1. My question is did they ever receive resupply? Fuel,food,reserve troops. They have sat there so long I have seen updates on the convoy but no clues to if it is still going to make any type of dent. If they were not supplied with fuel and food and reserve troops to relieve troops that have been out there for weeks then is this convoy even relevant to the effort?

    1. Which world are you then. If they don’t get. What are they still doing in Ukraine.
      Just a question.
      You guys are close to fools including your Mr. President.
      American interest is always war.

    2. @rj frame you’re right and I’ve seen a few reports of just that- Ukrainians have offered food, a hot cup of tea and a phone call home to Russian soldiers who have agreed to peaceful surrender. The couple I did see were very young and cried when they got to. speak to their mothers saying they weren’t told how bad things were going to be.

  2. I think it can be so simple that it’s the mud that have frozen enough to be easier to drive on by the heavy vehicles. So I hope that it get warmer and rain so they get stuck again…

    1. This is what Biden has said about Putin:

      “If I’m President, Putin’s Days of Tyranny and Trying to Intimidate U.S. and Eastern Europe are Over’”

      -Candidate Joe Biden , March 21, 2019

      ” Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him,”

      -Candidate Joe Biden’s Feb. 21, 2020

      And this is what Biden did on his first day in office and subsequently:

      —Stopped drilling on additional Federal Lands

      —Approved an agreement with Germany that would allow the Russian natural-gas pipeline to be completed,

      —Reinstated the Obama era suffocating regulations on US Oil Companies

      —Stop the US Keystone Pipeline

      Ok Boys and Girls can you say Midterm Elections

    2. Maybe those soldiers just don’t want to move, time for military coup in Russia. Enough of dictator putin.

    3. @Derrick RR We’re all really concerned. All we have to go on to gain insights into Putin’s mind is their past history and behaviour.

      Russia has been pretty successful in annexing regimes. However, they’ve struggled to _hold on to them, as clearly demonstrated in Afghanistan._

      All I can do is offer my guesses.
      I could be wrong; I may be right. Who knows?
      I’d say Russia annexing Ukraine is a pretty strong reality. Keeping it is another thing.

      I believe the U.S. will have to ultimately get involved vis a vis NATO.

      Let’s be frank! The Americans always come off as idiots, but in the final analysis no serious war is won without them. They seem to be a nation who need to be pushed to battle. But once they’re in a war, watch out. I’m not in love with them, so that’s my objective insight.

      I’m also of the opinion that capitalism (democracy) is inherently good and that autocracy having had its place at times, doesn’t do as much to advance modern civilizations. I suppose it depends on which side of the coin one lives. Those who believe in the common good, or those who cherish the merits of private enterprise and being rewarded according to one’s merits. The latter will _always_ cause a great divide between the poor and the wealthy. And it is the former one hears incessantly complaining for they will _always_ form the majority of the masses.

    4. @lion heart It’s funny to me how so few people are thinking what you said, which echoes what I already stated. Holding, breaking up to converge on and surround the city may well be a strategic military move.

    1. @Robert Jones peace isn’t going to happen. They are fighting against evil that wishes to take over their country. They can stand and fight or they can die. Which is why I say good luck to them and their leader. May God be with them for if they fail they will be destroyed.

  3. Thank you America
    Thank you turkey
    Thank you Germany
    also thanks to UK
    Thanks Canada.
    Thanks to all the media like CNN all around the world.
    And thanks to the Foreigner Soldier

    1. Hang in there, the sanctions are taking effect, the EU is working on long term restriction of Russian influence and we are sending the most effective weapons for the situation, with out starting WWIII.

    2. @Knight Errant exactly. But what can we expect in the time of Trump?, Where we cannot even agree on what truth is? Instead, we get alternative facts.

  4. Didn’t the Russians try Amazon for delivery 🙄? Jokes aside: the way the Ukrainians stall the moving of the Russians is nothing short of heroic, as far as I as an amateur can it see from the reports.

    1. @Ken Phillips That’s fake news. Thousands of people have used the corridors without any problem including foreign students from various countries.

    2. @Cropper Copper No country would start a war for no reason. Perhaps you should study the timeline why this happened. Even Gorbachev predicted this would happen when the West started to surround Russia with NATO expansion.

    3. @Pogo The US has been threatening the world with nuclear war since the Korean war. Check your history dude.

  5. Another aspect to consider is that with the obvious disarray that exists within the ranks of the russian armies, the distinct possibilities of them having far more “friendly fire” incidents occuring. They are utilizing soviet – era communications and sub – standard equipment. The Ukranian military has proven to be a more than able and worthy adversary. The russians cannot complete the mission assigned to them by virtue of their lack of control of the sky. As a retired veteran, I can say that now that the element of surprise has been lost, the russians are in an extremely vulnerable position. The cities will not and cannot be taken. They will become a meat grinder for conventional forces. The Ukrainian people know their land, the russians do not.

    Advantage Ukraine.
    They can cover and take the fight to the russians street by street.
    There is NO way the russians can win.
    Putin made a huge mistake and now the russians, both military and civilian will feel the effects as the morale of the people disintegrates.

    1. @Michael LaPlant if you are talking about the NPR/PBS poll and the Politico poll, those are always slanted to the left. They only poll large metropolitan areas with the majority being democrats. Most all other polls still have Biden in the low 40s, after being in the upper 30s before his SOTU address. And those polls that showed Biden with higher ratings with improvement, showed that the improvement only came from democrat responding. Among independent he is still way down in approval ratings. Face it, Biden is a blundering idiot that set Putin up perfectly to pull this invasion off.

    2. @Mopar_ Dude You’ve made some good points with regard to the polling data — especially when it comes to Independent voters. Thanks ! 👍🏼 Peace. ☮️

  6. ‘I don’t want to give away military secrets but it is, conceal and cover’. thank god we got this guy in.

    1. He didn’t talk about what is the usual tactics in the tank column situation and what the Russians have been doing is a sign of poor leadership and training.😏

  7. Just looking at the tire tracks in the snow, fields, and grassy areas around the houses and buildings is interesting because you can start to see where they went and are hiding as they aren’t following the normal traffic patterns of the local people. You don’t normally see your neighbors driving across multiple yards, fields instead of following the small driveway or lanes off the main roads.

    1. I feel like these kinds of reports, including the prev reports is giving the Russians tips what they need to do. Thus improving them.

    2. @Robin Lillian Do catholics support life being terminated, l thought they were pro life…like trump is…🤗

    3. @Robin Lillian – You can’t figure out that it doesn’t matter which way you hold a Bible up when you’re wanting it to be seen, not read, dumb dumb.

    4. @Chimchim Wafflemouth Ukraine has somewhat mild winters. It’s a misnomer that the winters in Ukraine are very cold and long like Siberia or something.

  8. Interestingly, the PUNISHER drone has been designed and developed by UA Dynamics, a company launched by veterans who fought Russians during the Crimean annexation. With this drone, the Ukrainian forces have the ability to strike deep within Russian lines without risking their troops which also includes civilian conscripts.

    Apart from its own combat drone, Ukrainian forces also have access to about 20 highly acclaimed Turkish drones, Bayraktar TB2, Business Insider reported. Ukraine would have also benefitted from the deployment of its all-terrain drone, Peacekeeper, that passed factory tests just a few months ago.

    1. I would be so much more relaxed if I knew the Ukr at least had a bunch of M777-A1 UFH with the long range load, besides them UAV’s and stuff.

    2. @Santy Clause Here in a minute armchair generals like me are gonna sh|t our pants go pale and shiver with the wtf of it all. I’d be there if I could make a difference. Glory to the heroes

    3. I think there are ethical issues with drone warfare; just like with landmines, poison gas, and nuclear weapons

  9. I’m so proud of the Ukrainian people!!
    Fighting for freedom!!!
    Please stay strong Ukraine!!!🇺🇦🙏💖

    1. @Grant You people believe everything so easily. You would think Russia is getting battered if you listen to western media…its called Propaganda.
      Russia is fighting with one hand behind its back…they could flatten all of Ukraine with missiles if they wanted to.

    2. @TheTruth1.61 nice comeback..shows the level of education you have. You don’t have the mental capacity to debunk or debate what he wrote so you spew insults…typical

  10. The spring thaw starts in a week or so. Anything not on a paved road will get bogged to it’s axel.
    Stay strong Ukraine.

  11. Russians picked a poor place to hide. Remember freedom comes with a very high price but it is much appreciated by your sons and daughters. God bless you and give you strength. Long live Ukraine.

  12. Please CNN, made subtitles available! Even in English it is highly helpful for non-native speakers (and deaf peoples I’m quite sure). You’re a major network! Thanks in advance.

  13. “He who attacks must vanquish. He who defends must merely survive.” – Master Kan, Kung Fu
    Regardless of the duration of this war, the Ukrainians will continue to fight and ultimately prevail. It is at their core and is what defines them as a people.

    1. sitting ducks on a pond disperses become loggerheads.Russian military bring cultural habits to UKRAINE ,40 mile long traffic jam is apparently Moscow’s peak time traffic experience’s and dispersion by extreme prejudice is Eukraine’s ANSWER .Those innovative Eukrainian’s are at THE HEART OF SOLVING THE WORLDS PROBLEMS🏵️🌷💮🏆🌹🌾🪅🥀🌻🌼💐🎉🎁🎈

    2. Karate means unarmed ,so you are in defence then you look for attackers weakness ,then strike hard

    3. @Michael LaPlant trust Russia . He might slap you. If you trust Americans and her alies you will die just because you tried to survive. America never solved any issues by their war, rather showing their power.

  14. I just feel so bad having to watch this train wreck in slow motion, the humanitarian emergency, the massacre, and the bullying of the proud, brave Ukrainians without doing anything tangible to stop a madman in his tracks before he performs yet another genocide in Europe. I feel ashamed of being European and simply watch this tragedy unfold. Sure I can send money, clothes, prayers, but I’m not sure they will get there and they certainly will never stop a madman from wiping a peaceful, democratic, hard-working nation off the map. I feel profoundly ashamed and sad. Watch out for Ukraine relief funds, some sleazebags are trying to profit out of people’s suffering. Verify who and where you’re sending your money to before you do. Scammers live off wars and calamities like cockroaches live off rotten food. Some are Putin’s trolls… and you don’t want to do that!

    1. @Rondo Loggins Bio labs making what? If Ukraine is making chemical weapons, why aren’t they using them? Or are you now fantasizing that Ukraine is making Covid?

    2. @Robin Lillian Well that really is the million dollar question huh. It’s obviously something serious and concerning enough for our government and the media to try and hide it. So I’m guessing it’s not just penicillin

    3. The Russian ambassador just spoke at the UN today and told us what was in those bio labs. I provided the link to that speech for you, but Youtube deleted it. Or maybe you reported it because you can’t handle the awful truth that WE are the bad guys.

    4. @Rondo Loggins Ok faux boi… you been listening to Carl Tuckerson way too much and by the way I heard that the sanctions effects had shut down his bank account in Russia too.

  15. If you think about that convoy, it’s crazy. Imagine driving 80mph on a motorway. It would take you half an hour to reach the end. 🤯

  16. In the Gulf War vehicles trying to retreat to Iraq were obliterated which became the Highway of Death. It was humiliating to the Iraqi Republican Guard which were supposed to be ”elite’. This 40 mile long convoy that was stuck for days was a chance to accomplish the same thing to Russia. 40 miles long highway of death would have been a crushing visual that Russia wouldn’t be able to deny.

    1. Russia must not know how to gps cords. There are thousands of back roads they could have taken. Yet they chose the highway and now they are dumping apc and tanks off the side of the road until they have the fuel to pick them up.

  17. So there was a column 40 miles long that set for nearly two weeks. And they were given the ability to move and was not taken out by drones while they were sitting ducks.

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