New images of destruction inside US embassy in Baghdad

New images have emerged after protesters and Iranian-backed militia stormed the US embassy in Baghdad in response to a US airstrike last week. Tensions on the ground have calmed but the proxy battle between Washington and Tehran is far from over. CNN's Arwa Damon reports from Baghdad. #CNN #News


    1. @Feminists Are Terrorists do you know someone who thinks bombs warp around civilians? What on tarnation are you tryin to say?

    2. @Feminists Are Terrorists that’s literally the point. We drop the bombs that kill civilians.
      We are not winning the common person over there. We are just another force killing them for more control.

    3. @elijah mikle we dont willingly kill civilians. They get caught in the cross fire. Tbh they should’ve left that country along time ago when there was the massive refugee crisis… if they would’ve left, the US wouldn’t have to deal with the bullshit…

    1. @Just Me ….Benghazi was a attack targeting two lightly guarded sites and over with in 7 hrs …our embassy in Iraq is in a secure green zone …hard to miss with over 20,000 people walking in the zone and setting fire to it…the protestors breached the gate..set fire to the guard shack and stopped.. that was their intent

      on a side note Trump did post a very mean tweet “”In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the Embassy, and so notified!”

    2. @Matt Foster the only thing that racist Obama did good was to be too lazy to appoint federal judges, leaving nearly 200 vacancies for Trump to fill, which he did. 183 confirmed Conservative judges. Turned the 9th circuit into a majority Conservative court. Thanks, Obama, you lazy, incompetent bastard.

    3. @Just Me ..the growth of Isis during Obamas tenure cannot be credited to his Presidency….if you have anything more than a hannity talking point lets see it…fyi….Isis aint gone …despite trumps tweeting so
      as far as GDP…when Obama was inaugurated our budget deficit reached 9.8% GDP in 2009 from a GOP led depression…by 2015 it had recovered at a 2.5 % growth rate….side note the current U.S. GDP growth rate is 2.1%…”winning” lol

    4. Casale Smith Well I will vote for Bernie Sanders so he can make your life miserable. Trump does not make our lives miserable, we just laugh at him pray for he and his base. You all need as much prayer as you can get. Especially being Christians and wishing for other’s demise? Lol go back to church

    1. 4 men including an Ambassador were tortured cattle proded and murdered in Hillarys Binghazi ! Hillary told military in the area to STAND DOWN. Here in Iraq it was a pissed off group of Iranian soldiers attacking our Embassy because we blew up theor terrorists and illehal munitions. Trump cleared the Embassy and sent in the Marines. Fake News media monopoly has to be broken up and severely fined for participation in the Coup. They are guilty of Treason..

    2. @Antonio Sarmiento Not at all. My comment did not touch upon the American misadventure in Iraq in the slightest. I did not compare the two, and since I did not compare the two, I could not possibly have equated them. My comment was on the fairly narrow subject of the definition of the word vandalism. The original comment I was responding to, ””Vandalized” seems an odd way of describing what happened,” was similarly solely confined to the definition of that word.

    3. @Chief Tahchawwickah one got Away from my family?
      My granddad got fined for taking 2 indian scalps before it was legal.

      But he got paid for them in the end.

      No 1 your INCEL diatribe is littered with spelling errors.
      No 2 your fanatical neo nazi right winger’s, have conveniently blocked out your cult leader’s calculated, strategic business deal he did with Turkey’s President, in cowardly “STANDING DOWN” U.S forces, and allowing his army to massacre THOUSANDS of our allies who, helped us fight, the fanatical ISIS terror group. Even after top generals and your own party leader said “NO”. And remember, he made that decision without consulting his own senior party official’s.
      That make’s BENGAZI look like two 4 year olds, arguing, who gets the remote control.

    1. @ killer snowman…Stop being an idiot, if you want to get into a place and there is a locked door you destroy the door, which is what they’re doing. You talk as though “break and enter” is some kind of rocket science, the point is to get into the premises any way you can.

    2. @hiram hacklesworth Dullard is a noun, not a verb or an adjective. There are more mistakes in your grammar than there are protesters at the Embassy. You are a true blowhard, and a prodigious blatherskite.

    3. @Baron Von Dump Coward? You are the one with nothing left to say. I am the one churning out knowledge to you ignorant 3rd-worlders.

    1. Don’t remember US ever been invited,Oh no …that’s right,US has to do whatever Israel tells it too …🐥😌

    2. I don’t think this is how they’re going to accomplish that. Does Iraq have an embassy here? Embassies are how diplomacy works. They are supposed to be safe zones. That’s why Assange hid in one for years.

  1. Reporter:”…this is what it looks like after they TRIED to storm the embassy…”
    Me: wtf, looks like a mini version of the Oklahoma city bombing…

    1. In 2014 Damon was sued after being accused of biting two EMTs while intoxicated at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. She later apologized for the incident. (Wikipedia)]

    1. I think she must have come straight from the New Year party, looks half drunk or stoned or something like that.

    2. @Justin Case Damn, that’s rugged. Kind of woman I’d take to the mountains to cut a couple cords of firewood. Not that, that is bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love cutting wood, but I hate splitting, and stacking. That’s women’s work, always has been.
      Take them out and put them to work, lol they’ll love you for the experience. It’s good therapy!

    1. Fucking trumptard would not even have half a ball to stand besides her in this situation.

    1. are you guys stupid? I keep seeing this. The one in Call of duty is the Benghazi attack of 2012. Why are you guys so prone to forget your history?

    1. @trainwreck told ya Thanks for the clarifying…the real protestors are in tahrir square for 3 months hurted no human nor burnt anything…these are militias by Hezbollah and iran

    2. @trainwreck told ya how many do you have?
      So you know lots of people who applied for the 400 dollar application waited about 9 months to get approval assuming they have a perfect record with no domestic abuse or mental heath records. Just so they can by a 10,000 dollar automatic firearm they cant move over state lines without legal permission?
      Cuz most people i know just buy a 600 dollar ar-15 and just learn to pull the trigger faster.

    1. It’s amazing that a few weeks ago several political analysts commented that it seems the only way Trump will lose the re-election, is for a ground occupation to occur. It’s highly suspect, that the leader of these disturbances met with Obama at the Whitehouse, and has had communication with Hillary in the past.

    2. Is it also suspect that Trump bombed Iraqis? Maybe THAT had something to do with the embassy situation. Idiot.

    1. While all this was happening Dumb Donald was golfing and tweeting his hatred for Americans. That’s called RELATED NEWS…. in other words REALITY.

    2. @seven dyseven

      CNN Troll seven dyseven
      : “..and in other CNN Troll related news, Epstein still killed himself”

      Fixed it for you…

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