New Report Sounds Alarm Over Children's Learning Loss Amid Pandemic 1

New Report Sounds Alarm Over Children’s Learning Loss Amid Pandemic


A new report out reveals that virtually all children fell behind in reading and math learning over the course of the pandemic, with some students disproportionately affected. NWEA senior research scientist, Karyn Lewis, and Harlem Children's Zone President Geoffrey Canada joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the causes and possible solutions to the issue. "We really have a problem on our hands," Lewis says.

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New Report Sounds Alarm Over Children's Learning Loss Amid Pandemic


    1. An experimental vaccine where the manufacturer won’t back their own drug and you have to sign a waiver. For kids with a99.9% survival rate. I think we can wait until it’s approved and not under an emergency act.

    2. @Ryan Boehm wow you must be an experienced scientist with that advice. Anymore health tips? 🐽

    3. @Deborah Freedman “safely” because anyone reporting side effects is removed from social media for “misinformation”

    4. @kulik03 I got my account suspended for asking about s p i k e proteins half a year ago. It’s outrageous that even asking a question could get you banned, but this pandemic has really shown what the left is all about- control. And I’m saying that as someone who got vaccinated! I’m just not sure if it’s appropriate for everyone including kids. Hopefully I won’t get my account closed for saying this

  1. Knock knock who’s there hey it’s flu & pneumonia
    Just sending you a friendly reminder we’ll be returning this fall 2021😉

  2. American parents should have been worried decades ago. According to Business Insider report in 2018, the US education ranking was 38th in math scores and 24th in science.

    This didn’t just happen, the educational system has been going downhill for a very long time.

    1. Might be why we have 74 million Americans who lack basic character judgement skills and can’t distinguish a fact from an opinion.

  3. wonder why people think it takes being a parent to see from what really matters, the kids perspective.

  4. I would rather Keep my Child Alive. 🤷‍♀️

    Some Pro-Life People Consider having
    Children at Home a Burden. 😏

    1. Yet you never cried like this before the Wuhan with the Flu season, which by the way, kills MORE KIDS than Wuhan by a huge number. Not even close.

    2. @Wisconsin Man If everyone was vaccinated and adults took the measures necessary to stop the pandemic, we could go back to full in-person learning.

    3. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid Hmmm maybe you should look yuo what justifies a Pandemic. Then, if you had any common sense, you’d ask why is it that 9,000 plus people have died from the jab, look that up on VAERS, and say, who TF would get a shot. Then compare the deaths in 6 months of the Wuhan jab and the past 30 years of ALL Vax jabs and ask, why TF is the wuhan jab more than all of them combined. More kids die from the FLU every season by a lot, than what Wuhan has taken. Also 78 years old, average age. Then ask yourself how is it the Flu can disappear, a whopping 2,000 cases this past flu season, year before, 38,000,000

    4. @Wisconsin Man If I was smart, I’d ask myself “how do we end Covid-19?” Answer: GET VACCINATED. That’s how you end disease outbreaks. You make vaccines and then vaccinate the population. You don’t ask questions based on propaganda and come up with un-scientific hypotheses on why you should keep spreading a new disease.

      If you weren’t a disinformation troll, you’d agree. In fact, I know you agree with me, but you can’t say it on social media. When you log out, you’re just like me. You’re vaccinated and you do whatever it takes to protect your loved ones. I would bet all my money on it.

    1. @Now Now Also a fact that needs to be repeated: “Some people only care about the color of the child’s skin … before and after birth.”

    2. @Now Now No, some of us care what is or is not between an infant’s legs and whether the infant identifies as male or female. It’s never to early to have these discussions people!

  5. Why not add “Before and After School Program and annual Summer School courses THE MAKEUP AND SUPPORT FOR PANDEMIC YEAR AGES K-12”

  6. My wife and I had the same worries. So we picked up the slack and took care of it ourselves, as good parents should.

    1. Actually having common sense and putting in the effort is the thing to do. Hope you are fully vaccinated, wearing masks and social distancing, Just as you pulled together so should we all!

    2. @Ryan Boehm Life as you know is not even, never had been and never will be, nor is it during the Pandemic. The best you can do, if common sense is available to you, is wear masks, social distance and get fully vaccinated. You are already ahead of so many. In poor countries only about 1.1% is fully vaccinated, and although rich coutries have promised to donate vaccines to that part of the world they wont get them until 2023. So this Pandemic is going to be on our home planet for years to come. I would image children in poorer families in the western world are actually more self reliant than those who have money. The best a parent or parents can do is encourage children to learn, use what is available to them, such as the public library, do their best to read and write. If you can read and write you are literate and you can teach yourself anything. More than what is available to many including in the US. Complaining gets nowhere and goverments are in capable of doing everything. This is the world we live in now and for the foreseeable future. If we survive viruses, variants, climate change, life will be a lot different for all!

    3. You know how you tell the difference between good parents and bad parents. Good parents make what sacrifices are neccessary and don’t make excuses.

  7. We need significantly more teachers as well. Back when I was teaching, a typical class I managed was 30 children in a classroom designed for 15-20. Students learn best when they can move around, yet in a classroom that packed, just letting one go to the restroom was like solving one of those sliding piece puzzles, in real time, while continuing to teach.

  8. That’s strange, mine are home schooled and are doing better than average. Actually they’re doing better than they’re supposed to 😁

  9. When I went to school in 50-60’s we had to read 5 books every summer and write a report then be checked by teacher. Reading is key to many things. Learning about life, focus, escape to another place when need to and intelligence but reading is no longer required in classrooms with calculators and cell phones. Learning critical thinking or how to be human is not even on the agenda. It is a mess bc parents are mess with everyone have to work or expectations they always be busy with sports or…in families that can afford it. The family is not at home so of course the society is lost. Money first in america the people are last. Living children the conservatives are not interested in.

  10. Our leaders and the system screwed up, big time.
    This whole Nation is being destroyed by leaders that don’t know and don’t care about doing the right things for the children and all of us.

  11. Just confirmation of a poor system. Demonstrates that remote learning is NOT AVAILABLE to many households and parents are NOT able to adequately teach.

  12. No sh__ Sherlocks.
    If you didn’t know this after the last 3 months of the school year in 20’ you’re a complete and utter failure as a parent.

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