1. @Myron Lasko by the way the rumor is Mike Obama might run so Liz will be forgotten if that happens. Maybe VP though…

  1. No clue what her future holds, but I hope she stays in politics – I’m not a Republican, but she’s the kind of person America needs in our government.

    1. @Billy SBC I don’t think you realize When it comes down Trump, she’s an outspoken critic That’s good or whatever. But when it comes to her policies she is not a best Democrat best policy for The Democrat party

    2. @whatis myname
      “Liz Cheney hasn’t. Changed…
      She’s out the door
      In politics…
      When. you trying to take someone else down. Someone is working hard to take you down!
      God bless!!

    3. @Saffron Wetter why? Because she did her job? Because she’s honest? Because she has integrity? Smh

  2. It would be nice to see a responsible politician who believes in democracy, the constitution, and the truth, become president. Political parties don’t matter to me. I just want a competent honest leader for our country.

  3. I have great respect for Liz Cheney. I like that she reaches across the aisle. If I were a Republican, I’d vote for her.

  4. The question is: if she runs independent—would that siphon more votes from The democrat, or the republican candidate? I say it this way because I don’t think either Trump or Biden will be the major two candidates. DeSantis is stronger than Trump. I want to see Democrats entertain the likes of Jamie Raskin and Newsom

    1. @TransformationTimeNow true of many politicians to be sure—but how so regarding Newsom? I don’t live in CA

    2. @Poster gmail …and about 4 republicans for a total of 6 people🤣🤣🤣 they shouldn’t have 2 senators at all. Unfair over-representation.

  5. What if politicians did the right thing without expecting it to further a ‘political career’?

  6. I live in Canada if she ran for Prime Minister here she would have my vote. She should run for President she has certainly demonstrated she is very capable of assuming that load and has put her country before self interest which is rare to find among politicians anywhere in the world in these challenging times.

    1. The problem is her voting history. She votes extremely conservative so she would not be a candidate for me, personally. However, she is clearly the saving grace GOP alternative to DJT.

  7. This woman for her way of acting and defending Democracy with her courage has earned the respect of the American people, she should be president. I am not a Republican but I would give my vote for her, she is the only person who gives me confidence.

    1. I don’t know about should, but could. I kinda wish she could become an AG or SCOTUS justice. We have to get over the idea that only the President counts in a functioning republic.

    2. Well if it came down to trump, and Cheney for president I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

    3. I respect her courage and integrity but I could never vote for her for the presidency. I’m a democrat and I will always vote for the democrat, no matter what the office.

  8. I’m not an American citizen, but I think she has shown what an honest, decent person in politics should be like , standing by her principles, doing what is right regardless of her political future

    1. @raprock You mean pull another fast one like counting all the votes? I’m sorry that whenever more people vote it tends to favor the party NOT relying on culture wars, sesame street and xenophobia.

  9. I do love a comment on one of these CNN clips earlier this week when someone said that they want to get back to a world when the biggest threat to democracy is someone with a surname Cheney. Me too…. She has earned my respect for her backbone and work on this committee and I do look forward to a time when we can go back to just criticizing her politics.

    1. Dems and Neocons like Cheneys were always 2 sides of the same coin. And Trump is destroying that coin

    1. She’s done All washed up she’s going to lose big time in August Wyoming is sick of this traitor and she’s done

  10. Cheney could win the November 2022 election in Wyoming as an independent candidate if the Wyoming Democrats are willing to not nominate a Democrat there. This is a sensible strategy for the Ds in every solid red state & solid red district where a D has no chance to win and only spoils the election of a “moderate” pro-democracy independent candidate.

    1. @Stephie Hawn : The average person might not care about the facts, but that’s no excuse for you to lie about them.

  11. A good leader for our country is someone who is empathetic, strong, able to see both sides and still calm and ethically grounded enough to make evidence based decisions. Liz Cheney and Adam Kizinger are two of the best examples that I can think of.

    1. 1st female president & a staunch vice – president duo ? possibly run as independent ? in Liz Cheney & Adam Kizinger respectively ?

  12. Liz for President. She will most likely lose re-election for Congress in Wyoming, but she had made her name known around the entire country as a beacon of honesty and integrity. She will go far above being a congresswoman.

  13. Amazing to see how many people here do not like what LC has done to keep our country’s democracy! You’d think they’d be embarrassed by Agent Orange but it’s hard for some to understand the coma a malignant narcissist can cause

    1. Anybody who says “our country’s democracy” doesn’t know the first thing about “our country”.

  14. I have never been a fan of Liz but she has stepped up! and I highly appreciate her stance and standing up to all parties involved! I would not be surprised if she ends up our first female president in the future… she is and will be one of our most important politicians of the century! and another 8 -10years could be a president, But not any time soon.

  15. I have so much respect for Liz Cheney. I am a Democrat and if I lived in Wyoming I would register as an R and vote for her. I appreciate all that she is doing to save our country and believe she will land on her feet no matter what happens in her election.

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