New Details On Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan Phone Call With Trump On Jan. 6

Politico reports that as lawmakers were evacuated to a safe room on January 6th, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio was joined by Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida and together they, "implored Trump to tell his supporters to stand down, per a source with knowledge of that call."
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    1. @My Perspective You’re barking up the wrong tree, junior. I don’t have any political loyalties, and I’m sure not a Democrat. Go spout off your crazy MAGA theories with one of them, kid.

  1. Gym Jordan looked the other way….. just like he looked away with the young wrestlers in the shower

    1. Yes, Gym J. saw the athletes go into the shower, he saw the doctor go in, . . . but what then? I mean, he couldn’t take the word of some 18-year-old kid, could he?

    1. @DERRICK BAILEY No one with any credibility whatsoever will ever say that.
      And certainly not from the podium of the presidency.

    2. @lulu in hollywood there will be some covering up that’s why they must follow every lead possible and expose these treasonous traitors starting with this guy (45) and his minions

    3. @Nelson Medina I hear u my friend. Just afraid a lot of what 45 & the lot of traitors did will be like Nixon tapes & decades before any is publicly known. Cold War never ended. Just switched to a more devastating psych warfare & the spoils of that war is littered all over our country. Actually not just ours.. Putin has been waging against all the western powers these last 20yrs

    4. @ThirdGen lol speak for yourself. Many of us have known for DECADES what a conman & criminal he is. Those of us with eyes, ears, & critical thinking skills. Take a look at his thousands upon thousands of lawsuits & legal cases spanning decades if u don’t believe me, troll.

  2. The weasels were begging Rump to call it off only because they too were trapped in there like sitting ducks 🦆🦆🦆

    1. @EmilyB Bernard I am sure it will be, because the police are not only force that will confront them. It might be military force.

    2. @Chad Simmons I’ll bet that there are lots of mirrors in the Capitol unless you mean Manchin and his fellow Republican Democrats!

    3. @Nathan Han I think Gossar and Honey Booboo are glad they didn’t put out memos for that today which still wont help them with this investigation digging up their trash.

    1. @Jeremiah Sams No, am not talking about Trump releasing the Taliban leader from prison last summer and making a deal with him without including our allies or the Afghan government in the negotiations.

    2. @Matt Roberts Don’t forget the other 5,000 Taliban and unknown # of ISIS-K members trump also released. As far as I can see, the Taliban came out ahead, way ahead, of the US with Trump’s negotiating “skills”. I’m still wondering what the US got out of the deal. Maybe, in a few months, we’ll find out that Putin won the big prize: he can march Russia right back into Afghanistan just as if Russia had never left a few decades ago.
      FYI, Jeremiah wouldn’t know about Mullah Baradar’s release since Fox hasn’t spoken about it.

  3. Republicans say the insurrection wasn’t trump’s fault yet they begged him to call off his supporters while the Capitol was under siege! Think about that for a moment and let it simmer?

    1. @Russell M,

      Well if you compare it to the number of times the RWNJ’s were “duped” by Trump, I’d say a lot less times then then the Cult was by him.
      A whole effing lost less.

    2. @Cory Hanna what an illogical excuse. We all saw what he said to the mob on live tv that morning. Why all these linguistic gymnastics? Please let’s stop the silliness.

    3. @G Bogart remember, you believed this meant he supports NAASIS
      “You had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.. and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the White nationalists, because they should be condemned totally”
      The level of ignorance and gullibility of some of the left is truly astonishing.
      They even had you believe some vague comments about a new medical technology called Healight somehow actually meant ‘inject bleach’😂

      But why don’t you give me some examples of how I’ve been duped

  4. Jim Jordan is walking a fine line, as I’m sure the others are. He doesn’t want to go to jail, but he also doesn’t want to upset Trump supporters (who also support him). I really have no sympathy for him.

    1. @Mary Jancsar being a liar and a skeevy doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence or the lack thereof

    2. @Ivan_ [Ka] Not true. While some liars are actually intelligent the vast majority are dumb as crap. They get away with it because lying is so easy that even a child can do it well. In the past the dishonesty was harder to attribute to a source but thanks to the cult the majority of the intellectually dishonest and flat-out liars have joined in a giant cult of idiotic dishonesty.

    3. Devon Nunes? what about that weasel? or just about anybody else that got a pardon or a medal from Trump during the white house “going out of business sale ” …pay to Play? not us !

    4. @MKumar thePhrophet I used the word ‘crimes’ (plural). Commencing with his failure to report/concealing the molestation of the students. 

      We don’t yet know what was discussed on the multiple calls on 1/6…but why is he now so nervous? How is a phone call a crime, you ask? In this case, it’s likely to be evidence of his involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow the government.

      The prospect of life imprisonment might explain why he is now pooping his pants.

    5. @Frank A – trying to look up the code, in case I get a phone call today or tomorrow. I get harassed by scammers so I need to be aware of all crimes involving the phone. “pooping his pants” really???

    1. They won’t pay,,, nothing ever happens ,,, we have been hearing for past 4 yes,,,Trump is in trouble Giuliani is in trouble the Trump family is going down Matt Gates is going to get arrested Jim Jordan is going to get called out for what he didn’t do as a coach blah blah blah nothing ever happens,,,Five years later and we still don’t have trumps taxes!!!,,,,

  5. Why hasn’t L. Graham been arrested yet for interfering in an election? Any one of us would have already been if we had done the same thing. Police officers, arrest that man, do your jobs.

    1. @michael shultz
      I agree the KKK were formed after the Civil War and apart of the Democratic Party until 1968, when they (racist Dixiecrats) left the party and scurried to the Republican Party. Coupled with myriad of evangelicals peeved over cultural issues, the party became increasingly white and belligerent over race, sexuality, immigration and diversity, your ad homonyms, prevarications and delusions don’t help the situation or alter the fact in twenty years whites will be in the minority. My father, as others, fought in WWll against authoritarian and racist rulers, and we don’t tolerate those who continue to perpetuate racial superiority. Don’t you think it’s time we cast off the burden of America’s original sin and learn to respect each other to meet the challenges that threaten the earth’s climate and our preeminence in the world.

    2. @brenda boudinot There’s no such thing as, “Reputhugs”. Conservative Democrats became extinct from 1958 to 1961 over the campaign and election win of JFK. They could see that he hated the military, hated the values of the USA, and wanted to move the country further to the left. Moderate Democrats became extinct from 1977 to 1980 over the Carter administration. Carter is the absolute worst POTUS that we have ever had. His economic policies led to the coining of the word, “stagflation”, which means stagnant growth and rampant inflation.

      The Democrats did indeed pull even further to the left and they have become more and more extreme over the years. They’re every bit as racist, bigoted, and sexist as they have ever been, but they changed tactics. The Republicans have also shifted towards the left, which is why they are represented by most of the center as well as the right and a tiny fraction that make up the far right.

      The KKK still belong to the Democrats, because we do not accept them and they do not represent Republican values. We recognize their right to believe whatever they want to believe and say whatever they want to say. We also believe in our right to call them out on their ignorance, hatred, and stupidity. This is a fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats. We believe in the equality of all citizens of the USA, including the ones that we do not agree with. In sharp contrast, most Democrats believe in equality for everyone that agrees with them, but not for anyone else. Of course, the equality that they afford to racial minorities is only surface deep. After all, white Democrats are every bit as racist, bigoted, hateful, and sexist as they have ever been

      History is indeed enlightening, but only if you’re accurate. The revisionist history promoted by the Democrats is the exact opposite. This is why so many Democrats are improperly educated. It’s also why so many of them do not use English properly. For example, far too many Democrats have mixed up poorly educated with uneducated. They do not mean the same thing.

    3. @Random Internet User I do only vote for Republicans. I have never seen a Democrat that was worthy of my vote.

      If you’re going to make a personal attack you should at least try to include something that’s actually true.

    4. Well, it’s complicated. You see, Trump had a deal with Putin, in which Putin paid Antifa to pretend to be MAGA, so Trump wouldn’t have to request asylum in Moscow . . .

  6. Question of the day: “Did McCarthy know of the phone call when he tried to appoint Jordan to the commission.” oh this is going to be sooo gooooood.

  7. When someone constantly says “I do not recall,” I question their mental fitness and ability to serve in office

    1. I question their moral character. They do recall. Saying that you do not recall in these instances is called a lie.

    1. @Ivan_ [Ka] Maybe he comes across as less than “very intelligent” because he’s having a hard time keeping up with the lies he’s had to tell to cover for Trump and the rest of the GOP. Good liars aren’t born; They’re made. He’s on his way to becoming one.

  8. Witnesses in Congress should have the same rules as EVERYONE ELSE!!! You get called…you show up to testify..

    1. The rules around having members of Congress testify in Congress aren’t so cut and dry, unfortunately. It’s just another fault/hole in our federal laws that have been pointed out from 4 years of Trump. Given that he only worked an hour a day, max, he managed to “accomplish” all of that he did in less than 6 weeks. I’m waiting for Pelosi and Schumer to start plugging up some of those holes so the country can better withstand the next “Trump” b/c we will almost certainly have one.

    2. … However, as I’ve said since January, the fact that Jordan, Gaetz and a dozen other GOP members believed Trump had control of the crowd really is all we need to know.

    1. “If he really wanted to . . .”
      The point is: he DOESN’T WANT TO!

      However, as noted, his phone (or rather his phone records) DOES remember.

      Hang ’em.


  9. If it wasn’t the con man’s fault, why were they calling him to ask the insurrectionists to stand down?

    1. @Max Trowbridge When you get your logical brain in gear, you’ll place blame for the coup attempt at the feet of your golden idol.

    2. And the DUMPSTER did nothing while the screaming BANSHEE was dancing & Ivanka scared to death ??? GUILTY OF TREASON…DESPICABLE

  10. When Jordan made the call he was hiding under a desk. As if he doesn’t remember begging for his life to President Potato Head.

  11. And here we have the reason why Pelosi rejected him being on the investigative committee. He is a material witness.

  12. “If society today allows wrong to go unchallenged the impression is created that those wrongs have the approval of the majority.”
    -Rep. Barbara Jordan

  13. Trump said he ‘loved’ the insurrectionists. That should tell you everything you need to know about him and his morals.

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