Republican Senator Encourages Alabama Residents To Get Vaccinated

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., is encouraging Alabama residents to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Alabama ranks second to last nationwide in the total percentage of residents being fully vaccinated, according to figures.

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Republican Senator Encourages Alabama Residents To Get Vaccinated


  1. If people in Alabama just convinced their family members to get vaccinated, everyone would be vaccinated in that state.

    1. @sprayingmycannon I assume that David wasn’t in the same universe with the original comment! Sorry I missed it but I’m not worried, we are talking about Alabama so someone will top his! (Pun intended)

  2. I got vaccinated even though the GOP didn’t encourage it. Tuberville and all the Republican’s in Alabama are what keeps Alabama last in line on everything. Democrats for the future of Alabama!!!

    1. I hope the gene therapy you volunteered for and signed away all liability for injury, goes well for you in the long run. You gave away your freedom and risked your life for less than a 1% chance of harm. I hope Fauci isn’t lying and that all those emails of his, just disappear… Good luck.

    1. Hey, no complaints. I’ll praise anyone who wants to encourage vaccinations. Who cares why they are doing it, or if it’s a low bar. Thank you for encouraging vaccinations. In the district I’m running in I have to get criticized for encouraging vaccines… smh.

  3. Alabama is 2nd last at just 31.5% fully vaccinated. What does this tell you about well Republicans

    1. I thought the percentage was lower, around the low 20’s% as of early June. Vermont was the best near 60%, Florida was middle of the pack with 40% and TN, AL, MS, LA and AR were tied in the low 20%!

  4. One down and 49 to go. Now all the rest of the GOP Senators need to line up behind Tommy and repeat the message.

    1. yup …..only took 650,000 US deaths for him to get the massage ……A little slow on the uptake ….maybe ???

    1. I was just going to post the same!!
      Now, if he could bring in some big assed Alabama Linemen and have them help the reassignment…

    2. You can have us southerners doses. Dont worry. Were not coming up north to your crime ridden demoratic cities

  5. Amazing a republican did the right thing? Congrats? God bless tommy hope he continues on his enlightened path?

  6. Wonderful job by this brave GQP senator! Imagine all the courage it took for him to publicly ask residents to get a vaccine against a virus that has killed almost 600,000 Americans in 15 months. Bravo, sir, bravo!! 🙄

    1. The bells at the National Cathedral rang out yesterday as the number of dead Americans did in fact hit that horrible milestone! 600,000 KIAs, Killed in America!

    1. The problem is the republicans will NOT have the numbers be big winners anymore, they spit the party up then their already dwindling minority will be broken into more pieces.

  7. He’s respected for coaching football so they put him in Congress. A man that didn’t even know the 3 Branches of government.. Smh🤦🏽And we wonder why the Red States are the least educated..

    1. and vice-versa …..why the least educated are red states ….fool me once …shame on you ……fool me again …and again ..and again ;;;;and I”ll vote for you again ..and again .and again …….go figure …

    2. Yet the Blue Sheep are infantile, emotional, easy persuaded, lack skepticism, and are risking their lives for a less than 1% chance of death. Because with all that higher education, they didn’t read that they signed away liability for injury when they took the shot. Victimhood is a badge of honor for them. Do you see the blue narrative collapsing? Do you think it’s going to better in time? If I were you, I would be so nervous about so many things. Do you think the cops will save you? You have defunded them. Do you think the military is on your side? You have shredded the Constitution. You are the minority. The tide has turned. It doesn’t end well well for you and your types. Nothing can stop what is coming.

  8. Imagine living in a state where you have the wonderful Senator Doug Jones but instead you vote for this guy

    1. There is no hope for such a state. I believe Alabama comes in at 49 on percentage of population vaccinated. Hopefully a nudge from Tubbs will help.

  9. Please don’t give him too much credit. He just figured out the math that his supporters are dying so they won’t be able to vote for him.

    1. @Tyeler Nowell So you are a veteran? Did you see any combat? Video games don’t count. But I noticed that you didn’t say that you are a veteran. You only implied it. Don’t want to commit to Stolen Valor? Honestly, I don’t know you. And I do hope that the gene experiment that you volunteered for doesn’t have any unknown long-term side effects. You should check your MSM news. The stories about the shot are leaking out. It’s only going to get worse. Time is on our side. And the longer this goes on the weaker you get. This doesn’t end well for you and your kind. Your types are all victims and they don’t have the measure or distance. The strong survive, the weak perish. Maybe you already took care of that voluntarily? Nothing can stop what is coming.

    2. @1 so, just because i dont expressly say thst im a veteran you assume im faking it? You know what they say about assuming right? And you STILL didnt answer any of my questions. Ita like your avoiding them so you dont have to. Hmmm i wonder why you would do that?

    3. @1 and again what do you think is coming? Do you really honestly believe that it “magnetized” you? You know that’s fake right? Just like all those other “reports” and “truths” you Qtards fall for. So again, whats “comming”?

    4. @Tyeler Nowell it’s not reports it’s just thousands of videos and compilations of people sticking a magnet on themselves. But sure they are all just faking it.

    5. @Tyeler Nowell and what do you mean that’s not in the emails! They did gain of function research and purposely let this pandemic out it’s obvious since day one.
      All planned. Sheep are so hopeless

  10. Next up: Florida senator encourages residents to drink water, which has been branded as “too liberal” as part of the conservative cancel culture movement.

    1. well , not really .in Pa .this last election the only 3 verified ballots cast in the name of dead folk were all for Trump …….SO …..death DOESN”T keep Republicans from receiving votes ….

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