Biden's Domestic Agenda Faces Critical Week On Capitol Hill 1

Biden’s Domestic Agenda Faces Critical Week On Capitol Hill


On the eve of the marking one year since George Floyd's murder, Biden's domestic agenda – including a police reform bill – faces a week of critical tests on Capitol Hill. We discuss with Peter Baker and Yamiche Alcindor.
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  1. Is “George Floyd” the new spokesman for Black people? Shame how so many others suffered and spent so much time on a cause that has so many people easily distracted. If it were not for so many people being out of work and needing for something to do last year, George Floyd would just be another name, just like all those other names that people have already forgotten.

    Y’all might want to ease back on the George Floyd signs and add some more names to the mix. If someone were to watch the news, they would think that George Floyd was the only Black man to have died since MLK Jr. Am I disrespecting George Floyd? No. Are the rest of you disrespecting all those others that died before him? Yes.

  2. DISCUSS – WE know that so-called “White Supremacists/Extremists” have NOTHING to do with the current round of Antisemitism

  3. Gee mister it sure would be swell if poor people could get some representation from our government too!

  4. “A great revolution is never the fault of the people but of the government.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

  5. I keep my distance from reporters who never admit they’re wrong and then try to blame others

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  7. We have trillions of dollars to pay for meds but our social security and Medicare is Under Fire .

  8. *Terminology for going around my back the 12th King of America and straight to God with your marriages occupations and family titles is called pulling a Zeus and not allowed.*

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