1. “Some people did something.” – Omar on 9/11

      Easy to look both sides look bad when you take out random quote and don’t give the context.

    1. YES!! He killed a CAREER CRIMINAL!! I bet the families of the victims of Mr. Floyd are sleeping better!! I bet Mr. Floyd’s drug dealer is sad for his loss in business too! FACT: Criminals/Gang Members are killed EVERY DAY yet Liberals DO NOT CARE ONE BIT about them!! They ONLY care about the ONE that is killed by Police AND then they DO NOT CARE whether it was justified or not! FACT: A career criminal could be mowing down dozens of Police with an actual automatic weapon and Liberals would start rioting, looting & burning IF the criminal was a black man and the Police shot him!!

  1. Judge: “But wait, there’s more!….come to find out, this guy was a cop! Throw away the key!”

    1. @Mr. S Chauvin lawyers have plenty for appeal, Derek Chauvin has nothing; bottom line is they will spend more money to go nowhere.

      Even if he gets a new trial he won’t be out on bond during that time. The district attorney will will retry the case for as many years as it takes to get the conviction that obvious.

      The sentence starts from it’s start date not from the date that he first got arrested or first convicted and so on set a longer he drags it out the longer he stays in the system.

    2. @Truck Taxi there’s this thing called “time served”…I don’t care about this guy, but any time spent in jail before sentencing is subtracted from the time sentenced.

    3. Too many cops in the comments! Y’all just sit back and watch them make a example out of that murderer! F@@@ him.

    4. @En Sabah Nur no apology needed my friend
      The horrible racist people in these feeds can be exhausting

  2. He could potentially get “ONLY 30 years”? This guy’s grasp of time is different than mine lol

    1. AxelSpott he didn’t have his knee on his neck it was on his shoulder blade also ya he died from a lack of oxygen caused by a drug overdose that kills because it stops someone from being able to breathe

    2. I think the defense made a huge mistake and missed an opportunity in
      this trial. They rested too early. They also made several mistakes during
      jury selection. Will appeals be accepted? Will there be a new trial? I
      posted in length what I think on my home page video. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

    3. @C. Vasquez you can suffocate from someone pinning you down and preventing your lungs from expanding, but whatever, keep bootlicking I guess🤷‍♀️

    1. Hey genius lawyer. He has been convicted but not sentenced yet. That is what this is about, what his sentence should be.
      Don’t use legal terms you don’t understand. It makes you look ignorant, not smart.

    1. Innocent people don’t choose to not take the stand in a trial LMFAO. Hes guilty, a liar and a giant pus like his 🐀 lawyer.

    1. @OlderG0ds I am so sick of this racism you people spew out on a daily basis these days!! I am 60yrs old and grew up in the 70s. I was called a racist for the first time in my life because I don’t believe in the Floyd case!! That man in the video that I saw was fighting getting into the cops car!! Why didn’t he just do what he was told? I know why!! Because he was f up on fentanyl and he knew he would be orange jumpsuit!! In Jail that means you have to detox and he knew it since he had been in jail millions times before

    2. @Jenna Puhl yes I’m saying all this is basically cries of fake racism. Ever since ohhh.. 2008 the victim crap has taken over.

    1. In the beginning before the trial he was looking at it much further away now after the trial it’s much closer

      Let the federal trial begin to be followed by civil trials

    1. Good we don’t need more cops honestly. We need way less cops especially in places where there is not violent crimes. Cops there just like to pull people over and give them petty tickets for no reason glad there defunding them now finally.

    2. Nickoli Stef you say that but hate to break it to you if someone isn’t there to keep the law than you are going to have people like the triple k move in to keep it and you don’t want them doing it

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