Who, exactly, is a ‘Never Trumper’?

President Trump constantly uses the phrase "Never Trumper" to describe his political enemies, and during the impeachment hearings, he has used name-calling to make his case on Twitter. But what actually constitutes a "Never Trumper"? Chris Cillizza explains. #CNN #News #Cillizza

Trump lashes out at State Department employee ahead of public testimony

Fact-check: Despite Trump's claim, there's no proof diplomat Bill Taylor is a Never Trumper

Trump threatens smear campaign against Alexander Vindman,the Purple Heart recipient who said the White House left out some phrases from its Ukraine call memo

Vindman gave testimony critical of the President. But he has no intention to leave his White House job.

Trump Falsely Denounces Jeff Flake by Calling Him a … Democrat?

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    1. @Flee Tyrrany Kids these days acting like their logic is better than adult logic. Get off the internet and go to bed.

    2. @Tim Green You don’t care about the children getting shot up? You don’t care about kids getting cancer? You don’t care about the kids that are being cyberbullied? What if your child is suffering? Would you ask your child if he or she is ok?

    3. @Tim Green But it seems like killing kids until there is none is the most favorite thing in the world to you. Even killing your own kids, huh?

  1. Never Trumper= someone with common sense not to vote for a Manchild as president…..it’s that simple. You’ll see millions of them vote this crook out the Whitehouse later this year. Thankfully!

    1. @Mike Smith old fat senile trump supporters are the worst look at my picture like it looks like you look closely lmao

    2. @toni harmon
      You’re a drooIing imbeciIe. The electoral college was instituted so that small, densely populated regions don’t dictate policy for the rest. It’s a counter-measure to mob rule, you mindIess dolt.

    3. Never Trumper = a mindIess imbeciIe who’s been ideologically subverted and who suffers from Dunning-Kruger Effect.
      You don’t know you’ve been lied to, conditioned, and brainwashed because you’ve been lied to, conditioned, and brainwashed.

    1. milleniafalcon – I wondered that. Not the first time whiny wind bag has bad mouthed someone he “never met”.

    2. @Diane Owen I never met Hitler but I sure the hell bad-mouth him every time he comes up in a conversation.

    3. @Size oh, so they need to know him personally to do their jobs? So you admit that trump wants partisan politicians?

    1. @Little Nat Trump is riding the wave from the previous president who handed him a great economy & unemployment. Trump has only done great things for himself and his rich friends.

    1. I think Trump is just pointing out there’s people that really hate him no matter what he does even if it benefits people like you, your hate is embed into your brain by the media reporting their feelings about how they feel about Trump, but take it how you want though lol. “insult”

    1. @cj p you are correct it does sound like economic suicide. America has no experience on how to handle a system like that. I’m afraid this free everything bullshit would cause problems in other places. Dems only think about what they want and never the consequences of anything

    1. @Dave Schultz idiot, your “leader” is a fucking sham and your too damb dumb to see it. Lmfao imbecile

    2. @Don Fields dude, reread my comment, Trump for Leavenworth 2020……FEDERAL PRISON FOR THE RUSSIAN ASSET

    1. @Alexander Cartier No. It was Fredo. AKA Chris Cuomo. He bragged about that on Twitter.

    2. @Chris Davis you got burnt typical white trump supporter yelling at a trump rally We’re here We’re IDIOTS and we can’t find the CLITORIS typical trump supporter lmao

    3. @F*CK tRump Ha’s are here
      Oh.. We know all Dem men can find their clitoris. But dont tell your creepy uncle Joe 😰 Yikes….

    1. @William H *Fact Trumps does too , it was proven when picture surfaced showing Trump putting oranges where the sun Dont shine ! Inside his self !

  2. When Trump uses the words “Never Trumper” he is looking for pity and wants everyone to believe he is a victim.
    Ironically he is a victim, of himself!!!

    1. @Don Rutter so, exactly, what do you mean? Is that meant to be a derogatory statement about CNN, do you think they’re fun? What exactly do you mean, Don?

    2. @William H may you have a gay child or grandchild. Would you accept them or cast them into the pit of fire? From my conversation with you, get yourself right before you bash others you don’t understand, or, for some reason, make you uncomfortable.

    3. cj p I’m not sure I heard the 2 scoops, but my guess is he deserved that one, but I’ll give you the benefit on it. As for His criticism for how the feds responded to and the comments he made about Puerto Rico absolutely we’re spot on. It was an absolute disaster that his response was throw paper towels to a crowd that needed food, water, medical supplies, shelter and public utilities rebuilt. The sharpie stuff, yes absolutely, he freaking took a sharpie to a noaa graphic to justify his unsubstantiated comment about the threat to nearby states. Rather than just ignore the mistake or god forbid admit the mistake, he doubled down and rednecked his own graphic.

    1. ” a Florida women stabs herself because Trump is president . ”

      Florida woman stabs self, tells police she was ‘tired of living in Trump’s country .

      A Florida woman who stabbed herself three times in the stomach with a kitchen knife reportedly told responding officers it was all because of President Trump.


      A 46-year-old Palmetto woman decided life under President Donald Trump was too much to bear and stabbed herself in the stomach three times with a kitchen knife earlier this week in an attempt to end her life, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.
      Liberalism IS a mental disorder .

    2. @bantayan island life Sounds more like an try p supporter goes around. Killing people in schools and churches LMAO those are defo trump supporters

    3. @F*CK tRump Ha’s are here MANATEE

      A 46-year-old Palmetto woman decided life under President Donald Trump was too much to bear and stabbed herself in the stomach three times with a kitchen knife earlier this week in an attempt to end her life, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

      I guess she could not find her safe place or cry closet huh ?

    1. Someone who actually thinks will notice how communism has caused the death of more than 100 million people, and vote AGAINST the communist democrats

    1. @Size lol,. says the sheep,. go watch fox and worship your dictator,.

  3. Never Trumper:
    Anyone who isn’t brain dead.
    Anyone with common sense.
    Anyone who isn’t racist.
    Anyone who values truth.
    Anyone who values morality.
    Anyone who doesn’t want to see the world burn.

    1. @Wes b All these Loony Lefties are totally dain bramaged, but they’re too stupid to realize it.

    1. @William H your 2nd political statement attempting to defend Trump but instead wants to talk about someone’s sexuality. What’s up- need a good therapist?

    2. @Jim Keogh I’m only showcasing “his” sexuality to spotlight “total” lack of credibility of than SCHMEG HARVEST.

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