NYT Talks With Trump Voters On The Legacy Of George Floyd | MSNBC 1

NYT Talks With Trump Voters On The Legacy Of George Floyd | MSNBC


The New York Times is marking one year since the death of George Floyd with a new series born out of Floyd's murder. A portion of the series looks at 14 Trump voters and their thoughts on Floyd's legacy. Patrick Healy of the Times along with pollster Frank Luntz discuss.

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NYT Talks With Trump Voters On The Legacy Of George Floyd | MSNBC


    1. @Wayne Catchot It’s now obvious that the GOP have become a blatantly fascist party but I can’t figure out whether Trump supporters have been conned into supporting them or if it is that they truly want America to become a fascist state?

    2. @Scahoni prove they were Biden supporters, yeah you can’t so stfu, unlike the insurrection that was nothing but Trumpians.

    3. @Anonymous or more like your action is so automated and liberals are just responding to it? if you want a different reaction, perhaps do something different?

    1. @Rod
      Yeah, he is half of this country’s President. So yeah, we are obsessed with him.

    2. @Phil Immerfall Sorry Phil, if you had the facts to prove me wrong you’d do so. Insults don’t count, unfortunately. It’s quite interesting how you deny the facts, yet can’t disprove them.

    3. @David Kuhn I know, the ”party of science” that doesn’t know how many ”genders” there are, and who likes transvestite story time for the kiddies in addition to believing that ”math” is ”racist” is quite shameless. Perhaps a little therapy for them….

  1. There has never been a time in America where so many knew so little about so much.Trump Voters and “Thoughts” are not a thing..not logical, reasonable, rational thoughts based on empirical information anyway. I wonder what it would cost to produce 73 million “I’m With Stupid” T Shirts?

    1. @REGGIN FLOYD better shape than trump Biden isn’t the one under multiple criminal investigations and Biden hasn’t been impeached twice Biden hasn’t caused an insurrection Biden hasn’t killed 400.000 americans he has saved that 10x over he’s actually in great shape considering the fools in the senate and the damage they are causing

    2. Could not agree more!….Im so tired of asking these voter fraud trump supporters to justify their claims. Just give me some evidence that passed scrutiny in court and won a voter fraud lawsuit…Thats all…Just as we dont condem a person who is found not guilty, we shouldnt condem our democracy as guilty of voter fraud when in every trial our democracy was found not guilty. Does your brain stop working when you still support trump after four years of lies? Not once has a single voter fraud trump supporter answered my very simple question, tells you all you need to know.

    3. @george butler YOU DUNCE REGGIN.



    4. @Neil Rusling trump supporters can’t or won’t think for themselves they only parrot propaganda from fox fake news or other propaganda they hear like MGT they can’t provide any coherent proof of anything just a bunch of parrots repeating the same nonsense over and over again and when they are confronted with the truth they get violent and act more stupid like the idiots assaulting Asian people for a trumpified reasons the world has lost it’s humanity for riches and stupidity

    5. @Neil Rusling
      trump supporters are not big on due process, courts of law, admissible evidence, and equal protection under the law when it’s used to hold THEM accountable.
      They also have no use for it when it’s applied for the justice of people who do not look, think, and act like themselves.

  2. While I agree with what he is saying in terms of listening to what others are saying in principle, it still brings up so many questions. When their opinions and speech are based on hatred, fear, and white supremacy and the furtherance of these ideals, how long are we supposed to listen? The people who disagree are already repulsed and the people who do agree consider it validation. Do you think that there are some people who Harbor those mentalities who will all of a sudden wake up and say G that looks and sounds kind of ignorant? Where does this get us?

  3. Absolutely stunning. Hate and ignorance is tearing the US apart. It will take generations to repair what the last 4 years has done.

    1. These issues have been simmering just below the surface for a long time. The only thing the last 4 years has done is make people aware it exists.

  4. Oh please!! We have been hearing from trump supporters for the past few years. They have not been silenced. Give me a break!

  5. Victim blaming the cornerstone of the trump minded. Well if the victim did a.b.or c. They wouldn’t have had to murder him in public.

    1. Apparently conservatives think cops are like judge dread. They don’t think it’s a miscarriage of justice for a cop to play judge jury and executioner.

    2. @Terry Fulds Unless, god forbid (rather trumpforbid), it´s one of them. the cop who discharged ONE shot in the Capitol – a murderer of an unarmed protester… smh

  6. No we don’t need to know what racists think, we don’t need to hear it, we don’t need to see things from their eviI perspective.

    1. You do need to talk to Trump supporters, if they think Donald Trump is not a controversial figure, then they are living in an alternative reality bubble, dialogue needs to happen.

  7. I’m sick of being told I have to listen to Trump supporters point of view. How about THEY start listening to MY point of view instead? What was that famous saying they loved to tout for 4 years? Oh yeah: elections have consequences!

    1. This basically sums it up. It’s time to move forward. There are allot of things that need to be done, the US is being left behind by the rest of the world.

    2. @KR
      Well listen to this. Our plan is already in motion for Trump to legally take over the WH before 2024. He will run/win a Florida House seat. He will be elected Speaker after the Republicans take over power of Congress. He will be 2 quick impeachment’s away from being back in the WH. This plan is already in motion, and everything than your President fk’d up will be reversed on day 1. You’re right, there are consequences to be had for the 2 failed attempts to impeach Trump. Election laws are being reformed in about 20 states, with Arizona, Tx., Georgia, and Florida leading the way. Your President Joe will incompetent his way to retirement

    3. Adam G there are way too many who have drunk the look-aid. They have no idea that they are part of a cult.

  8. That guy just Express his racism instead of acknowledging the facts that George Floyd was murdered in front of the world!

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr yea your spot on he a hero in the shower block at wash time he is so loved

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Chavin is a white supremacist fascist and if you think he’s a hero that makes you one too!

    3. @Screw Google
      The constitution of my country says I should expect due process and equal protection under the law before determining criminality.
      But, obviously, you’re not a U.S American citizen, so whatever they expect in your country is different I suppose.

  9. So this is basically a white supremacist rally on zoom.
    I imagine this is what a private maga facebook group is like.
    Cool cool.

    1. Oh the maga groups are far, far worse. Their masks are definitely off. Literally and figuratively.

  10. This interview demonstrates, with a flourish, that it is impossible to have rational discussions with irrational people.

    1. No, it demonstrates that people who only watch FOX have not seen what we have seen. They don’t know because nobody told them. They are not irrational. In their mind quite the opposite. The problem is not the people, it’s their source of news…

    2. Trump is less controversial than George Floyd? Trump is, at least as controversial as, the aftermath of the George Floyd killing.

    3. @Tore Strand,
      “…have not seen what we have seen.”
      Wrong. There are people in these comments who watch the very videos we watch and then refute facts.
      None of them are willing to confront facts.
      They render themselves willfully ignorant, it is a choice.

  11. No matter what George Floyd did or who he was in life, he did not have to die. Show some sympathy people !! God dam!!

    1. Trolls…. insensitive, deliberately ignorant trolls. I guess we should expect that 1/3 of the US is below average. (wince)

    2. He’s gotten more than enough sympathy at this point. Where is the sympathy for the officers who went into this job to help people and end up in a terrible situation having to restrain a criminal high on drugs and then having to deal with the guilt and then the hatred from the media/public, being called murderers and having their lives ruined. I haven’t heard anyone on MSNBC offer them an ounce of sympathy

  12. There weren’t just scattered acts of violence there were constant acts on a daily basis for months on end! You’re supposed to be the news and you were supposed to be reporting both sides of the story but no you have to throw all your own opinions in there which amount to a hill of beans!

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