New report says antisemitic incidents in US hit record high in 2022

A new report from the ADL shows says nearly 3700 antisemitic incidents occurred in the US last year, hitting a record high since the organization began recording in 1979.
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  1. Sounds like the far-Right is making progress to return back to that “era of greatness” in America.

  2. Literally anyone can say they were discriminated against. That “data collection” is insanely flawed.

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira
      Trump is high brow? Have you seen the commercial when he felt up rudi Giuliani while he was in drag, against Giulianis girl personsas will? I mean… That’s literally low brow material.

  3. I’m sure that I will be laughed at, ridiculed, but I’ve had enough. It’s up to us, all of which are of sound mind and intelligence to combat these misled, confused individuals that attach themselves to these groups and ideologies. We can not let down our guard nor think that it doesn’t happen around us. As true Americans, let’s make it known that this behavior is unacceptable and that they will suffer the consequences allowable by the law. We can’t keep turning a blind eye or deaf ear to this disgusting trend that has reared its ugly head again beginning in 2016.

    1. ​@T. R. Campbell and how about Jared 2 billion from the Saudis, and Ivanka Chinese trade marks.

  4. Despite what some choose to believe, I find the number of incidents to be accurate. It’s actually lower than I expected it to be given that we have elected officials who use Twitter and Their Podcasts to encourage their audience to engage in violence.

  5. The fact Greenblatt has so much power, the ability to shape public discourse despite being a complete nobody is so telling.

    1. @lindsey lefroisBecause the ADL has massive influence not only on social media but within Law Enforcement.

  6. Yeah… every church that actually believes in Christianity should preach that dogma not preaching the division, or supremacy, of any particular religion.

  7. Whether you like it or not, life is going to knock you down, people are going to hurt you, things are going to go wrong. You have to have some strong reasons for why you must do this and keep pushing forward. Remember who you’re doing it for. Remember what it will do for you. Remember what it will do for the world. If you know the why for living, you can endure almost any how. Find that why that will make you not let go, no matter the obstacles.

    1. Of course it does. The “poor widdle people with no power” will make sure that tidbit never hits the airwaves because none of this is about actually stopping the crimes from happening, it’s about punishing their perceived enemies.

  8. From adults and then what is happening is they’re training and listening to adults and then Trump with his doing his escalated then you get leaders agreeing with this stuff and being children and teens are picking up on it and until they do what’s right you going to continue to see this happen and the leaders in adults in those disposed to be up there if they don’t reconciling get this right going to continue to happen

  9. Mr. Greenblatt identifies legitimate concerns, but is also at points very disingenuous. He would try to suppress criticism of Israel by labeling it “antisemitic.” It’s ironic that he would make these comments at a time when Israel is facing massive protests by reason of Netanyahu’s attempt to eliminate the independent judiciary. 6:00 6:42.

  10. Personally I don’t give a ++++ what religion or colour someone is , never have and never will . Live and let live is what I believe ! We are all human with our own thoughts and feelings no matter where in the world we are born , we don’t choose what country we are born in or the religion our parents are . My kids have always been given the right to choose their own religion and belief system but at the same time they have been taught that religion and race don’t matter if they think that person is good .

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  12. These are acts of insecure and fearful individuals who want to kick down on other’s to make themselves feel a sense of worth. Says more about them then their victims.

  13. Hopefully 2023 will be much calmer…but I do see problems with kids now that the adults have calmed down…. focus on the children now they are not well mentally

  14. Even the current vp said on tv that we pretty much had to let the ‘summer of love’ people do what they wanted and we just have to accept it. Amazing.

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