experience Trump cultists have rarely, if ever, actually read the US Constitution.

      BTW – there MUST BE consequences for those who would attempt to overthrow the US Government, otherwise what happened on January 6th will only prove to have been practice for those whose goal is to overthrow the US Government.

  4. We just need to ensure this doesn’t happen again. And the only way to do so is to examine its roots.

    1. The Republican solution is to give them a majority one more time so they can finish their takeover. According to them only permanent Republican control can convince them to stop.

    1. Case in point, Mike Pence’s own brother voted against the commission to look into the mob that tried to murder him. How sick is that? “Sorry, bro, I love T***po the Clown more than you”.

    1. Some of them almost definitely, but they would oppose it even if they were uninvolved because Dear Leader has told them to.

    2. When a plane falls out of the sky you don’t just remove the body’s and clean up.. YOU FIND OUT WHY it fell!

  5. You can’t Prosecute the same people that are Guilty . Or You can’t ask the Same people to Create a Commision of their own Investigation .

  6. If you ask me this whole thing should be in the hands of the DOJ or Home Land Security. I have no trust or faith in our Senate any more.

    1. I met a lot of people who dont trust the Senate Republicans. A large majority of Americans shouldnt give credence to mostly all of them.

    2. I absolutely do not trust the majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate, they prove time and time again just how low they are willing to go… so many of them voted against election certification it’s not even funny… so many traitors… kick them out and stop voting for psychopaths… so sick of ignorant Republican voters… the dumbest people on the face of the Earth, they will believe anything, completely blind and oblivious to the truth because they are brainwashed by the right wing media and politicians that lie about everything…. why are they allowed to get away with lying like that all the time? There needs to be better laws protecting the integrity of television and radio and newspapers, they should not be able to get away with lying all the time… Democrats either… we are all sick of the lies, we just want the dang truth… no more politics, no more drama, just the truth and actually vote to do things and help people and help the economy and everything else…. the Repugs never vote for anything… they are the most evil, conniving, selfish beings on the planet and somehow one third of the population believes them and supports them… poor people… not just the wealthy, but the dumb, brainwashed, ignorant, uneducated poor people that believe in conspiracy theories and lie. Take away their right to vote unless they can prove they know how to make educated and informed votes. People shouldn’t be allowed to vote that vote against themselves or to take away other peoples’ rights. I mean seriously, it’s 2021 and we are still dealing with this crap. Have these morons learned nothing in the last century? How can people continue to be so dumb and blind and vote Republican? I will just never, ever understand these psychotic people.

    3. @Lauren Crouse The only thing with which l disagree is your willingness to take away the right of citizens to vote. The right to vote is scared and should not be denied to anyone. The fact that the Republican party has turned into a fascist cult is all the more reason to enfranchised those who have been disenfranchised via voting rights restrictions by the Republican party and extreme gerrymandering. Texas, Georgia, and other Republican led states have tried, with new laws, to restrict access to voting. We must fight these disgusting provisions with all our might. The Republican party does not represent the majority of the American people. It therefore becomes necessary to fight for every citizen to be able to vote to overturn these disgusting laws.

    4. I agree – letting the Republican party have a say in this is laughable – why would you want to investigate yourself??

  7. Have you noticed how the Repubs oppose “everything” Dems suggest. They don’t want to be bipartisan. They want POWER.

    1. @Irena P. Not at all .. we asked for facts and accountability .. republicants can provide neither.
      If a plane falls out of the sky you don’t just remove the body’s and clean up.. YOU FIND OUT WHY IT FELL!

    2. @Irena P. maybe the Dems decided to adopt the GOP playbook from the Obama years. You know, those eight years where, at nearly every turn, McConnell stone walled the Obama administration on everything they tried to do.

  8. It happened and will happen again if we don’t put a stop to this. The truth and fixes need to be done.

    1. Yep. If we do nothing then the next time the Republicans don’t like the result of an election, they will illegally try to overturn it again. Guaranteed.

    2. Rene Jean, the next time the Republicans try to overturn an election Capitol police will shoot first, and real Patriots won’t stay home as asked.

    3. Every moment that T***po, Giuliani, Mo Brooks, and Don Jr. breathe the free air brings us one day closer to the next attempted coup. They’ll keep trying until they succeed in overthrowing our democracy or until we wake up and start treating these traitors like the traitors they are.

  9. So, Jack very clearly tells Steve to go down the street and shoot Mary. Steve does exactly what Jack asks him to do and Mary is shot. And all of this is live on national television. But apparently nobody knows what happened. WTF??

  10. Just like scooting in a justice against their own word, they believe they shouldn’t be held to scrutiny on this issue either.

  11. Since when do suspected criminals get to not only participate in, but dictate the rules of, the investigation investigating them? This is absurd.

    1. When a plane falls out of the sky you don’t just remove the body’s and clean up.. YOU FIND OUT WHY!

  12. Oh for Pete’s sake, dont they know that we are watching them? They are in a bubble but we can see thru!

    1. They know we can see them they just think that we the American people are too stupid to figure out what’s going on, or at least they think that their voters are too stupid to figure out what’s going on and considering the fact that at least half of their voters think that the Insurrection was an acceptable way to handle things they might not be too far off from the truth

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