1. Why has the Afghan military folded so fast? Why should we fight and die there if they wont even fight for heir own country. The British left this place a hundred years ago the Russians left in the 80’s place is a wasteland.

    1. Brits never got there.. tried but failed but stopped their advance into Punjab or Pakistan as it’s today…

    2. @Scott Garner Joe Biden’s brother got 200 million in the early 90s, got another 500 million in 2008… Probably gonna make a little over 1 billion this time

    3. @ape kaspank good for them. Lots of other folks and companies made money not just the President’s son.

  2. Hope is not a strategy. They spent all this money, put Americans lives on the line because they hoped they could make things sustainable? Inept government.

    1. @Pugs Hugs from what I know, the Taliban had taken over much of Afghanistan. They are pushing and seizing Kabul, the Capitol of Afghanistan I believe. US is sending 5000 troops over to rescue and get people out of the US embassy. It’s escalating quickly. Very quickly

    2. Murders. Rapes. Why didn’t they have a better plan???? The US military has billions at their disposal.

  3. This is simply heartbreaking…the soldiers we’ve lost, the allies we’ve left behind and as a woman I’m afraid what they are going to do to women and girls.

    1. @Callandor I hate to dehumanize a person but their actions are animalistic and for what! They don’t have to live a western way of life but their option is worse and harder for both men and women.

    2. America sexualization of women is great. The greatest accomplishment of America is that a man can marry another man this country would definitely fall one day God told us

    1. @Pete Rembranch People are lining the streets to welcome the Taliban…friends of America are obviously the minority, its been 20 years and Bin Laden is dead…let them have their country back

    2. @Pete Rembranch As a father of a young man who served two tours of duty, I say good riddance to that failed mission. It’s not worth losing anymore American lives.

    1. @John T That’s funny that you would say that. DEMENTIA JOE , smart man said, the same thing to me. Now look at the mess. VERY SAD.

    2. @Mike NO, it was NOT the way Biden took care of it, it would have happened like this anyway, the only way it could have a better outcome is if the Taliban was wiped out

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis I agree 💯. DEMENTIA JOE got some bad advice. You don’t leave Americans at the embassy behind and you don’t send 5,000 American soldiers back. Don’t look back. I’m wrong?????

  4. So sad what a waste of lives.Billions of dollars and training and the Afghan government doesn’t have the will to defend the country.

    1. The objective was never to win. The objective was to pad the pockets of powerful people in the military industrial complex.

    1. Everything the US has done is a disaster. How a country can be so incompetent in electing a proper leader for the past two dozen years is embarrassing.

    1. @maria schultz Biden claimed to have asthma but he doesn’t appear to have it now. He probably lied, he often lies and we know he’s a coward.

    2. @Doug CarterYou are right about that… I had a numpty say… The English language started in America…

  5. The woke CIA assessment is wrong once again? The stone age Taliban has won the strongest army in the world due to political failures in Washington

    1. @brenda north Yes, then we got one thats far worse! We need JFK!…the last real President American had.

  6. Another solid victory for the Biden administration….. Go ahead MSNBC you got your work ahead of you to spin this one.

  7. I imagine the Taliban is putting everything they’ve got into this offensive of theirs so once it’s defeated the Taliban will cease being a threat.

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