New Jeopardy Host And The Challenge Of Figuring Out What To Do Next 1

New Jeopardy Host And The Challenge Of Figuring Out What To Do Next

The production company of “Jeopardy!” has chosen 2 new hosts to replace the legendary Alex Trebek. What can their search for a replacement tell us about the challenges of figuring out what to do next? NBC’s Joshua Johnson has some thoughts.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. What is………. Article I Section 2 of the constitution….civics would be a great topic. Also, virology.

  2. i enjoy msnbc, but when they “report” on these things, jeopardy hosts…britteny spears….i feel they truly lower their standing. leave this silly nonsense to “entertainment tonight”

  3. I like Levar Burton and thought he’d be great, but honestly he looked awkward and nervous as a guest host. Maybe he needed more time to shake his nerves and get in his groove, but it didn’t happen.

  4. He pulled a Cheney. “I’m in charge of finding someone to fill this position and the person I choose is ME!!”

  5. Maybe LeVar’s discomfort when he was acting host of Jeopardy points to his mandate to start something new,something that really has his name on it.

  6. I would have liked Levar to get the job. I have no problem with their choices, though I thought Ken Jennings was the one. My first choice was Levar. He was good when he hosted, but could be even better.

  7. As much as I liked Alex Trebek, he annoyed me when he made it look like he was more knowledgeable than some of the players. I used to wonder: Did you really know the answer Alex?

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