New York AG: Investigation Found Gov. Cuomo 'Sexually Harassed Multiple Women' 1

New York AG: Investigation Found Gov. Cuomo ‘Sexually Harassed Multiple Women’

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that her department's investigation of allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo found that he "sexually harassed multiple women." 

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New York AG: Investigation Found Gov. Cuomo 'Sexually Harassed Multiple Women'


    1. @Jesse Watters Actually, he had a prosecutor who would have covered up his son’s wrongdoings fired.

    2. @MsE Hruz A sure positive test result for TDS.
      Unfortunately, there’s no cure. Sorry dude, we know your hurting inside.

    1. @Winston Smith There’s a difference sheep, they have Trump’s DNA on a dress that can prove he sexually assaulted a writer, a woman by the name of E. Jean Carroll. They don’t have Biden’s DNA on Tara.

      Trump has a lawsuit pending against him for defamation by the writer. Biden doesn’t.

      The writer suing Trump has asked the courts to have Trump provide a DNA sample to determine whether his genetic material is a genetic match for the DNA that is on her dress she had on the time of the incident. Tara did not ask the courts to have Biden provide a DNA sample that’s because she had no evidence to determine whether Biden assaulted the woman. Don’t be like this fool @mike briganti  Think for yourself

    2. @Polly Mars I’m not Trump supporter you sheep. I KNOW Trump is a monster and I know what he did to women. I also know how msnbc treated Ms Reade. They first accused her of being a republican (like what you did to me). Then they asked why she didn’t come forward sooner (well, why didn’t Harvey W e in st eins accusers come forward). msnbc does was it always does- it smears. Anyone who brought up Ta ra R e a de was accused of engaging in Russian misinformation and sheep like you just gobbled it up. Have a nice day sheep

    3. @Winston Smith
      “I’m not Trump supporter you sheep”

      Or good at grammar. It’s I am not a* Trump supporter. Go back to school sheep!

      “I KNOW Trump is a monster and I know what he did to women.”

      And do you also know your English is horrible?

      “I also know how msnbc treated Ms Reade.”

      Who cares. Fox News just used her but I don’t see you whining about it snowflake. And it’s Reid.

      “The first accused her of being a republican (like what you did to me). Then they asked why she didn’t come forward sooner (well, why didn’t Harvey W e in st eins accusers come forward).”

      Okay, and? They are a bias just as republicans. That I know. Again, do you complain when republicans do it? Or do you just baaaaa when someone calls you a sheep?

      “msnbc does was it always does- it smears.”


      “Anyone who brought up Ta ra R e a de was accused of engaging in Russian misinformation and sheep like you just gobbled it up.”

      I didn’t accuse her of being a Russian, you sheep. But I’ll have a nice day while you kick rocks and bang your head on a tree

    4. @Polly Mars Surprisingly my comment stayed up. My lack of intelligence, my bad spelling, and my lack of education should not be relevant. You have just shown the world the kind of person you are. If someone brings up a topic you don’t like, you go at them with both barrels. That’s what is called the Ta ra R e ad e treatment! If a woman gets attacked in the street, I bet you’re the kind of person who asks what she was wearing. Have a nice day

  1. Alright the evidence are in , time to remove him . GJ Madame AG! Hopefully one day you run for Governor , we need more independent ppl like you in Albany

    1. She’s a Democrat, not independent. She just held true to her oath to the constitution instead of her political party. Republicans should take notes…

    1. @Censorship Is real We aren’t deselecting, just pointing out facts. I don’t think Trump is guilty unless they investigate and prove it, but many of the claims are likely legit and some are likely lies. That does not mean it should be swept under the rug.

    2. @Kory Mulanax He cannot. I even called for him to resign and think he should be impeached now. Schumer and Gillibrand wanted him gone in March.

    3. @Jeff Sanders Stormy never alleged harassment, she just said he slept with her and then threatened her if she revealed he had slept with her.

    4. @Ethan Weeter then give me some names of people who Trump sexually harassed if it’s such a cut and dry case

  2. This has to stop. Any person who is treated like this deserves justice. It’s all about power and fearful insecure people with power who are afraid of losing it.

    1. @Sarah Petty Hey Sarah.. just like you said… the Tube Cops Hide your replies to them… Facts always Trigger them so they have to hide your comments…

    2. @Jesse Watters I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Democrats community to our society. I love driving down there streets and seeing the American flag waving so proudly in every yard. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighborhoods family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.  You can witness this by their strict adherence to our local and Federal laws. Their commitment to academic excellence en-riches our schools and services as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as people.  Just watching their Special kind of Science change our society is simply amazing. I mean,who ever thought there are 187 Genders? Real estate values are fueled by the mix of Democrat Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of all they have achieve through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creativity drive, we would undoubtedly be poorer as a nation.

      Well,except for the Mass Shootings,The Racist, Lawless,Violence, Junkies. Self Entitled, Christian Hating, Antifa, Loving, Police Hating, Pedophile Loving, Hating, Abortion Loving, And Go woke Go Broke.

    3. WTF! Every person that helped retaliate needs to see jail time. WTF!
      The governor needs to build his own jail, and then spend his time there.

    1. Gov Cuomo should be at the very least be charged with manslaughter if not premeditated murder.
      This sadistic psychopath needs to be taken out of power before he abuses anyone else.
      Stop voting in psychopaths.

    1. @maria schultz would you expect anything less? They all used him as the covid handling poster child to find out he did horrible. Before Biden was elected him and harris both said they would take the vaccine under Trump.

    2. @Cody Gilbert Yes and so does the right!! FFS, they’re _all_ liars and crooks, when will people realize?!

    3. @mike taylor they all should be held in contempt. In my opinion this insanity started with Bill Clinton. We all know he lied while under oath and should have been removed from office after his impeachment. Unfortunately partisan politics got in the way and now nearly 30 years later the same dance is happening on the floor instead of doing the right thing and removing these crooks and liars. They all have lied and now we are neck deep in a cesspool while DC keeps filling the swamp

    1. @Buckler do you hold republicans and trump accountable for the hundred thousands of needlessly dead? Not only were there a lot of inaction from trump, the right politicized masks and social distancing and spread lies about how it would go away and so on. Trump even straight up admitted he lied to the public, all in a dumb attempt to keep the stock market going because he was planning on running on the economy.

      Cuomo should go to jail. But how come people who vote democrat thinks that, but people on the right never hold sexual predators, corrupt politicians or incompetence accountable for their actions?

      I can tell you why. Because the right have a childs mindset. And it is not about what is right or wrong, or good or bad. But rather all about winning and owning libs. If you have to cheat, lie, deny reality, invent conspiracies or whatever it doesn’t matter.

    2. @Thomas De Quincey did you not hear about the serious allegations he groped a woman’s breast/buttock clearly that is a crime and just because the AG isn’t bringing any charges it doesn’t mean they won’t be filed. Can we please pay attention more ok thanks

    3. @Adam let’s see if you wake up. If you’re not willing to start at the top, shut your mouth.

    1. They will. The prosecutors in New York have shown no criminal is too powerful to go after, including Trump.

    1. Why should he? He deserves his day in court like anyone else. Talk about corruption. Trial by media.

    2. @Dante Brown If and when the emails and texts are admitted as competent evidence in a court of law, and a jury has the opportunity to evaluate their credibility, then, and only then, can justice be done. That is what courts (not comments about a YouTube video) are for.

    1. @Michael Schaefer And security. Trump is in with China and Russian oligarchs and Cuomo likely has some nefarious connections too.

    2. @Ethan Weeter Umm…?
      What does Trump have to do with this? This news is about about Cuomo…
      Can we stop bringing up Trump whenever a Democrat gets in a pickle?

  3. Cuomo’s response was HIS lawyer found him innocent of all charges (that is not a joke). When will Gov Cuomo be arrested?

  4. I’ve been one who didn’t want Cuomo to resign while the investigation was going on.
    Well, the investigation is done. Horrible. Time for him to go.

  5. It’s ironic when she was asked if Cuomo should resign she said that would be up to the Governor. Could it be because he is a Democrat like her?

  6. NYS AG is NOT recommending any criminal referrals. But says he broke state and federal laws. Isn’t that a direct dereliction of duty?

  7. I’m a lefty and a partisan but I’m a situation like this that doesn’t matter. It’s time to resign governor.

    1. Forget party, tho I’m a Democrat as well. We have to get back to doing the right things no matter what party line we are!!!

  8. These politicians have really become disgusting and we really need to clean house on both sides. Every criminal politician needs to be held accountable and brought to justice.

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