New video deepens mystery behind former Chinese leader’s forced exit

New video from CNA shows the moments leading up to the forced exit of China's former top leader, Hu Jintao, at the closing ceremony of the Chinese Communist Party's 20th National Congress in Beijing. CNN's Selina Wang has more.

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    1. Fell, jumped, or thrown, lets not get caught up in the details.
      Hes dead now, let’s move on.
      – Chinese Administration (probably)

    2. Doubt it. It doesn’t appear to be premeditated. If they wanted to make a point they wouldn’t be scrubbing it from Chinese internet. Hu is old and demented and his “faction” of the CCP was being voted out and he was probably prone to make an outburst or object to his protege being removed from the politburo.

  1. It’s a mass humiliation. The hall full of cowards is the scariest thing about this video. It’s like that moment in February when Putin humiliated Sergei Naryshkin in public and everyone present stared stonily ahead.

    1. The way y’all describe CCP as this monster, I can’t blame them for being cowards. Is easy for people to talk about bravery until they in another’s shoe.

    2. Why you don’t believe he’s not feeling well? Why do you believe what CNN say and not what the Chinese are saying? What did the Chinese do to you directly? I bet you are typing this on a Chinese-made computer, probably can’t afford one if it was made in the US,

    3. You really should read more to broaden your knowledge on this topic. Don’t comment on something you have litetarally 0 knowledge about. Do you even know what is CCP and how it works?

    4. @manny mo What a nonsense…you know 1 million people are in re-education camps..that is China today.. Oerigoeren are mistreated…so the leadership are autocratrics who want to keep power.

  2. Reminds me of the 1946 Hitchcock film, “Notorious,” when Emil made a fuss. He mistakenly thought the wine bottles being served for dinner were the same ones hiding uranium samples. After this incident, Sebastian and the Nazis discussed calmly how to get rid of Emil, as he was too much of a liability, and then he was never seen again.

    1. @Heather You do know Jesus was speaking to the pharisees when he said that, right? Was the Kingdom in their hearts? They sought to kill him because of his teachings. He also called them “offspring of vipers.” They certainly didn’t have the Kingdom in their hearts.

      Or was he actually showing them, as the representative of God’s Kingdom, it was right in front of them?
      If you’d like to discuss these points my email address is on my profile.

    2. @Brian Kliewer Yes, all the “good works” following the Old Testament the Pharisees were doing were like dirty rags to God. That was the wrong way. The true way is inward. I believe Jesus had to come down to help humans overcome religious hurdles and find their inner keys. 🔑 Following any religion rigidly without doing the inner work is not the answer. It’s not about works but finding your inner key, and faith is part of that. Many will think they did things for God and wonder why they didn’t make it. Your body is a Temple.

    3. @Heather   It’s not about “works’ I agree. But as for “works”? James 2:17 “So, too, faith by itself, without works, is dead.”

      Here’s a question. Do you believe you are “saved”? Matthew 24:13 shows “the one who has endured to the end will be saved.” My belief is that Christians are in line for it but that it’s not a “lock” just because one believes. The Bible also points out that “the demons believe and shudder.”

      Further, Jude used the Israelites as an example for “the called ones”. His letter is addressed “to the called ones” at Jude 1. But in verse 5 he reminds them of the Israelites who did not remain loyal. Why would he consider them as relevant to “the called ones ” if they were saved before going to heaven? How could their example be relevant if their salvation was guaranteed?

      Send me an email if you want to continue.

      2nd Timothy 2:23-26

      Have a good day.

    4. @BorvoI’m sure Trump would call this humiliating move: GENIUS! Trump is a wannabe Dictator, most of the Republican party have looked the other way on is atrocities!! Today’s Republican party has NO SPINE they are CLOWNS. Sad our country’s fate can be in their hands.I HOPE THE DAY COMES WHERE WE GET OUT OF THIS HATRED CYCLE

  3. Look at how all of his “friends” all of a sudden turned their backs on him, pretending they’d never met before and that they didn’t even know him.

    So much for their lauded “respect for the elderly”.

    1. @Borvo don’t forget Scott Goulet and China uncensored salty cracker and professor Steve turley

    2. what are you taoking about?
      that man is RETIRED SINCE 2012!!!!! he has no power and no repercussion. I5 is a mere honor for him to be there sitting beside Xi. That man has dementia and will be his last Congress, his braian might be completely off for the next Congress in 5 years

  4. my guess is that Xi promised that some of Hu’s faction (Tuanpai aka Youth League Faction) is still going to be in the standing committee, but in reality they’re not. If Hu reads the new list, he would cast a protest vote. Not that it matters because everyone else will vote to approve the new members, but a former president abstaining or protesting looks terrible on Xi. So he removed him.

    1. @manny mo Yes, china is becoming a rich powerhouse, that has not lived up to its obligations in Africa, that is trying to steal international waters, that is not sure whether or not to support a guy threatening nuclear war, that has a MAJOR economic collapse going on with its housing sector. Yes OOO so winning…like a trump winning (which really means losing bud, just to be clear)

    2. @manny mo yes and you sound like a person who cannot argue their point and just resorts to attacking the person with insults and name calling. That is btw a ad hominem and an auto loss because of the lack of logic 🙂

    3. @Dale Hartley You consider you WON.
      This was about what is credible.
      You believed it was about “appearances” and somehow thought that Xi would allow someone to sit beside him that would spoil the one of the most stage managed political event that ever occurs.
      In the vernacular, none of your ideas fly. Because if the Party (not Xi) thought Hu would spoil the optics then Hu would have been managed out of the picture.
      It’s not my role to convince anyone that this is what happens because in Chinese politics it is known.
      Western media can spin whatever they want, and because it involves China it will be a negative.
      The sheer ignorance surrounding western coverage of Hu’s “senior moment” – as an astute ABC China watcher called it – remains palpable.

  5. He was trying to look at the paper because it contained the names of those who would be voted in the party,. Previously he asked to have a couple of his own people nominated. This was not done and basically all of his people are now not part of the power structure.

    This was discussed in social media in China but the censors have been removing any mention of it. This was a way to show who is in charge and to eliminate one of the 3 power factions in the party….. If he was really sick or had serious issues he would not have been sitting there at all. This is straight out of a Sadam or Mafia movie.

    1. He is RETIRED SINCE 2012, he had no reason to be there and seated beside Xi. That man has dementia and he had to be accompanied in by that same man up to his seat, and even Xi had to tell him when to sit down.
      So what Chinese media did you check? which apps do you use? 你懂汉语吗?

    2. @TT BOY Jiang Zemin & Hu Jitao are more progressive leaders. I heard Jiang was detained last year and could not attend the Meeting this year. Now Hu. So Xi won it all.

    3. @Hai Le Quang It looks like Xi won but he is playing a dangerous game. If it looks like China is going backwards he will blamed.

      Also he cannot just invade Taiwan. Its the most difficult country to invade by sea. He will be fighting US forces which is something the Chinese military has not faced. China hasn’t really had a war in a long time.

      Jiang is waiting for any screw up 🙂 …

    4. @TT BOY How old is Jiang? 100? People have been predicting China collapse for over as long as I remember: corruption, finance system, real estate market etc…
      But they’re still there. Probably at some points, we may realize that some fundamental ideas of free society are not always true, as we learn at school.

    5. @Hai Le Quang lol ya he’s a vampire… China won’t collapse but they’re a net importer for Energy /Food. They cannot manufacture complex chip designs and they have a huge issue with a declining population..

      They’re not going anywhere but it seems this is the peak

  6. It’s obvious that it was force! We should stop acting like “there could have been another reason”…. It’s ridiculous!

    1. Its china mate if this was Russia there would be no excuses made there’s a favouritism of communist regimes.

  7. It seems a plausible theory, that Hu, being a critic of Xi’s politics, was safely taken out before he could dare to vote against the change in the constitution. At the same time it is a presentation of power of Xi and possibly a warning to all other members of the party to not oppose Xi. The resolution was afterwards accepted unanimously…

    1. Hu wasn’t a critic of Xi’s politics, but of his naked disregard for the rules. The Chinese were worried about a tyrant permanently enthroning himself, so their laws limited a leader to two terms. After two terms, Hu would have loved a third, but obeyed the rules, and let another rule. Xi has just made himself the dear leader for life.

  8. It’s not true. Lots of Chinese mainland people actually know it especially for those educated ones who mostly feel enraged on Xi’s unappreciated and betrayed moves to this respective former leader as a power-successor benificiary after Hu decently withdrew all his power 10 yr ago when Xi initially took over the power center.

  9. That document he was trying too get a peek at was just his death certificate. It said something about having “heart problems” caused by a bullet.

  10. Given the circumstances, the guy was very dignified. It’s not like he stole the papers on the way out to a resort in Florida.

    1. @ra5928 saying the Republicans that stormed the capital rep all Republicans is like me saying because a blllk man robbed 711 all blklls are robbers .

    2. @George W Bush Center for Intelligence – More than 60% of all republi-kkk-ans believe the election was stolen. The other 30%+ will vote with them because they put party before country. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. If you don’t know that, your head is in the sand and your ears are plugged with that sand.

    3. @ArksareimRoaCriaserMironzesiam Hitler died in Houston Texas in a military hospital in 1954 . His death was witnessed by the president of the United States and the ambassador for the grey aliens along with Ms Brill and Henry Kissinger.

  11. It is said by Guo Wen Gui that Hu’s family, including his wife, son and daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, grand children, and all staff members were immediately taken to detention. Hu or Hu’s family members may come out occasionally (with a gun pointed at him probably) to show that he is ok, but he will be probably silenced till death. A chilling result, just like the tennis player Peng Shuai, who will only be forced to come out to show that she is ok (for propaganda) but not really ok.

  12. The paper contained the names of people to be voted into official positions. The old man objected to the list especially because his son was not on it. The vote was supposed to be pro forma, so they didn’t want the old man to make any objections.

  13. This is what an autocratic society does it carefully but forcefully removes all doubters from its presence.

  14. Saying someone is “looking confused” is often used to insinuate mental incompetence in older people, but being confused by such a brazen, abrupt, and unexplained removal from an important event IS the appropriate response to the situation.

    1. Age comes to us all he looks very confused. Normal dementia in old age.
      This is media drama 🎭 creation to make news from a respected old man.

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