New Data Shows Just How Much Anti-Black Structural Racism Impacts Health 1

New Data Shows Just How Much Anti-Black Structural Racism Impacts Health


New data shows just how much anti-Black structural racism impacts health
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    1. Somehow there is a lot of hypocrisy in the RepubliCON party. They love their guns and insurrection but they say they are pro life?

    1. America thinks universal healthcare is communism 😂….I’ll take my communist NHS anyday over the American system..

    2. @James Mcanish Tell that to all your buddies living under NHS waiting 4 hours on an ambulance or 4 months for cancer treatment your moron!

    3. Adults have to maintain personal responsibility regardless of race OR whether or not they are a one or 2 parent home….msnbc never addresses that.

  1. Data visualizations of deadly affects of racism and white people are really commenting “God bless their souls”?! Yea, ok, as if there’s nothing that can possibly be done and shrugging off the problem is about on par. Hiding behind and using religion and colonization was how we got here in the first place, so it’s quite appropriate.

    1. @OrcaBob 4337 I disagree with your comment. Joycelyn was only stating facts. Two BS degrees, should of have given you the ability to analyze data.

    2. I graduated from high school with a 1.75 GPA, so I had to look up the meaning of the word ‘simping’. 😁

      No, it’s not sucking up. It’s being considerate and compassionate towards another person’s experience that is different from my own.

    3. @Jocelyn Johnston
      I can absolutely relate to your experience with doctors… except I’m a nearly 70 yr old white woman and I’ve been treated that way for decades! Doctors are insufferable snobs who believe they know everything! Trying to convince them that YOU know your body just a little bit better than they do is almost more work than it’s worth. They still won’t believe you but they WILL label you argumentative and THAT stays in your Medical File FOREVER !! You can’t get it removed. All you can do is write your own letter stating why you disagree and have it put in your file. That’s all presupposing you managed to find out it was there in the first place because your Medical File is yours for the asking BUT the doctors Notes are NOT ! They aren’t REQUIRED to divulge them to YOU but all medical personnel get to see them! Just FYI from someone who’s been there.

    4. @Nancy Ranft ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

      This literally happens to everyone. Doctors are just like that. Often times, they are just overpayed and have too many patients to have any patience.

    1. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVER! The European in America is a colonizer who stole land from the natives and disseminated the population.. which is y till this day u must continue to lie about Ur barbaric history because Ur too ashamed of the truth … Europeans of today are ashamed of u

    2. @Adam Taylor Yes, I agree with your comment. But there is one more fact. Indigenous people, does not include Mexicans. As there are many Mexicans that are of original native and indigenous ancestors of the US states that originally were part of Mexico.

    3. In this case thank God you’re on the “others” list! Or would you prefer joining us on the teal bar?

    1. @T. R. Campbell Progressive democratic control cities very interesting. You fail to mention the Republikkcan dominant state assembly that makes laws for those cities. Kind of like how the Senate controls the overall laws passed on the Federal level. Example state dominant Republikkcan legislatures are passing Jim Crow 2.0 laws across the country to make it harder for minorities to vote. Let me know if have any questions thanks?

    2. With the systemic racism that goes on in our most progressive cities we could usually spell Demokkkrat. Remember, our new Attorney General talked about the systemic racism that is occurring in the three cities that he is investigating, namely Minneapolis and Brooklyn, Minnesota as well as Elizabeth City, NC.
      Some years ago a UC Berkeley researcher catalogued and identified the conditions that existed were slaves living on plantations in the antebellum South as well as Central and South America. These same conditions exist in our minority enclaves in our most progressive cities. The same conditions. We wonder why we are allowed this to happen? First of all we need to stop blaming the Republicans and we need to look in the mirror.

    3. @T. R. Campbell Again are we skipping over the dominant Republikkcan state legislatures who make laws for these progressive run democrat cities. Lets address this issue sir. Because there lies to true problem. Are would you like to just use more talking points without actual facts? Budgets, funding, laws all come from the state house pushed down to the city.

    4. @Abe M. I’ll bite.

      Which legislatures and laws are you referring to? How do they effect POC?

      Btw, if you say “Do your research” I’ll assume you never intended to address any issues.

    5. @T. R. Campbell you mean the facts that red states have higher gun deaths per capita, have higher assault of woman and children, more teen pregnancy. Higher preventable disease deaths, lower education
      Or the fact that red areas take in more government aid than blue

  2. Basically, even with top-notch full health coverage, your average doctor is withholding treatment to black people.

    1. Maybe it had more to do with levels of obesity. Blacks, especially poor blacks statistically are the most overweight group. At the other extreme Asians are least likely to be overweight. That variable alone almost perfectly accounts for the variance.

    2. @Dubjax 33 Classic British Films If you’re using videos as your source of “evidence” without doing your own due diligence to cross-reference that data, you’re just as bad as Faux News viewers who accept all that trash as truth. Think for yourself, & always seek multiple sources before calling anything “evidence”. This is data btw, not evidence.

    3. @Raw Stihl So to you the “average” doctor is white? Is that what you are trying to articulate?

    1. And Republicans, especially Tim Scott, think there is no racism in AMERICA 🇺🇸….
      Pathetic uneducated Tim Scott.

  3. Vit D deficits affects immune system function and is also a factor in these statistics. Take your Vit D.

    1. Vitamin D is naturally produced by absorbing Sunlight, that’s a major reason the stats are what they are, darker skins absorb less.

  4. Racism is so american, that when you criticize racism folks think that you are criticizing america. Go figure. 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾 ♂

    1. Somebody gotta write a song about that.Gotta mention pickups, mom , jail ,and getting drunk in the rain.

    2. The same way zionist call people antisemitic when then criticize Israel 🇮🇱 policy against Palestinians. They are accusing the accusers of what themselves really are.

  5. One known aspect of how the Coronavirus affects a human body is the vitamin D level, the human body naturally creates vitamin D by absorbing sunlight, darker skins produce less vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D level effects allot of things in a human body, memory is one of them. If a person is starting to have memory problems, don’t just make the assumption that it’s Alzheimer’s, get it checked.

  6. Disneyland America is the America everyone wants to believe in.
    Then on their way home while waiting at a bus stop they get hit with a hammer for being Asian American.
    Then on their way home they jay walked across the street and were shot by police for being Black American.
    Then at school they were upset that actual history that includes all races is taught and they are Pink American.

  7. I wish they would have factored in the amount of people who refuse to go to the doctor or get the vaccine because of mistrust or religious reasons. It would have painted a clearer picture.

  8. We can’t forget that Trump didn’t care if minorities got infected with Covid in a Bob Woodward interview.

  9. Critical Race Theory debate is simple. It is taught in specific courses of study in 3 Universities. So any debate is simple. There should be none.

  10. Can’t wait for the GQP trolls to start saying stuff like “Get a better paying job” and/or “”Get better insurance.” sad
    Oh, remember Wilbur Ross “why not just sell some stocks?”

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