New Curfew Restrictions How Will Our Businesses Survive - February 11 2023 1

New Curfew Restrictions How Will Our Businesses Survive – February 11 2023


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  1. Curfew not cutting it. We have to lock down some areas where spikes are occurring. That worked before. Do what works

  2. From what I’ve seen, some people in Jamaica are still not wearing masks and social distancing ! The biggest issue that I see is a lack of self-discipline.

    1. @EXTRAVIEWS 876 I don’t have to be in Jamaica to see that ! I have seen many news clippings and videos of events happening in Jamaica. For example, groups of people linking and meeting up. Iam not living under a rock ! Thank you.

    2. You see a clip of isolated areas not all of jamaican. so don’t put the whole island of jamaican in your comment, yes some areas need to comply with the rules but not all and when your not in a country the information that you get should always be checked before you make disparaging comments.

    3. @Lavine Andrews Did you pay attention to what a wrote ( I Said some people) you are ready to make a Federal case out of my comment but would you approach someone on the streets in Jamaica, who is not wearing a mask and ask he / she why they are not following the protocols ? What do you mean! Some areas need to comply but not all ! It can take just one infected person to spread the virus ! That should be your concern. Me done talk ! Stay blessed

    4. Police should start giving that instant charge as well for not wearing a mask and a proper one, this is too much now.

  3. This “covid curfew” is both ridiculous, and unfair. Politicians have their highly-paid day jobs; but many of the people who pay their salaries work at night. Makes no sense.

  4. Curfew and lockdown will not stop the spread.I am going in the opposite and say longer hours this will thin out the crowd.Government offices6am to8pm including Saturdays.Stores have the option to choose their hours.Less crowd easier to maintain social distancing.

  5. Hyacinth from uk me and a friend was saying the same thing shot them down for six months if they don’t comply them to hard of eating uk shops gyms school, we can only go out for food shopping and exercise hour/ two and home people down listen come down on them or it never going to end .

  6. Andrew and Turton need fi tek it first on national TV and yes enforcement and fined need to happen.but this curfew thing nuh mek sense

  7. Mr on lock down the areas that’s giving trouble/ hike in the plandemic, stick to what really works, phensic or cafenol, and stop change change up the thing.

  8. She just sit there and ask stupid question how can you pay your bill utility ,staff when you have to close your business at 7pm

  9. What happened to the litter people who sell on the street sides to survive the taxi drivers,Jamaica can’t do what Canada and America do they have to to have a different plan.

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