1. I just hope we can pay one fee for Discovery, HBO, etc. etc. This streaming stuff is cable all over again, might be even more expensive. Studios/companies holding their shows for their own services, so if you don’t wanna pirate, you gotta pay up.

    1. You’re so right. I saw this coming a decade ago. I knew eventually each service would be bundled, and that they’d strategically place popular content around on each service such that you have to buy them all to watch your favorite things and end up paying the same price or more overall. And with the pandemic. Nothing new is being made to attract attention. Therefore content isn’t being traded around between services either because the companies need to hold what draws views.

    2. Paramount Plus is the worst. They actually removed regular cbs shows that had been ‘free’ for years to a paid subscription.

    1. @lantrick Tubi is free. It has every thing. I got Apple+ free for three months. It had few interesting content. I cancelled early.

    2. Do you live next to a hot spot? Are you leeching internet off your neighbors? Everything cost something… I don’t have cable, I pay for internet and use rabbit ears for local news… if a show comes out my wife wants to watch we will subscribe to a streaming service then cancel once the show is over…

    3. I don’t mind paying for a few of them as long as the quality is there. I’m not broke like that.

  2. what was bad is that u can’t even watch regular CNN shows in a paid service. it was horribly planned

    1. @S.A. they spent so much on the service and hired hundreds to manage it. They got a net loss in one month

    1. @Ganiscol not really son. I watched little Brian Stelter and the others point out other streaming apps as a comparison and try to put it on their new parent company to why they failed in 21 days. did you actually watch?

    1. @common sense You are trying to act like Nielsen ratings mean anything in 2022. What you are really saying is that CNN’s audience uses television less.

  3. 3:13 “Huge names with huge followings”


    Lmao the delusion of these people is hilarious 😂😂

  4. Correction: CNN+ shutdown due to poor performance. You had less than 10,000 viewers a day ffs.

  5. Put it this way if you had to pay for CNN it would be done also. Most cable companies dont supply Fox if you want it you have to pay for it but they are the Highest rated cable news network. Just goes to show talent and truth brings the viewers.

  6. Jeez I can only imagine how terrible and politically oriented any of their original shows would’ve been.

    1. Liberal media, conservative media, don’t criticize one if you don’t criticize the other. Jus’ sayin’.

  7. Who couldn’t see this coming from 100 miles away?
    No one watches them for the cost of cable or internet… why pay extra to not watch?
    ABSURD 🙄🙄🙄

  8. “… with our panel of experts…” is exactly when I scroll on. I wish we could get ride of this format. CNN and the other major news networks have just become ‘Panels of experts’ giving their opinions on crap with no accountability or follow up.

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