Accused Proud Boy Suddenly Secures $980k Cash Bail 1

Accused Proud Boy Suddenly Secures $980k Cash Bail


Alleged Capitol rioter and Proud Boy Ethan Nordean is still in jail pending a hearing. But he suddenly came up with almost $1 million to offer as bail money.
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    1. @malikdamu they don’t believe in a qonspiracy that believe god, trump, and the military are helping defeat blood sucking Satan worshipers.

      Deflect harder

    1. @YouTube Censorship Sux it wasn’t the right. Not all republicans did this. Not all trump supporters did this, all tho a lot of them did.
      The terrorist qult planned this.

  1. So a terrorist gets a rich guy to pay his bail, fine. Indigenous folk who march for water can get refused. What a country.


    1. Trumpie boy and all his donates, look at all the money TRUMPY has taken from the rallies, heard he’s fixing to have one in Birmingham a Al. Need to check and see who’s furnishing this money, they prouable want him out to lead the Aug. Take over they have been talking about. Lock all these morons up, I have never in my life seen one man get by with so much dirt.

    2. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVER! the storm is coming for the DiGiTaL sOlDiErS and their leaders.
      gOd WiNs

  2. They know something that Trump and his cronies don’t want out remember Trump said stand back and stand by.

    1. @GetemHesHappy bobbin Yes, I know it is. But it’s not because of “covid misinformation” killing people. That’s almost the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, almost.

    2. @Gary Kelley Because some posts on Facebook that urged the mindless people to commit the unthinkable acts of treason, and some innocent people, some not, died as a result.

    3. @Gary Kelley What does that have to do with an insurrectionist getting a lump sum of money for bail? You tried troll.

    4. @Gary Kelley What does that have to do with an insurrectionist getting a lump sum of money for bail? You tried troll.

    5. @Gary Kelley Covid misinformation IS the cause of millions not getting vaccinated! I forget. We have to correspond with you people V E R Y S L O W L Y.

    1. @Jocelyn Johnston They aren’t proud of anything. They have great feelings of inferiority, otherwise they wouldn’t have to be in gangs like Proud Boys.

    1. Charles Koch? Donald Trump just raised $102 Million, as reported, from his adoring followers. Maybe his little clammy hand loosened and dropped a little $$? (I doubt he’d let any of it go, actually!)

    1. Not a good move though, by whoever this “rich person” is. These traitors can become blackmailers in the future, when they need more money, and they are going to talk if they don’t get paid. Mark my words.

    2. @John Nordby Agreed. Also Jane Mayer, author of “Dark Money”, just did an article in the New Yorker about this.

    1. This guy is not being charged with treason. Reason is not to charge. Listen to the news cast again you will not find that treason has been mentioned. You are mistaken.

    2. @kineticdeath Guantanamo was illegal, broke all the international agreements on human rights and is yet another stain on the USA’s reputation.
      It’s exactly that sort of hypocritical behaviour that makes people want to seek revenge against those who they see as their enemy.
      The USA is its own worse enemy.

  3. Give them maximize life sentence to make them learn the hard lessons. No more proud boys but became shameful boys.

    1. 8th ammendment! Do you want to ignore the Constitution too. Should draft dodgers from Vietnam War be given life sentences? No doubt there should be punishment. Not for drat dodgeers. Carter settled that
      But there also is redemption. You are silly. 1/6 /21 was horrible. But it wasn’t 9/11 or Benedict Arnold given up the fortress West point. Have a nice day.

    2. @philip chay I think the pount that he’s making is justice should be justice for all. We can’t reduce our standards to the hypocrisy of Trumptrurds.

    3. The 8th ammendment is clear. The rioters do not warrant a life sentence. In fact most don’t even warrant felonies. Avoiding the draft is breaking federal law it’s punishment could be a fine of 250k and 5 years in prison. By the way that punishment still holds for failure to register. But Ford not Carter gave Clemency to draft dodgers. Entering the Capital and not smashing or physically abusing Federal personnel is a misdemeanor. Avoiding the draft is a Federal felony. As is the rioting at the Capital building. As is spray painting a Federal building in Portland Oregon. Should the protesters spray painting graffiti on the Federal building in Portland be locked up for life? Because I think that more than 400 dollars of damage was done making it a felony. I think that would be what a police state would do. I also think the same for most of the people who were lured in there by numnuts Trump. The part that calls for punishment in Justice. Should also take into account remorse and redemption. As Ford did with the Draft Avoiding youth of Vietnam era. I think he was wrong about Nixon. Another story. But agreed with his pardon. If you think they should throw away the key in DC? Than should they do the same in Portland? Peace and long happy life.

    1. It could be “anonymous donations”, so he *could* legit claim not to know. I agree, *somebody* knows and they should be looked into.

  4. Gosh! These guys are so afraid of jail that they are willing to go any length to get out! FBI should investigate the source of these funds raised!

    1. @Rory Schweinfurter nah just some other cult member..who didn’t give to a tv preacher this year..instead he gave to the draft dodging coward maga preacher’s flock

    2. The good thing is that they won’t have the opportunity to infect others with their rhetoric

  5. Domestic terrorists should be denied bail in the first place.
    Danger to themselves or others.

    1. This sounds harsh. I don’t care if these traitors are a danger to themselves. They certainly are a danger to society.

    1. Trump couldn’t care less, but white supremacist groups want their buddies out to do as much damage as they can.

  6. Everyone that participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection should be locked up. No bail, no tears, no sympathy. Traitors to our democracy have no place in our future.

    1. Sick of cow towing to the ignorant while the majority want a democracy again.Insurrectionists need to be held and educated if they don’t understand the difference between trying to alter a free and fair election and wound up protests against police brutality against certain people.Police supporting Trump at this point need to be removed from their job as they are supporting a traitor.Getting this sector out of law enforcement would also reduce significantly the number of rascist cops.

  7. The govt should take this insurrection more seriously. We are playing with fire, folks if we don’t put these insurrectionists behind bars together with the originator and the conniving politicians

    1. dems think as a black man you are too stupid to be able to get an id so you can vote… you sure you want to back a party that thinks blacks are stupid and lazy?

    1. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “but they are the WHITE tallaban”
      If any other race group would have sacked the capital during the attempted Coup they all would be in Guantanamo Bay right now.
      That’s just unconscious knowledge.

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