New Orleans Will Be In The Dark For Days After Hurricane Ida 1

New Orleans Will Be In The Dark For Days After Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida has left over a million customers in Louisiana without power and officials warn it could be days before lights and air conditioners come back as temperatures soar. MSNBC's Ali Velshi joins us live from the French Quarter with the very latest.
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  1. You guys can always pack up and move to Canada at this point, the storms will only get stronger no matter how much leaves you rake.

    1. @darena12, we do have forest fires and there’s always the possibility of an earthquake or a tsunami. I’m on the west coast of Canada, close to Washington state and Oregon.

    2. problem was building and settling there in the first place because it is below sea level. I am glad though that most of the levees seem to have held… and to add to my comment, I don’t think there is anywhere on earth that is completely free of natural disasters.. it is how we respond to these disasters when they happen that makes the difference. This time, it appears that they are on the right track with this storm versus Katrina.. and we seem to always learn something new after each disaster to try to make it better for the next time it comes around.

  2. Governor Bel Edwards needs to tell the people who evacuated where they should go. Many of them do not have the financial resources for food or lodging for more than another day or two. There was one lady on a previous video who had purchased two sub sandwiches to share with her five grandchildren, and she didn’t have enough money to do that again tomorrow.

    1. you are 100% correct. This was why Katrina was such a disaster.. a lot of people just don’t have the means to stay at a hotel for an extended period of time.. I don’t know what the answer is, unless hotels open up for free during times like this.. free or at reduced rates may be some kind of plan that could help.. I know it is a nightmare to try to make it as easy on folks as can be during these storms and after.. I was shocked when I saw 157 mile per hour wind gusts.. I cannot imagine going through that and how traumatizing that must be. I think the highest we had here where I live in Texas (80 miles inland from Galveston) was probably 80 to 90 miles per hour, and THAT was scary enough.. I cannot imagine hours and hours of over 100 mile per hour winds.

    1. Changes happening to our nearest star “the sun” is what is causing weather problems here. Might want to do some research. Stop believing everything the MSM says.

    1. @Eljan Rimsa I’ve seen where they are using drones to get in and survey damage, which is good.. and that is a good idea to use drones to drop off water and supplies to people that they can’t get to right away.. really good idea there.

  3. Yet another epic failure of American infrastructure. I would feel sorry for you if the writing hadnt been on the wall for decades now.

    1. While I agree with you, I have an issue with the “I would feel sorry for you if the writing hadn’t …” like “we” the people have any say when it comes to our infrastructure. I am sure that if we could get out and manually do it ourselves, we would.. this is why we have elections.. we try to elect people who say that infrastructure is important to them and then they get into office and it does not happen, so putting the blame on the people is kind of silly, don’t you think? We can still “feel sorry” or have compassion for the human suffering that happens during and after a natural disaster.. but we should hold those officials who don’t hold up their end of the bargain accountable for their mistakes. Have a good one!

    1. I live in the south and yes.. people do.. but not a large majority… and it’s quite expensive to get them installed.. same with generators that run your entire house on natural gas.. If I had disposable income in the range of say 10 large, I would have one installed tomorrow because being without power is about one of the worst things.. especially for any length of time. We were without power for 18 days after hurricane Ike and it was miserable. I did read where someone in the vast and unpaid comment section above was without power for a couple of months.. talk about misery, especially here in the deep south when it gets to be over 100 degrees with 100% humidity.

    2. @Connie B sorry, I missed that. Just wondering. We have a government rebate scheme over here, they pay for installation and some of the costs. 18 days is epic wow. People die in the heat when there is no cooling, that sucks. Maybe talk to a representative about some sort of solar rebate scheme, I dont think many Americans will let that fly though, smells to much like socialism to them. That is what you are fighting, not politicians, stupid ideas and dumb ideologies from the American public. All i can say is good luck and hope for the best, but yeah, this will not change without some sort of input from American citizens.

    1. Blaming a hurricane on politics with Democrats in charge of America & leaving New Orleans to Rot…. many will die. And you blame freedom?

  4. Mi esposo está a loco el año pasado avía riesgo de uno categoría 4 y dijo que el se quedaba solo se se queda por que yo arranco Florida seria otra desastre si algo así llega a pasar acá que dios los proteja y que puedan recuperarse pronto de esto

  5. For profit electricity companies save money on redundancy, because it is a loss and adding nothing to their yearly profits.

  6. Man that’s exactly like what happen to us on the west side of the state last year from Cameron to Shreveport, parts of Lake Charles took 2 to 3 months or more to get power restored!

    1. and I thought I had it bad with 18 days.. it is awful being without power for that long.. I cannot imagine. I would have to try to get to a hotel or something, but usually everything around you is also without power and hotels book up real fast when that happens. It is just a nightmare and hardship all around when you have to go through a hurricane.

  7. How about putting those new lines underground, then in the next hurricane you won’t lose power. Time, lives, money and infrastructure.

    1. My thought about that would be that it would not be possible since New Orleans and surrounds are already below sea level.. so you hit water when you dig a foot down.. I don’t think it’s feasible in areas like that.. I live in the Houston area and it’s the same here. I could be way off base, but that would be my thought.

  8. How do people expect to have the grid going with the power lines demolished and transformers blown all over the place? We have to be realistic. Blessings to my homestate and those who are tasked with repairing those power lines.

    1. @Jeremy S do they have solar? The company in with in Georgia won’t invest in it. Georgia Power does though.

  9. These People need MORE HELP and NOW! How are they supposed to survive without water, food, AC/Fans, etc, for more than just a day! Yes, even if they HAD all that to begin with – for longer, who says any of it survived the Hurricane!!

  10. This what happen when people believe in small government. Don’t want federal help then you get what you get. Down South the infrastructure is beyond a disgrace. That why I rather pay little more for better living in the north or west coast.

  11. Most are looking at about 6 mos to a year to get back to normalcy. The power company should have invested money into towers, lines etc etc etc!!!! They really let their poor customers down.

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