1. @Logan Two senior federal law enforcement officials said the federal agents decided after about 30 minutes not to wait any longer and entered the school to find gunman Salvador Ramos.

      You know they aren’t release it it because they’re trying to cover up their colossal failure

    2. @Larry Ray They had the training, the equipment, the knowledge, the skills and the numbers.

      What they didn’t have was a thimble full of courage among them.

    3. @Logan as a former law enforcement officer I wouldn’t care what my supervisor was telling me if they wanted me to stand down. If I had a carbine, vest and pistol I would have politely told the supervisor “no can do” and would have proceeded to the classroom. I had a good friend that was a state trooper and a couple of other town officers possibly could have prevented him from being murdered, so no bs here.

    4. @Jamtommy damn I hadn’t actually thought of that I mean, why? But it’s a good reason as any. I work with a lot of dudes, it’s normal for at least a few of them to be brave and go for it. So you might have a point.

    5. @Zachorazor1
      The 2nd amandement isnt that dificult.
      The scotus ruling of Colombia vs Heller makes it complex.
      How many is the body of ordinary citizens?

      Can you answer that?

  1. as I’ve been saying weekly. every time something new comes out from this situation it gets worse and worse and worse

    1. Defund? Disband. Contract w/ state police and county sheriff. Rebuild police department at a later date. The mayor is a coward.

    1. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, the supreme court has ruled that police agencies are not obligated to provide protection of citizens. In other words, police are well within their rights to pick and choose when to intervene to protect the lives and property of others — even when a threat is apparent.

    2. To serve and protect….our pensions. The key thing to collecting a pension is LIVING! How are we going to get our pensions if we keep responding to calls involving armed suspects? This isn’t what we signed up for. Not in Texas anyway. Governor Blabbit has our backs.

  2. They failed our children and staff my thoughts go these teachers who lost their lives trying to protect the children. My hearts goes to the these families who had to deal with this realization that there children were left to died before they decided to move in and eliminate the threat.

  3. More cover ups. This is why all surveillance footage must be released in unedited form immediately following the initial investigation. We cannot allow law enforcement to shape their own narratives by being able to pick and choose what footage gets released. It leads to major accountability issues. Plus it also might prevent future shootings when more people view the footage and find flaws or ways to improve tactics. Release ALL the footage.

  4. We want names of every coward. This is vile. It is corruption from the absolute top. Everyone must be removed.

    1. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, the supreme court has ruled that police agencies are not obligated to provide protection of citizens. In other words, police are well within their rights to pick and choose when to intervene to protect the lives and property of others — even when a threat is apparent.

    2. Agreed. The mayor is a coward as well, the town needs a leader. Demand resignations or face being fired. Right or wrong it’s happening, we’ll sort it out in court later. Disbanded that entire police force and contract w/ state and county sheriff, rebuild at a later date. Dismiss the school board, hold special elections.

  5. When it all said and done!! I do t care who got there First!! It was over 300 hundred cops and no one did anything for over an hour and they heard shots and those poor babies and teachers getting murdered!!! Shame on all of them!!

    1. Well, the cop doing nothing who saw the need to use hand sanitizer must feel his hands are clean.

  6. Lets not forget that Abbot praised the “heroism” of these cops in the beginning, even though he knew all this information we are barely hearing about now from the media.

    1. Did he know that? How do you know? I’m not Abbot fan, but I’m not sure he actually knew the info about when cops arrived when he first announced.

    2. He left to go to his fancy political fundraiser BEFORE children had been identified for their families that day !

    3. @Lydia B Sooo,he didn’t know what he was talking about when he praised the gutless pukes responding to this horrific crime. Right?

  7. Come on y’all, have a heart; don’t you know it’s easier brutalizing an unarmed civilian at a minor traffic stop than actually putting in some work? …

  8. Charge these “good guys with guns” now. Every parent in America wants to see Justice for those babies and the timeline/details just keep getting more egregious. Every second that those cops were there NOT TAKING ACTION there were babies bleeding out in the classrooms. EFFING HORRIFIC.

    1. @Anja Oldnettle I like how all of a sudden it is 400 officers now, when there were never 400 officers there. Bit of a stretch to call it 300 since not all them arrive until after the incident was finished.

    2. @XTopia XTopia If it were 150, it still is a ridiculous number, 150 armed and trained officers, some in combat equipment, against one armed person with no special training. To make it worse even, he wanted to die. His relatives and mates told so. The officers did not do him the favor, before he had killed every single child and teacher. 77 minutes walking around is a mess, the training is to confront the shooters at once, so what show did they play for cameras.
      Once again, if they had been firefighters, this would mean firefighters walking with their water hoses 77 minutes around and forth and back a burning building, while 19 children and adults inside were shouting and burning. Relatives and neighbors with water buckets and hoses, they had made cling to a neighbor house, they would have taken away their buckets, ladders and hoses and shut them into the fire engine. after the house is burnt to the ground and all are dead, they put out the flames.
      I have never in my life Heard- of such incompetence, therefore I say they were criminals making a police officer show.

  9. There’s something not right about this tragedy every day. We need to stop the infighting, and band together to make our communities safe, and pleasant places to live.

    1. @becky doesit you’re right, the gun shouldn’t have to go to prison (or the guns from the police officers for that matter)

  10. Man I just can’t understand why they let these children die. They did absolutely nothingto help those children they died caling for help. And they did absolutely to save any of them.

    1. You can’t? Because evil exist , and that evil is actively working to destroy everything you love and care for, that evil is pushing an agenda to take away guns, and when that happens, you’ll learn a very hard lesson.

  11. Y’all keep blaming one police force when several police organizations displayed their cowardly hearts. Amazingly when a police “fears for his life” during a traffic stop /raid or other encounters with unarmed citizens, a lot of people don’t see them as cowards

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