Biden Hopes For ‘Compromise’ In Meeting With Congressional Leaders

Before meeting with congressional leaders on infrastructure, President Joe Biden said that he was hoping to find a "compromise" between Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Republicans Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell to put a plan forward for the American people.

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Biden Hopes For 'Compromise' In Meeting With Congressional Leaders


  1. Obama reached out to Republicans and they bit his hand. Mitch McConnell has vowed to stop Biden’s agendas.

  2. Considerin biden gave the gop a chance to create their own infastructure plan, im just waitin here with a tub of popcorn for the line notebook paper essay the reps drafted that would make a 1st graders F grade essay look like a masterpiece

    1. @Mine Finder cool story but republicans spent Trump’s entire term pushing through their partisan agenda and you didn’t have a problem with that. What comes around goes around and I don’t blame Dems one bit for doing republicans the same way.

    2. @Matt O
      Don’t worry, your commie party will never take the Whitehouse again, after tearing America down the way they have in the last four months. And this time we’re ready to counter the massive fraud that big tech perpetrated on this country in 2020.

    3. @ChannelSurfer 2020
      Good, YOU pay for it then. Your commie backed buddy Joe Biden is bankrupting America, and the hyperinflation he’s causing is already evident. So are the incredibly weak job numbers, massive open borders, crime through the roof in every major city and the weakest leader this nation has ever known.

    4. @Mine Finder no, I’d rather Bezos, Zuckerburg and The Koch Brothers paid for it in the taxes they should have been paying for decades.

    5. @ChannelSurfer 2020
      Good luck with that. They’re all far left wing and pay next to nothing in taxes, thanks to the tax loopholes Hillary Clinton created as a Senator.

    SERGEANT Robert Justin alford green where is my daughters karee and Jahmela and their 7 children and what have you done to them.

  4. It’s not gonna happen, Joe. Wake up and smell the 100% commitment to stopping your agenda.

    1. @Ratheka Strombjorne Do you see the value in making the effort though? And what if a dozen Republicans end up following Liz Cheney and compromise with Biden? That’s all it would take to break the deadlock. This is about hearts and minds…and the situation is still fluid.

    2. @John Cahill I see *potential* value, but also a low probability that it manifests. How long should he chase that value for? Because the clock is ticking; if the current crop of voting laws and disenfranchisement is allowed to stand America is hard to not call dead walking.

    3. @John Cahill nah, joe is spending like no other abs inflation is already here abs more to come. Joe is 🗑

  5. Wow, imagine that. Ball is in the Republicans court. I hope they find some common ground. The people really need a win right now

    1. @Jj Smith Its easy to hide behind computers/phones ect. and lob insults behind your safe desk. I rarely find anyone that would just loosely insult a perfect stranger. Good luck 👍

    1. 🚫Incompetent Joe Biden stock market tanking like the Titanic. Sell and get out of the Market now 👎🏾

  6. Before anyone’s goes off on me, I think this is important to do to show two things , 1) to show Manchin he’s making an effort for bipartisanship 2) the moderate Americans that he’s trying to commit to bipartisanship

    1. But the problem is, Republicans refuse to work with President Biden, so bipartisanship is impossible.

    2. @J like the dems that worked with Trump? It’s all theater. They’re all one party. Mostly millionaires that have no clue

  7. McCarthy and McConnell looks sick af looking at 4 dems 🤣🤣. Thinking what were we thinking allowing Trump to represent us and we can’t even get ourselves together

    1. He isn’t in control and everyone knows it. That’s why they rigged him into office, he is just a puppet.

    1. @Louie Ruiz What does that have to do with it? If you can’t take it no more off yourself.

    2. I’M half black from the waist down …now you take that! BTW did you mean Biden myself off?

  8. My God, somebody please remove this administration, people are dying in multiple countries because of this administrations deplorable policies

    1. WTF are you blabbering about! Biden knows where New Mexico is, our Govener was a candidate for VP!💚🙌

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