1. @Gj I’m sorry big words stump you but sometimes they are the best way to describe things. Can you be more specific about what exactly requires a different explanation? I thought I was presenting a pretty clear summary of my opinion but I guess not.

    2. @Joe Sal  the left wants to control: the people, the media, our language, gun ownership, schools, voting, history, military, police, taxes, food stamps – centralize control by the Democrats and make everyone victims that need to be controlled

    3. @USA Dominates It’s interesting that the right now feels this way, while traditionally, even back in the 90’s, the right was more aligned with traditional values that embraced conformity, and the individualists were more leftist. The politically active became increasingly into control, and the right became more libertarian. But the extreme left and extreme right are still quite similar. They both tend toward anarchism, with different underlying flavors.

      It’s not accurate in my opinion to say the left wants ‘control’ and the right does not. it’s a mixed bag on both sides. The less moderate the right gets, the more it embraces a sort of existentially driven anti-democratic approach to governance. Everything is framed as a crisis, the solution for which is one-party control, elimination of government oversight, and trust in individuals over government checks and balances, which are hallmarks of authoritarianism.

      But like I said when you go a bit further right you get right wing anarchists, who shake hands behind their backs with left wing anarchists.

    4. @USA Dominates yeah yeah….so goes the rightwing talky talk. I’m surprised how few who talk about socialist and communist boogeymen even know what the terms mean, often mistaking it for variations of authoritarianism. Do you?

    1. @Mike Rafone I’m not going to argue but just want to let you know that she was not wearing a burqa, she was wearing a hijab. A burqa is designed to cover the entire body except the eyes.

    2. @1st responder I don’t believe that. I believe as humans, we take comfort in being around people who look and act similar to ourselves but the issue is systematic racism. We need bias training and to be willing to talk and express these issues in high schools and higher education.

  1. I’m so confused- why hide the truth? Did that lady say i don’t want my kids to be hated for the color of their skin — but isn’t that the wish of every black person? This turn of the tablle is so twisted and weird. Just print the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s weird lots of whites teach kids to not like blacks, but they don’t want blacks to hate whites because of what’s printed. Nothing can hide the truth, it will always surface one way or the other

  2. I appreciate that CNN left the comments section open for a topic that is so controversial. It’s really unfortunate when news organizations won’t allow people to post comments on social media platforms to talk about these ideas.

    1. You like censorship and want to re-write the 1st amendment to say, “The right to free speech as long as I agree with your speech”?

    2. @Joleen Carrico Do I need to read or to hear from someone else in order to post a comment??

    1. @Paul Hardy K… So….
      1. Don’t make a comment about me using complete sentences and then have your very next sentence be this.
      ” You could get obviously read past a typo. ” Come on man! That’s too easy. If you’re going to try and critique someone’s sentence structure or grammar, make sure yours is on point in the comment you’re doing it in.
      2. “No… It didn’t.” Is actually 2 different sentences. 2 complete sentences, by the way.

      Now, what you meant to ask was, ” Could you elaborate, because I don’t know what comment you’re referring to. “. Stop letting your defensiveness make you seem silly. Even though I critiqued you’re selective history telling above, it clearly shows that you have the ability to present a calm and rational argument using facts. Do that, because this isn’t working out for you. I was actually a bit surprised you came back with a comment like that after putting together that rebuttal in the fact-based intellectual way that you did.

    2. @Lynn Meyers noooo, but it was largely southern dems that opposed the civil rights law. And even Frederick Douglas was a runaway slave and joined the Republican Party

    3. @Lynn Meyers what a pathetic way to think. The wasps?? Are you fucking kidding me ? The same wasps that gave the WORLD its industrial revolution ? You want to demonize these people but they have given all their technology, political structures, medicines, farming techniques, sometimes funding and military defense to THE ENTIRE WORLD. Granted they did it to where they would benefit but WHO WOULDNT ? keep the wasps, French, German and Dutch out your fucking mouth….where would we be without them ? That’s ungrateful and pathetic, straight clown mentality.

    4. @Paul Hardy Now… You claimed that “critical race Theory teaches that every single white person is wrong and every single black person is oppressed”. Presenting a full context of facts to children about American history is not that. That is what is taught in school. Facts and history. Not opinion. Which is what you just gave.

    5. @daedae1522 oh wow the wiki. The exact thing I said not to read. How about you read the actual theories and writings of critical race theorist?

  3. I wasn’t thought about Tesla when I was in school. I’m sure you don’t need this to be taught. But Tesla yes. Especially that trippy movie from him

  4. I seem to remember a point where being labeled a “Patriot” was a bad thing by these doughnuts…

    1. @Kill Democratic Kid Traffickers
      trump supporter Kyle Rittenhouse is the only person every American knows has been arrested for rioting and commiting murder

    2. @phillup space So what you’re saying is you have no argument or defense to you BLM domestic terrorists?? Gotcha

    3. @Kill Democratic Kid Traffickers So you haven’t studied history….just say that…BECAUSE I can recall a government bombing black wealthy neighborhoods back in the day and killing those who survived…but…okay

    4. @Jennifer Lewis So what you’re saying is you support BLM domestic terrorists. Gotcha

  5. To that Greek lady. Check out racism in Greece. Wasn’t it until recently it was run by a neo nazi party? Exactly.

  6. Yes 3/5 human was correct historically. Your understanding of why the founding fathers did that and that you don’t understand why, tells me, your idiots

  7. Schools need to teach CMT, Critical Money Theory – Lessons on savings, credit, interest, loans, investments, etc.

    I think more kids should grow up financially literate.

    1. @pj spacepirate I think he was going for a “capitalism leads to financial success”, which is true, but yeah it doesnt make much sense seeing as we were talking about education and not economics.

    2. @Positive Patriot I can’t tell with these nutbags anymore. But thanks for clearing it up.

    3. @pj spacepirate your doing what your accusing me of……..nice one genius high 5.
      I’m speaking from what I know as a black man and someone who likes history. I take it your supporter of trump by your comment.

    4. @Da BLKspiderman FFS, Why is everything politics and skin color with you people (people who support CRT or people who belive they are going to prove a point by using someone’s political preference)? It’s should be about humanity and the fact you’re letting your gooberment divide and conquer. You don’t have to have a PHD to see the bigger agenda. You want to learn about history look it up online (though I don’t suggest google if you want true history) you don’t need a class to tech you a damn thing. Unless you want to be taught those racial undertones then sure support CRT but then don’t say it’s not about racism. You want to find an enemy, you want to find the boogyman, you want someone as far as your fellow citizens to blame for nothing when it’s your own gooberment you should be looking at and TPTB that are holding you down.

  8. Let’s hear what a bright young school girl has to say about CRT

    YT channel Neverlosetruth uploaded : American Life Summed up in one word – Fighting Girl at end makes clear School is not safe. (fast forward to 27:40)

  9. I am a teacher. I taught history for 15 years. I now teach Math and science. When I taught history, I taught about what has happened, both the good and the bad, but I did not indoctrinate students into believing that they should be ashamed of their skin color because of what has happened in the past. America has come a long way since its inception. We have made mistakes along the way. What has happened in the last few years, including CRT, is setting us back. Teach history, not hate. We are still the greatest nation on Earth. You are free to move anytime you like.

  10. I come back to check in on cnn every once in a while to see if they’re still platforming Fascist fears and yep, here they are.

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