Inflation Could Be A ‘Political Nightmare’ For Biden White House

The Consumer Price Index rose 4.2% in April over its level a year ago, growing at the fastest pace in more than 12 years. NBC's Shannon Pettypiece and Washington Post Economic Policy Reporter Damian Paletta break down what the news means for the Biden administration. Paletta tells Stephanie Ruhle that continuous inflation could be a "political nightmare" for the White House.

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Inflation Could Be A 'Political Nightmare' For Biden White House


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  2. Sure it could be, but there is no inflation. But if you want to know when salaries were at their highest relative to CPI, it was 1972.

    1. Hey, being a presstitute ain’t easy, no such thing as free lunch.
      PS The only free lunch is the one that’s undesirable, just ask Kamala what she had to swallow in order to advance.

  3. It’s only logical to have prices raising because we are a debt based economy, and inflation is the natural way to monetize the debt.

    1. @YouTube Moderator <--- 2 week old tRoll account with over 260 comments on "this" channel alone.

    2. It depends. Most rich hedge fund managers are shorting the stock markets and going long on commodities futures. So they are getting much richer by the hour. On the other hand rich corporate owners, CEOs, and mutual funds are losing wealth.

  4. They have been printing money for a year, so my brokerage accounts are inflated where 10 or 20% increase in every day prices would not bother me.

  5. Last year I noted food prices jumped in my area, produce and meat particularly. I expect that when prices at the grocery store go up they don’t go down.

    1. 🚫Incompetent Joe Biden stock market tanking like the Titanic. Sell and get out of the Market now 👎🏾

    2. @Mike Duncan – 🚫Incompetent Joe Biden stock market tanking like the Titanic. Sell and get out of the Market now 👎🏾

    3. @David R. Stone I just moved the last of my trad IRA into a ROTH, and I am reaping the benefits of jumpers like you, picking up bargains. THANKS.

    4. @David R. Stone Also the commodities futures are sky rocketing. Which means higher prices for basically everything.

  6. lets stop buying stuff for a minute in time. try going 3 days without buying anything you dont need, actually need, when that mentality starts to show business that they are not as needed as they think, prices im thinking will drop back to a reasonable rates. try using and being happy with what you have for a bit of time. if you take the time to think about it, most people actually use about 20 percent of all the stuff they have, even in houses you will find that 90 percent of your time is spent in about 3 rooms, usually a very small area compared to the size of the house. plus saving the extra money is always good for a family trip or something you have always wanted to experience.

    1. Learn about what inflation is and how printing money inflates the dollar. Look at the dollar index right now and see how it is going downhill ever since Biden took office.

  7. The pandemic. The Texas cold snap. The pipeline hack. One problem after another this past year.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 Dumb trump never had a plan / GTFOH-trolling the reply section with that BS

  8. Who would have thought that taking trillions of dollars in borrowed money from China would cause hyperinflation?

  9. Listen dude don’t gas prices go up every spring & summer, please stop trying to hype things up

  10. Like how there was zero mention of printing trillions of dollars and that effect on inflation.

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