New Capitol riot video shows extreme levels of coordination 1

New Capitol riot video shows extreme levels of coordination


Newly released videos paint an alarming picture of just how much worse the Capitol attack could have been. CNN's Tom Foreman takes a closer look.
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    1. @kaiss-kc kc since it has been PROVEN that the majority of the rioting and looting were done by the same folks who stormed the capitol. I mean really, what better way to get back at BLM than to make it look like they were looting and rioting.. and.. BTW.. I don’t see the FBI going after any of the BLM protesters.. wonder why? Could it be because they know who was actually involved.. matter of fact, if you care to really do your research, you will find out who REALLY was arrested back in the summer, and what side they were on.. but if it helps you to continue to hate the left, then carry on. Bottom line.. democrats and those much hated “shallow” liberals know how to get things done the RIGHT way.. it’s called coming out in numbers too big to rig and too real to steal.. VOTING. THAT is why we now control the house, the senate AND the White House and if you think swine daddy did anything to grow his base in 4 years, you would be WRONG.. so we will see you in 2022 when we vote the rest of the traitors out of office because frankly, we’ve had enough of your hate, racism and division. Get with the program or go back under your rock.

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 you seriously think that only democrats have abortions? have you thought about your comment and how dumb that sounds?

    2. @Ralph Dratman Who are you and do you live in the United states?? My Great great grandfather was in the civil war and my father was in WWII. You are the enemy.

  1. Some of these Extremist had several days to plan to attack the Capitol. Some were also given tours of the Capitol by Republican Senators.

    1. Trump sadly played on the ignorance of his supporters and some are still too stupid to realize it after the insurrection

    2. They need to be Investigated and put in jail for the what they done. Every Republican needs to be investigated and made to pay for lose of live and for what? A liar that’s been stealing from people for years and didn’t pardon NONE of THEM. They ALL should feel like the fools they were.

    1. He said that after the fact and told them he loved them come on admit your trumpee was the one who caused this whole thing

    2. @Sharon Azevedo ….this was when trump told them to ‘all go home’ and the likes and CNN could not cut away from him quick enough…

  2. Sadly, only the murder of one of their own, a Republican Senator, on January 6th, would some of the remaining 43 (or 42) have possibly voted to impeach Trump…possibly.

  3. The right said we need to forget and heal, after rioters were brazen enough to attack the Capital, while chanting hang Mike Pence. That’s just cringy.

    1. Yeah right ! Just like all those Democratic Governors , District Attorneys and Mayors of cities like Portland and Seattle, Houston among others ? You Democrats and your double standards are pathetic !

    2. @Liz Ryan Is this the same AOC that feared for her life, accused Ted Cruz of attempting to murder her, but was no where near the Capitol Building or the riots… it sounds like AOC and jussie smollett have been comparing notes.

  4. So let me get this straight. The Republicans that voted to *IMPEACH* Trump, are getting reprimanded for doing *the RIGHT THING.*
    *CORRUPTION* at its *FINEST.*

    1. @kaiss-kc kc dude, nobody condoned looting, it was always admonished. Maybe you should watch news that is reality based. The image Fox etc paints of “liberals” is not reality. It has turned you into an enemy to our country. Spin is one thing but the crap right wing Media airs isn’t even what’s happening. That red pill is choking y’all.

    2. @David Alexander
      That’s how shallow liberals are, their bubble is so fragile that they can’t handle anything..
      Sorry to burst your little bubble son

    3. @Devildawg 0311
      Try to have an adult conversation with a liberal or asking a legitimate question, any question, or you say anything, here is what you get:

      Trump University
      “ I love the uneducated “
      Trump is a failure
      Trumpanzzi ..
      None of these shallow liberals bother to go to the Circuit courts and the SCOTUS websites and read the lawsuits that were docketed there. None of them even heard about Molly Ball’s article in Time magazine talking about “ conspiracy” by liberals activists to change the outcome of the election. MSM didn’t tell liberals about Trump’s deal with OPEC to benefit the USA bc liberals don’t even know what OPEC is..
      An Israeli plumber with a high school diploma is more informed than any liberal with a PhD in the USA
      No, I’m not staying in Israel, I can go and work to the USA bc I’ve dual citizenship

  5. This entire situation is heartbreaking and infuriating. I really hope there is accountability for all those involve. This has the opportunity to make us stronger and more unified. However, failing to hold people accountable, as we’ve done in the past will only strengthen sectarianism and endanger everyone.

    1. Ok Saquisha girl! Where were you when BLM were burning cities, looting merchandise, disfiguring historic monuments and kill innocents?
      Liberals are so shallow and DISGUSTING

    2. did you not hear that 250 charges have been made.
      probably more that were laid in the SBLM riots which resulted in 19 murders, mass looting and burning down of businesses and billions of dollars in destruction. buy hey, that was the summer of love.

  6. Bloody hell people died it’s a criminal matter and needs to go before judge and jury, the stupidity of having the gangster tried by is own thugs is beyond belief and honestly shows just how rediculous aMErica is.

    1. Where were you when BLM were burning cities, looting merchandise, disfiguring historic monuments and kill innocents?
      Liberals are so shallow and DISGUSTING

    2. The Dems knew the republicans would not vote to convict. They did it to create a public record to be used to move it to a court of law. In a court of law, he can be sentenced to prison,unlike the Senate trial. He can now be investigated and held accountable in a legal setting.

    1. Where were you when BLM were burning cities, looting merchandise, disfiguring historic monuments and kill innocents?
      Liberals are so shallow and DISGUSTING

    2. @kaiss-kc kc You keep repeating that comment. Who are you? Where do you live? I do not think you live in the US.

    1. @Sharon Azevedo Trump thinks protesters who damage government property with graffiti should get a minimum of ten years in prison, they might need another prison to house this lynch mob. Remember the Republicans who are fine with this insurrection,and make their lives miserable, never mind waiting for them to burn in hell, ain’t going to happen, that’s a genuine hoax.

  7. I will never ever take a politician seriously again. He tried to overthrow the government and they let it happen. And refuse to convict.

    1. He didn’t try to overthrow the government. He would’ve just declared martial law if he wanted to do that. You’re exaggerating.

    1. Me too. What a fucking disgrace. SHAME on the complicit cowards for letting the criminal get away with attempted murder of our elected representatives, including his own VP.

  8. Enough. Tired of hearing about people being charged in connection to the Capital riot. Want to hear about people being CONVICTED and what punishments given. Come on CNN news, stop milking the story. Feed your viewers something new and different. Want an outcome now. Waited in vain for what seemed ages for Donald Trump’s verdict. We shouldn’t wait too long for the rioters outcome.

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