1. Total autonomy to the person requesting maid
    No other opinions matter !
    Any hospital anywhere in Canada 24 7 365 20 min service !!

  2. MAID i Palliative care destroyed this careunit Totally agree with that doctor help disabled to live their life not offer MAID

  3. Senate is a joke and chair for Bill 7 Jaffer Mobina is pro death close minded and called me rude when i want to debate as a health care provider working on Palliative care unit. Mobina said herself ‘we are blind without data however she does not want data if it differs from her ideological point of views . It showed that senators like her should not be chair on any bills votes

  4. one person wanted assistive death in 89 and they legislated MAID in 2016 how irresponsible . Maid tainted palliative care

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