New LBJ Phone Call Archive Gives Rare Glimpse Into Presidency

Two scholars of Pres. Lyndon Johnson, MSNBC's Brian Williams and NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss, discuss the treasure trove of LBJ phone calls now readily available to history buffs online at
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    1. Priceless. I’m real excited at what this latest release of LBJ recordings will make public.

  1. I was born in 1961 but I always liked LBJ for some reason? Probably felt his heart ❤️ 🙏

    1. @Bat Boy But not a single audio or video of Trump ever dropping the N word and did more to help blacks than even the black potus. Yet somehow the Leftist idiots continue to call him racist. But then again, ANY Republican running, the Dems always scream Racist.

    2. @Wisconsin Man – The Republicans have a long standing problem on race (Ref: Southern Strategy). However, Democrats are catching up, with their irrational, and poor reasoning, attempting to fight implicit bias, with real racism of their own.

      Trumps behavior (words and actions, sometimes in omission of them) indicates he appears to be a bigot (to say the least). Declaring he is a “nationalist”, as a white man, only makes one concluded he is a “white nationalist”, in the context of America, this is racism. But, this is classic Trump…trolling with plausibility, and bias towards his followers, who are largely white.

      Edit devils advocate: If Republicans just eased up on their racial identity as white, the Democrats will fail in the long run, as being the only racists standing. (Not very eloquent or nuanced, but makes my point).

    3. @Mr. White Yup. The NARA archives on JFK assassination. Mentions LBJ in his early political career was KKK. ( he was at his core I believe till the day he died)
      How LBJ tried to convince the Democratic party to pass the 64 civil rights bill and failed. And the Gop pasted it. LBJ made one of the most brilliant political moves in history.

    4. @David Eby maybe, as I said, as a young child, I felt his true heart.. I did not know the man, therefore do not know what his true intentions were.

  2. In the modern era recordings don’t matter anyway. People don’t even believe video…..heck, people don’t believe when seeing and experiencing something first hand anymore *coughClydecough*

    1. Clyde?
      I think these tapes have been authenticated so they do matter and most will believe them. The U.S. is still struggling with the same challenges over half a century later. It help to take a look at that and many other things. How can we as a country progress? We need more brave people to stand up such as Ladybird and LBJ and Liz Cheney.

    2. @The Home Plate Special I apologize if that was unclear. .. It was a just bit of topical commentary related to the 1/6 insurrection.

  3. She was really giving it to him straight, about how he looked, and spoke… She was right there as part of the team, part of the campaign… I respect that

  4. ok now that was two segments of adults actually having a conversation, so is this still planet earth?

    or is just that tomorrow’s going to have to be all about kim kardashian saves the whales…

  5. Oh how I hope I’m still around when the mighty orange president has his phone tapes published

  6. Thanks for reading/listening tip, I found Taking Charge and Reaching for Glory available on Hoopla just now.

    1. I just read and listened to Jacqueline Kennedy with Arthur M. Schlesinger. It was facinating, she only gave 3 interviews in her lifetime and this is one of them. The photos are beautful works of art. Excellent read. Know our history and these books answer so many questions.

    2. @kathy weis His wife’s name is, ‘Ladylove’. I don’t need to know anything about this man.

    3. Lbj is initials of lyndon banes johnson he was john Kennedy’s vice president until Kennedy’s assassination and became president on board the plane back to D.C. and he didnt run for president after he finished Kennedy’s term but pushed his agenda of a civil rights bill and other causes i was 4years old at this time its when i became interested in politics by the way do they not teach history in schools anymore my god these explanations below are mind boggling!

    1. LBJ was in some ways a man ahead of his time. In others he was a absolutely a traditional Texan. Of course Vietnam will always tarnish his legacy.

  7. Trump: Hi dear, how did you like my bleach speech?
    Melania: Well it started off badly, tailed off in the middle, and the less said about the end the better…

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