1. @Winston Smith – In the House, 215 Republicans and 82 Democrats voted for the war. 126 Democrats, 6 Republicans and one Independent voted against the war. In the Senate, 48 Republicans and 29 Democrats voted for the war. 21 Democrats, 1 Republican and 1 Independent voted against the war. Notice anything about the numbers?

    2. @Mary Clawson Yes. That there wouldn’t have been a war without the Democrats votes. Also, it was insanely bipartisan by today’s standards. If a Democratic president can get a single Republican to switch sides, they call it bipartisan. Getting almost 40 percent of Democrats is unheard of. But I do see your point. You can interpret it several ways. Honestly, I thought even more democrats voted for war so I admit I was a little in error.

    3. @Mary Clawson not sure what u are talking about. Only 1 democrat, barbra Lee goted against the approval of military acrion against those responisbile for Sept 11 in 2001. Wikipedia is my source

    4. ​@Mary Clawson Winston Smith is a paid Russia or GOP Troll who just started his YouTube account Aug 8, 2021 ( 24 Days ago )…. and this putz Bruh is the same who started his/her YouTube account on Aug 4, 2021 ..so be aware that what appears to be just another republican saying stupid things and telling lies is really just part of an army of paid trolls now posting this crap that just started showing up on every news story about Biden and the Democrats ….

    5. @Bruh Paid Russian troll with new account here…. But I remember almost zero Democrats voting against the war authorization act and yet the wikipedia article gave Mary’s numbers. I thought maybe it was the Mandela effect or something on my part because I clearly remember all Democrats voting in lockstep with W. Of course, as a paid Russian troll with a new account, my opinion doesn’t matter….

    1. @Elizabeth Ayres Kinda like an advance, preemptive authority for the Executive to send the troops anywhere in the world for any reason? That will preserve the republic!

    2. Afghanistan was an occupation not a war. It was more like colonialism. I doubt there will be wars in the future, at least nothing like our past experience. Troops fighting against an opposing force for a few miles of land. I’d bet the future is centred on remote conflicts. Things like cyber sabotage and hacking, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, hypersonic ICBMs, EMPs, weaponization of space, sonic pulse tech, biotechnology and the reconfiguration of nature. It also implies an ideological cleavage, which doesn’t exist. Policy conflicts, for example around geo-engineering are more likely.

    3. Thank you!!! I’m so tired of this being called a “war” which it absolutely is not. As a veteran, I also understand that prosecution of mismanagement of “war funds” and corruption without an official declaration of war is exactly why “those with hands in the trough” want the “war” label there without the official status as such. It’s garbage.

    4. @Elizabeth Ayres True, Elizabeth, Congress has the purse strings, but that seems to have made little difference in America’s endless wars over the past 70 years.

  1. Especially with people who just take the money and run. I’m talking about the leaders of Afghanistan that bugged out. It’s always the civilians, and our best young people who pay the price. Always…

    1. @N Q Obviously you’ve never served in the military. I have, and we know the cost. We know when we’re being stiffed by politicians, we go in anyway because that’s the deal. Then we do what Rep. Auchincloss did, try to make better politics.

    2. @Clytemnestra I understand you I was not in the military but I was a military wife it was hard . I remember dessert storm I sat and cried for all the men and women who went not only do you feel for your husband

    3. @N Q Likely no one. I’d ask you the same question, but I know the answer. Enjoy your day. Spread the joy. You’re a natural . Oh and,apparently, according to the likes on the post, 43 people. Not exactly scientific, but then you probably don’t believe in science either. Cheers !

    1. @Baby Teano That makes NO sense !! Did you see Karl Rove / Ari / and may others old ,,and retire that did come on and do interviews ,,and many of them were from George W Bush team !!

    2. @Ching Chong if you want Sippy cup Don doing an interview everyday with Faux, Newsmax, OAN or any radical Rght wing Media, let him but don’t expect that the other retired presidents should also do the same… that’s solely on him..

    3. Not one word. Nothing from Cheney either of course. Just Liz shouting about Biden having blood on his hands. Guess she never noticed what color her father’s hands were. Red for blood and green for money.

  2. It should be the responsibility of our children to not let this happen again and it is our duty to make sure they never forget this happened

    1. I’m sure the afghans is thinking the same way too including those imported all over the world .I wish to you guys the best of luck. Revenge is coming in the foreseeable future

    2. You have far more political clout here and now, and likely for many many years, than yours or any other children.
      Maybe you should look inside oneself and question what is your responsibility or duty to society…

  3. Thankful this 20-year war is over and done with. No more heartbreaking news of American military service people’s lives lost or maimed in foreign land and foreign war. Thank you President Biden. You did good

  4. Us Aussies and other Allies are grateful that this disaster has finally ended. There was no exit plan on day one, and shifting focus to Iraq compounded this.

    1. @Larry Jensen We’ve been calling this from day 1. We felt that America blundered in, ať the behest of arms and oil conglomerates, and pushed by Bush Senior’s buddies in business. Troops were not trained in war in such mountainous conditions, where The Taliban and Isis could hide in plains sighe. Allied troops found their American counterparts to be bullish undeciplined young men with a preference for drugs and alcohol. It was not a good fit. This should be a good reminder to Americans that they need to understand the culture and religion of the countries they invade. The US is no longer the leader of the free world. In fact, this was just a repeat of Vietnam where America achieved nothing and their retreat was decided by the Paris Accord. Thats 2 unnecessisary wars which achieved nothing. Let lessons be learned.

  5. We’ve now watched as a Democratic president ended a war that a Republican president started, properly addressed a pandemic that a Republican president let explode, and restored jobs that a Republican president lost.

    Constantly cleaning up Republican messes. Constantly.

    1. That’s what Democrats do……..they break it, we fix it……🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Nixon, Reagan, Bush 2 and drumph each tried to destroy our country from within and in each case a democratic president had to clean up the mess. 60% of us controlled by 40%.

  6. US in Afghanistan for good or bad ended after 20 years must never in future occupy any country for good or bad … it’s not worth it! May god bless Afghans & US for a peaceful days ahead 🙏

  7. Thank Bush. Can you imagine the good we could have done with $130 million a day that we spent in Afghanistan.

    1. No….I can’t…Because if that money had not gone into defense contractors and the Military Industrial Complex then it never would have been spent. The GOPers (and some Dems as well) would have immediately fallen back on their tired ‘Where is the money gonna come from?’ BS. They would have fought tooth and nail to make sure it was never spent for anything ‘good’.

  8. Thank you President BIDEN for stopping the Bush endless war & cleaning up the Trump Taliban crooked deal.
    Our Soldiers needed to come home!

  9. The Trump administration was amateur at best, and vindictive at worst. Biden knew it must end, and he was the only person successful at that with almost no fighting or loss of life. It could have been much worse. He’s not responsible for all of the contradictions. He couldn’t know Afghans would surrender and want to be evacuated, that terrorists would attack America making it harder to withdraw, that Republicans would sign a withdrawal agreement and then be enraged if their own agreement was followed. Good policy isn’t about making everyone happy, it is setting an agenda and realizing it.

    1. But the agenda has to be realistic and include things in the best interests of the colonized. And it has to include the goal of giving the colonized their freedom and economically supporting them so that they can recover at least some of what the imperialists extracted.

    2. @Huizhe Chen I hope not one more American dollar goes to Afghanistan. Enough. We have done enough good and bad.

    3. trump was interested in his legacy. Hence, Taliban prison release, his self-appointed act of war (thankfully no one bit) were all designed to bolster a legacy for trump. none of these actions had anyone’s interest at heart except trumps…..

    1. Amen~
      40 trillion?? Would have been more than ample enough money to fix our own massive problems.
      Hunger, homelessness, drug problems, not to mention too high cost of living especially thr rent

  10. How on earth can Mr. Blinken hold the Taliban accountable when former president Trump and his GOP supporters will not be held accountable for the January 6th insurrection?

    1. @Chris Volrath oh yeah, what liberals? What cities? When you conservatives going to attack Washington again? You lost the last presidential election, so get over it and get used to it.

    2. @Wayne Keebler I am over it. Your the one that has Trump in your head. What cities, umm how about burning down Kenosha, wi or Minneapolis, MN. .you keep America great again now..

    3. @Chris Volrath I’ve been to both Kenosha and Minneapolis during the past two weeks and I hate to burst your bubble but they are both standing. As for Trump in my head, he and his ilk need to be held accountable for their riot and insurrection and something tells me that you are far from over it.

    4. @S C ALL domestic terrorists should have their day in court regardless of their political affiliations. I shouldn’t have to say that. But for some reason, people are suggesting that one thing is punishable and the other is not. This isn’t a game, it’s the UNITED States of America…… INDIVISIBLE, with Liberty AND Justice for ALL.

  11. Can someone tell me why this is still called a “war” with no declaration of war from Congress? It lends partial legitimacy to conducting these ridiculous excursions into other countries.

  12. Hamid articulated rationale world view. US need not superimposed western philosophy of culture and governance. Joe did what he had to do to bring back US marines despite many criticism.

  13. The republican’s who lied to congress and threw us into this war should be held accountable. That 130 billion could have secured health care for this entire country for years to come.

    1. Osama bin Laden organized the attacks on the U.S. in 2001.And he was being protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan. These are not lies.

      The lies came in respect to Saddam Hussain and Iraq having a stockpile of WMDs. This war in Iraq was a serious distraction to the mission in Afghanistan.

      The mission in Afghanistan suffered from serious mission creep, from just getting bin Laden to changing the Afghan government. That’s a whole lot of creep.

      Perhaps, if the war in Iraq didn’t happen, the mission in Afghanistan would have been completed much sooner and we wouldn’t have wasted so much time/deaths/money there?

  14. If you’re an American still in Afganistan, you’re on your own now. You had over a year’s notice this was coming and had plenty of time to make arrangements to get out prior to the military leaving.

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