1. RIP to all the victims of this tragic act of negligence. Someone should be held responsible.

    1. @D S How. Neither Trump nor DeSantis were in office when this building was erected and DeSantis wasn’t even in office during its last inspection. But blame them anyway? Get help.

    2. Florida Republicans who vote for low regulation because they trust humans will not cheapen out on building a safe non collapsible building.

  2. After 13 days there’s no one left alive. Let’s not kid ourselves and give false hope to grieving families.

  3. It would be a miracle if anyone still makes it out alive, but it’s been so many days and they’re still holding on to hope!

  4. Nobody can survive 13 days of being buried under slabs of concrete. Continuing to call it a “rescue” is disingenuous and giving victims loved ones false hope. Even the reporter was like “Well, I guess they’re still calling it a rescue, even at this late date.”

    1. How about they stopped rescue operations when Biden did his photo op there. They blamed it on the other building. Lol. Weird how that works, sheepies!

    2. Actually in Asian a building just like this fell and a women was rescued alive 17 days later miracles do happen

  5. Rest in sweet dreams beautiful souls, who lost their lives due to negligence, and bad construction policies in Florida.

  6. Imagine that it’s a truly devastating and the look on Erin Burnett face says it all situations like this make me appreciate life so much more🤔

  7. Hope the hurricane doesn’t cause any more buildings to collapse 😲 – stay safe people!

    1. Wake up stupid they’re lying it’s a tropical storm!!! Just more fear mongering to keep you It’s in a dark hole of unrealistic reality! Fear porn fear porn fear porn fear porn fear porn fear porn fear porn fear porn from the Communist news network!!!!!

    2. @TRUTH WARRIOR Most of Florida will be underwater within a century due to climate change, I love it when you people own yourselves lol

  8. I’m still holding on to hope, this is just so sad 😞 praying for everyone impacted by this 🙏

    1. Couple dozen people holding buckets cherry picking little rubbles just doesn’t look right to me. I am not an expert, but I knew those 140 plus missing people are dead for sure now when I saw the way they did it. There get be a better way.

  9. since this condo collapse happened I have had a sick feeling in my stomach and feel such anger at the negligence of authorities!!!RIP

  10. Look, for the families sake, they are trying to keep it positive. If they were our people, we’d desire the same. So, YES, those of us who don’t have loved ones in that rubble, are looking at it from that very perspective of “lost hope” and we understand the chances are quite slim…

  11. I cannot watch this anymore, I turn off tv , then to turn it on again in some hope that someone is alive. My heart breaks for all dead, and I hardly even know them

  12. ‘The rescue teams are working 12 hours a day’!? If this happen in Asia country I don’t know how the victims love one will be cursing at their government!

  13. God bless those rescue workers working 24/7. R.I.P. to all victims who lost their lives in this horrible tragedy.

  14. Wouldn’t it be something if we reached out to our brothers and sisters and loved our neighbors BEFORE a tragedy?

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