New York City Has A Second Chance After Coronavirus, Says Writer

The New York Times' Jonathan Mahler writes the city has a second chance after the coronavirus to come back from decades of division and neglect. Mahler joins Morning Joe to discuss what he sees for the city emerging from the pandemic.

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New York City Has A Second Chance After Coronavirus, Says Writer


  1. Approval voting > rank choice voting. But, either is better than our current plurality voting with spoiler effect.

    1. @Ron K All depends on where in the world one is, imo. I have a very VERY broad spectrum of tastes, so there’s that, too, hehe. Squid, jalapenos, pineapple… whatev. It’s about the melody!

  2. All New Yorkers should be lifted up! Traditionally it’s been largely middle class and certainly wealthy areas while others were left behind.

  3. Im pescatarian and eat a lot of vegan mealsโ€ฆ Vegan cheese is disgusting. Like horribly disgusting.

  4. You wish instead to strike down and reject enlightenment values, rationalism, rule of law, legal reasoning, the neutral principle of constitutional law, reject the liberal order? These are all the things that critical race theory teach.

    You want black kids raised believing they are victims?

    You โ€˜liberalsโ€™ CLEARLY need to learn more about what youโ€™re defending.

  5. I mean not just New York every city has a chance to recover itโ€™s just going to take some time and patience

  6. How DARE he mock Hawaiian pizza. Along with Canadian pizza (includes bacon), it’s the best pizza.

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