New Jersey Set To Lift Indoor Mask Mandate For Vaccinated Individuals 1

New Jersey Set To Lift Indoor Mask Mandate For Vaccinated Individuals


New Jersey will lift its indoor mask mandate on Friday for fully-vaccinated individuals, and the state's Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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New Jersey Set To Lift Indoor Mask Mandate For Vaccinated Individuals


    1. you people are crazy and way too freaking paranoid it doesn’t make a difference whether you have a mask on or not you take your life into accountability of risk every day when you go outside regardless of a pandemic so all of this crap you’re playing is just fake fear grow up

    2. @troll So terrible, cases didn’t go up when mandates were lifted, so terrible indeed, they should be living in fear and continue to be stupid forever.

  1. I pray Jersey Shore isn’t India deja vu they were on a road to recovery as well.

  2. Ditch the mask. Turn the news off. You immediately become normal again when you do those 2 things

  3. When l rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh, I noticed the BLM muraI in a brown dye

    1. That was hyperbolic. If anything, it’ll be insurance companies requiring employers to have vaccinated employees.

    2. @Grayson Anta And who’s liable for damages from experimental injections in your fantasy world of forced vaxx’s

  4. 1 hour into this video and there’s 19 comments because it’s not about Trump if it was the comment section would be full so you’re proving without Trump MSNBC has nothing and your ratings prove it

    1. @Tessmage Tessera your comment proves you didn’t read mine what are you Delirious you just write s*** down randomly

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I’m sorry to tell you but it’s true. he’s not even relevant anymore but he gets higher ratings and the president of the United States himself that’s an insult and always remember as long as you’re in the news you’re relevant it’s when they stop talking about you you have a problem

    1. but the masks don’t do anything so how is it preventative measure? and if there’s such preventative measure why don’t we wear this stuff during the flu?

    2. Agreed, masks have been shown to reduce the spread of virus, and some Americans can’t be trusted to be honest about whether or not they’ve been fully vaccinated. Plus it’s pretty cool how due to the masks there was lower incidence of cold and flu this year. think some people will wear masks every year.

  5. Family’s going to a pool party kegger this weekend, something I didn’t think could happen a year ago.
    Thanks Joe!

    1. @Blue Eyes — I self identify as having blue eyes. Who is the DMV to question my brown eyes?

  6. As of today, 47.3% of NJ is fully vaccinated. Lets see what happens now that he is lifting all the mask mandates.

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