1. Thankfully president Biden was so busy defecting to the Taliban that he neglected to blow up the levees.

    1. He’s not the one who openly praises them, has “great” phone discussions with their leaders, and releases 5000 of their prisoners.

    2. @Jason Greene however he is the one who gave them 85 billion worth of weapons including more appache helicopters than 85% of the worlds militaries. He is also the one who trusted them as airport sexurity who let through the suicide bombers as well as trusting them to safely get Americans to the airport in which several americans were beaten.

    3. @Jason Greene
      Trump had a prisoner exchange. Like when Obama/Biden exchanged the leader of the Taliban that took Kabul for the traitor Bergdahl.
      Trump got our guys back. Obama/ Biden traded the highest level terrorists for a worthless piece of crap nobody terrorist.

    4. @Jason Greene
      Biden abandoned 7,000 terrorists in Bagram prison for the Taliban, along with all our equipment.

    1. Shout out to Ashli Babbitt for getting SAME-DAY DELIVERY!!
      “An act of insurrection is an act of treason.” -Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, 1842
      “The punishment for treason shall be *death* “ – 15 US Code 2381

  2. Isn’t New Orleans still sinking and below sea level? How long can the city last? European here just wondering about the sustainability of the city

    1. The government of the RED-BLOOD STAIN (Republican) don’t give two cents of sustainability. You’re asking the wrong question, it should be, “When will New Orlean get their sh!t together?”.

    2. Ozzy Ruiz; people are about to die or loose everything and you’re politicizing it. What a looser you are.

  3. President Biden blew off a question about Afghanistan after offering to take questions at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington on Sunday.
    “I’m not supposed to take any questions but go ahead,” Biden told Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs.

    1. @Kevin Offutt
      “1.2 billion. So you go ahead and you stack spaghetti sauce at a store— at at at a supermarket. You control the guy or the woman that runs the run run run— brings out the carts on a onaonaona on a forklift. What happens?”
      A very confused senile Joe Biden said

    1. @Tanya Murphy For ruining america with his polices which caused border crisis and inflation, as well as abandoning americans and afghans in Afghanistan. Dereliction of duty. If u worked at a regular job and f**** up constantly u would be fired. The president isn’t above the law

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