Republicans Unite To Defund A Specific Type Of Police 1

Republicans Unite To Defund A Specific Type Of Police


"When it comes to a certain class of criminal, there is no one softer on crime than the Republican Party," says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. Duh… been complaining about this for almost two decades. They won’t go after the rich. Why, when it is easier to pick low hanging fruit?

  2. Makes total sense……GOP need to protect themselves from insider trading, tax fraud and more importantly protect their high ticket donors from getting audited!! GOP’s motto….they don’t care about Americans!!

    1. Wrong. Motto: they don’t care about middle, lower or the poor class people! We only fight for the rich people because they serve our god which is MONEY!

  3. We live in a society where lawbreakers judge other lawbreakers for breaking the law differently.

    1. @Paula Gray The Supreme Court, in a widely admired opinion, West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette, affirmed the same principle. There, it memorably declared: “If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion . . . .” The Barnette rule captures what is best, and even miraculous, about American constitutionalism–its strong and broad support for a meaningful freedom of conscience to believe whatever moves one’s soul.

    2. @Jim River that was about the pledge of allegiance to the American flag in schools! 1943. An event in 2019 drew attention to the ability of states (Florida) to require students at public schools to get parental permission before opting out of the pledge, when a sixth-grade student was arrested in a pledge dispute. That case was dropped in March 2019, but the incident harkened back to Frazier v. Winn, a 2008 lower court decision that the U.S. Supreme Court did not take on appeal.
      In that case, the 11th Circuit Appeals Court upheld Florida’s statute (requiring parental permission) as constitutional. There are still states who mandate the pledge of allegiance in schools even if SCOTUS said it was unconstitutional.

    3. @Jim River I suggest you look up the term Christian Nationalism and you will find out exactly what is going on while you’re not looking.

    4. @Paula Gray The written law was founded first–to the best of anyone’s knowledge–in the Code of Hammurabi, the sixth ruler of the First Dynasty of Babylon, who ruled from 1792-1750 B.C.. Hammurabi’s code was lengthy and detailed, though not comprehensive. While an actual copy of the Code itself did not appear in modern times until an excavation in 1902, the existence of such a code was known before then and is considered by scholars to be the precursor in important respects to Jewish or Hebrew law. Indeed, the Ten Commandments echo some of the rules that appear in Hammurabi’s Code. Roughly one thousand years later, the Ten Commandments appeared. Interestingly, over the centuries, many Christians have claimed that the Ten Commandments did not govern their conduct, because they were given dispensation from the Commandments through Christ–a claim that severely undermines the notion that the Ten Commandments were always considered by Christians to be the supreme and foundational law. Others have embraced the Ten Commandments as part of the history of Christianity. Now some claim that they are the sole source of the secular law that binds everyone in secular law. Such turnarounds are not uncommon in history, but they are impossible to know if one does not know any history!

  4. Protect tax cheats, soon the repugs will try to protect bank fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering and racketeering all things trump is accused of.

    1. They already do!!!! That is why they keep passing laws that make white collar crimes OK, while making laws punishing more benign crimes (smoking pot) more harsh!!!!

  5. Wait, isn’t this one of the reasons the IRS is behind in processing 35,000,000 tax returns?

    1. The Republicans under Trump deliberately sabotaged the IRS along with the USPS. Not surprising.

    2. @Arcturion Blade

      The USPS has been an overpaid POS system for decades, government employees lol

    1. Use your anger to work to change. Vote blue, as a start. Donate, protest, contact your legislators. Apathy is a big reason why we got here

    2. @Air Marshal Bill good luck with that in the near term, maybe in the next decade or so may then we will be a better nation… don’t forget 75 million ppl voted for trump, that’s hardly insignificant

    3. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? I don’t know who that is? I didn’t support Obama btw I’m not a liberal

    4. @flamingo boot My reply was directed towards the original commenter, it even said so.

  6. If you spend time and effort on the lower problem then you don’t have any ability to get the big problem.

  7. Defunding tax police. Well of course, can’t have the aristocrats bothered by tax audits.

    1. If they could defund the GOP Police they would! The only cops that make the people more money than they cost to fund! This has to be CRUSHED in the crib! Lock them up!

    2. One way to circumvent, to rectify this issue with defunding, is for the IRS to divert their resources from the low to medium incomes, to the high income earners from the top down

    3. @Roger Jamespaul Except the wealthy can keep it tied up in courts for years, and in the meantime the revenue they would normally collect doesn’t get collected. It’s the entire basis of their strategy. They know the IRS can’t focus on them with their crippled resources, or IRS will lose the revenue to fund government. The only viable solution is to refund the IRS. Studies have proved that every dollar invested into the IRS generates something like a 400% return.

    4. @Roger Jamespaul The problem with that is that the Pubes, when in power, make all kinds of tax-dodging laws to help the rich avoid paying taxes. So technically, the wealthy not paying their fair share is in many cases perfectly “legal”.

  8. That seems like a nice side benefit for the GOP when they defunded the IRS so that they could not effectively administer ACA eligibility and subsidies.

    1. Insurance companies have figured out they need to charge more in poor cities because poor cities get the highest amount of government subsidies, so really the tax payers who live in the poorest states end up getting ripped off the most. Republican states are the poorest states and they love GOVERNMENT subsidies – I mean they love taking other people’s tax money. The republicans and some democrats allow the insurance companies to do this because they’re high dollar donors of course. The 3 biggest insurance companies make over $60 Billion in “profits” every year! The ACA really doesn’t benefit the middle class because even tho more people have health insurance hospitals just keep raising their prices to make more of a profit. The healthcare system in America is still severely flawed and infested with greed. People who have insurance still can’t afford going to the doctor, especially if they have a high deductible. Now BCBS and UHC announced they’re not covering ER visits anymore unless people have a real emergency. ER visits can cost anywhere from $1000 to over $100,000. It’s pretty sad when money becomes more important than a human life. It throws the “first do no harm” oath right out the window!!

    2. @Paula Gray It really bothers me how “health care” and health insurance have been conflated. The deregulation of health care in the 1980’s did so much harm that is still central to the issues we have today, yet since the health insurance industry has become so huge that they employ hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. That fact has been a major block to having nationalized health insurance, as well as all of the lobbying and contributions that happen both in the states themselves as well as DC. Add in to that the fact that the insurance companies have merged over and over again, 10 companies have over 50% of the total market (there are currently 35 health insurance companies according to, not quite monopolistic, but if the trend continues, it seems like it gets pretty close.

    3. @Kristen Rdesinski
      This is a trend that’s happening at every level.
      Hospital systems continue to merge with each other and gobble up doctors’ practices, which lets them charge more for the care they provide. Insurers and pharmacy benefit managers are also merging, and are now on track to bring in more revenue than the tech industry’s biggest powerhouses!!
      This goes for medical supply companies as well. And dialysis centers across America are controlled by only 2 companies!! Our healthcare system is a complete disgrace!

    4. @Paula Gray Drive thru model of health care, a person is lucky to get 10 to 15 minutes twice a year with their primary care provider. Grrrrrrr

    5. @Kristen Rdesinski absolutely. I can’t even remember when my pimary doctor actually did a complete physical. They sure charge you for a complete physical but they only listen to your heart and lungs, look at your lab results, adjust your meds if needed and then you’re out the door. See you next year!! If you see your primary for any other reason you’re referred to a specialist. By the time they actually figure out what’s wrong you could end up seeing 4-5 different specialists, and accumulating tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.

    1. ​@The Alpengeist
      Look up “Hunter biden politifact” and you’ll find two things:
      1. Yah’, he’s under investigation at least stated from an article from the 15th of December 2020 – not found anything further than that and honestly I don’t care because…
      2. There is nothing to indicate that he’s done anything illegal – being under investigation is not an indication of illegal activity

      The reason why folks presume that the investigation into Trump will provide evidence of illegal activity is for primarily for two reasons: that he has refused to publically disclose his taxes which has been the norm for … 30-40 years I believe for US presidents at this point, due to previous issues when presidents didn’t disclose it, and the second one is largely because of people like yourself crying wolf repeatedly making it impossible to have a civil discourse about anything and thus’ one has to presume that he’s up to something illegal and his tax returns will show that

      So no, you are just fundamentally wrong in your conclusion but you did get it right that Biden’s son (not Biden) has been or is under investigation even if nothing has come from it that has shown criminal activity

    2. are you aware that nobody cares about hunter but you furthermore not a public official. Lets talk about the liar and thief you support and its obvious because of your obsession with a laptop. I guess its hard to see clear when you worship a failed thieving liar with the ability to manipulate the blind and vulnerable.

    3. @The Alpengeist really, hmm I KNOW conspiracy nuts like to think so, but I also know that in reality land the FBI does NOT announce their investigations to the public.
      So your lying.
      Although I do believe he is being investigated by the IRS for tax evasion….. But that is not a real crime…DJT says its not.
      So cultist want to try again after being burned by reality?

    4. @The Alpengeist Will you lay off the G*d damned Bidens? It’s really old already. Nothing was found except nepotism which isn’t a crime. GOT IT?!
      Tell your friends.

    5. @AGENT 007 – Before you are allowed to purchase a firearm you must fill out Form 4473 and one of the questions on that form is – ” Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?
      Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized
      for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”
      Hunter LIED on that question and checked NO, That is a felony and the penalty is up to 10 years in a Federal Prison.

  9. The Rich Get Rich & The Poor Get Tasered! THE 1 police force in the country that pays for itself and the Republicans want to defund it? So why are they called the party of business.

  10. This country cannot live up to it’s golden purpose until the Republican party is dismantled and disemboweled.

  11. I’ll bet we’re losing more than one trillion a year normally, even before this nazi right attack on the IRS. Now we’re likely losing two or three trillion.

    1. @Venanzio Calise I’m just talking about what the IRS would be allowed to act on if their budget were where it should be.

    2. 59% of the Democrat vote was from welfare recipients, maybe if we audited those benefits we’d get 10 trillion back

    1. Carlson failed to mention that the majority of people who were frisked were people of color. Yet whites accounted for the highest number of offenses.

    2. First, police were tasked with slave wrangling, then came the “war on drugs”, then “stop & frisk”, all which seemed to target only ONE race…and we wonder why the police are systematically racist.

    1. It has been past time they should have been audited and run thru after 2 to see where everything went then but just started Vietnam and other wars just so they wouldn’t have to. Just stay over there and finish it instead of the Republican pull out and abandon base because I have seen this too many times already and it is a simple conflict today but in 4 or 5 years will just be another genocide or war.

    1. Haha maybe there were more wealthy because the stock market did so well when Trump was president

    2. Defund the Police were democrat party 2020 vision for the future. Msnbc is trying to confuse its viewers….. its sickening to read lies, after lies from big american news media like Msnbc & CNN.

    3. Have to understand the mindset of the republican party…
      Wealthy and very rich people will help me keep me in my seat of power by giving me $$$.
      The poor, who gives a flying _______, they can’t give us anything at all. Let’s make them the scapegoat for everything that is wrong in this country.

      Most millionaires and billionaires are republican. Because they want to keep every single penny for themselves and either by hook or by crook, they want to keep it all to themselves. They will NEVER share the wealth. That is why trickle down DOES NOT WORK. Give tax breaks to the rich and the rich just get richer while the rest of us suffer on paying the bill in the long run. Trump himself said it to his rich friends. and I quote, “I just made you all a lot richer.” by giving tax breaks to people who make millions and billions every single year.

      So the rest of the people who are sane and know the truth will do the following…

      VOTE BLUE IN ’22! Because republicans are hypocrites.

  12. Rudy: “You have to pay attention to someone urinating on the street… but not urinating in the Capitol while they try to hang the VP.”

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