New Legal Trouble For Trump? Arizona Eyes Criminal Probe For Election Scheme 1

New Legal Trouble For Trump? Arizona Eyes Criminal Probe For Election Scheme

Arizona's top elections official is calling for a criminal investigation into potential election interference by Donald Trump and his allies. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs joins MSNBC's Dr. Jason Johnson to discuss the bombshell reports revealing a campaign to intervene in Trump's favor.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @In Motion Sound Media Well, it is sort of telling that none was provided. Nor a date/timestamp, or even mention of who he was communicating with.

    2. @Preston Thompson he should have went all caps and added an exclamation point like a pro, GOSH!

    3. I wanna make you an offer you shouldn’t refuse outside of a courtroom…we’re all Republicans here, no need for courts. Come on, Forget About It!

  1. I knew Georgia wasn’t the only state because even if state officials played along with Trump, Biden still would have won. There has to be several other states.

  2. “COME OOOOOON!!! Just do it!! Just give us what we aren’t owed and what we didn’t win and look the other way!! DO. IT. Come on, come on, come on!!!”

    1. @Cindy Carroll not true. Some trolls follow each other. His account is so young I question is validity.

  3. Trump can call and intimate the state reps and get away with it… but voters can’t be offered a bottle water while standing in line to cast their ballot. They can face jail time for voter interference . Wtf

    1. You’re on the right track. The simple answer is politics has nothing to do with right and wrong. It only has to do with getting what you want, in other words, power. Now they’ll play victim all day long, and tell you many stories about right and wrong, to try and convince you. So, “we the people” have to show up to the party with what we see as right and wrong, and resist having the wool pulled over our eyes by the many trying to do it.

    2. @Super Star Ad hominem is all you got? Do you wrap yourself in the flag to make yourself feel patriotic, while attacking the constitution too? Asking for a friend.

  4. Rudy Drooly here, President Trump’s unpaid lawyer, you know, the one going to prison without getting paid a dime….

    1. @Earnest Everidge Oh he’s still working on it. He can’t believe how successful his KGB tactics worked on low IQ America.

    2. @Kadallah Brandy But Avanti is going for extorsion at Nike. But cohen was just snitching on traitor trump and he went to prison lol WTF?

  5. It’s so absurd they let this go on as long as they have. It was clearly illegal from the start.

    1. Yes I don’t understand why this farce has gone this far. We in Az have got to get rid, VOTE them out of office. But this STATE is so racist that it’ll take time to accomplish

    2. It’s absurd that any judge would’ve allowed it in the first place. He should’ve at least required them to hire an accredited auditor, which would’ve been done a long time ago and determined no fraud just like the other audits showed.

    3. @LB Walker honestly between the lies & gerrymandering, & the fact that the masses are very tired & uneducated with a short attention span that’s being used on purpose.. then the radical reaction to joe winning- likely it will swing even more to the right… we have any Q adherents running? They’ll prob win

    1. Isn’t it biden that is helping Russia lol. Just think about it for a second. Hunter? And katie Hobbs is not a person who knows much about the constitution make sure you know who you are voting for.

    1. It’s not going to happen. Tr**p will carry on as normal and run in 2024. It’s hopeless. The US justice system is a mess.

  6. I fear you’ll have such a huge target on your back if u ever made it to the governor’s house. Please be safe & thank u for standing for democracy first. History is not going to look at the GOP kindly for this. And their undermining of democracy will have world ripple effects for decades. The things other places will justify. So shameful & tragic.

  7. That “you can call the president for free” thing made me laugh. Like did trump call collect

    1. Except that’s not what the guy said…he said “call him if YOU’RE free”. But oooookaaayyy….

    2. @Cheshire Cat The person was probably sitting there listening (and laughing) at the entire message .

    3. ” if you are free” meaning if you are NOT doing anything at the moment or if you have time.

    4. Other reporting says the guy was screening calls and avoiding calls from the President Reject and his enablers.

  8. The fact is if they can’t accept the states that he lost then don’t accept the states the he won.

  9. This is exactly why I kept saying throw all their behinds in jail, and this is how I know Lindsey Graham said some incriminating ish when he called and talked to the Secretary of State in Georgia.

  10. Imagine if it were Democrats caught leaving messages like this… There’s SO much evidence. Let’s actually get this show on the road. Time to stop tip-toeing around the obvious.

  11. So when are these crooked politician going to be held responsible for the damage that they created is time for an arrest

  12. It’s really remarkable that Trump isn’t being charged with interfering in the election. That’s exactly what he and others have done, calling and emailing election officials in Arizona and Georgia!!

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