New York City, Portland, Seattle named ‘anarchist jurisdictions’ | USA TODAY

New York City, Portland, Seattle named 'anarchist jurisdictions' | USA TODAY 1


New York, Portland and Seattle named 'anarchist jurisdictions', could lose federal funding.
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Portland, New York and Seattle named "anarchist jurisdictions" by the Justice Department, after a Trump executive order will review federal funding.

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27 Comments on "New York City, Portland, Seattle named ‘anarchist jurisdictions’ | USA TODAY"

  1. Moving out of NYC this week
    I’ll take my chances with “florida man”
    at least there they get the punishment they deserve and aren’t back out on the street in 24hrs to commit more crime.
    Thanks to Governor Cuomo we ALL need an army to walk the streets of new york city.
    *BuhBye NY*

  2. *The Blue Wave of Porta-Potty Formaldehyde is backed up to the rim folks.*
    *Time to flush down the brθwn Fockers*

  3. They are!

  4. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  5. I live in Seattle, you know what’s worse than Antifa and BLM anarchist? High taxes and the tweaker crisis. That needs to be cleaned up.

  6. The Facts matter | September 22, 2020 at 10:18 AM | Reply

    This is what happens when you’re a law abiding citizen and your state government decides to be Activists throwing good hardworking people under the bus! These Politicians should be in jail for dereliction if duties! Sic….

  7. Doctor Duct tape | September 22, 2020 at 10:21 AM | Reply

    Well, they are.

  8. Left Detroit after the riots and never went back. While that city fell deeper into ruin the Democrat mayors either got richer or went to prison. It must crush the souls of the working, law abiding people living in Seattle, Portland, and NYC, to watch their cities get destroyed while their mayors fully support the takers and the breakers.

    • Robert Frost Same story in every democrat run city with a large percentage of black voters. The Republican Party formed and freed the slaves, the Democrats have re-enslaved them, time to cut all the federal aid and free them again.

  9. Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  10. Never would I think that I could see fascism appears in USA2020, just like this!

  11. And Trump doesn’t want us to panic? What am I missing here?

  12. Typical mainstream media just posting pictures with words. How original

  13. Unconstitutional and on the evil side.

  14. Why do we need to give these cities a ‘pass’? Why should our Federal tax dollars go to cities that encourage anarchy, or at the very least, look the other way? Do you condone the approach these City leaders have taken regarding the violence? The only way to get these people to take this seriously is to hit their pocketbooks. This move is simply a threat to pull some Federal funding unless they take real steps to curb the violence.

  15. Richard Maginnis | September 22, 2020 at 1:32 PM | Reply

    Revelations Ch 18 Vs 4 The Holy Bible, HOW FITTING MY STATE IS THE 1st ALMOST COMPLETELY DEFUNDED, Daniel Ch 2 Vs 44 This Christian Will Stand with Our Lord Jesus To The End & Will ONLY Work on Our Lord Jesus Task & if WASHINGTON STATE WANTS IT ON THAN ITS ON, Praise Our Lord Jesus

  16. Yes they have become so, and the puritans in those jurisdictions should be removed. Putting political agenda before human safety should not be acceptable

  17. USA Today has went to hell as a news agency. I keep watching their reporting and it’s all lies that even dull people can do a little research and see USA is BIAS and not trustworthy.
    Take this video that they cut alittle short from what they show on their website where you can see it. They actually blame all the violence not only on the rioter but also the counter protesters which as everyone know there was one small counter protest and one was shot and killed.
    The truth is that all the rioters, flag burners, arsonists, looters, and now Murderers are all Democrats/Biden Supporters. USA Today ofcourse will not acknowledge this but that is the plain and simple truth. These scumbags actually try and blame American counter protests which are 100% peaceful unlike BLM and such.


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  19. NY democrat politicians are saying”how is NY an anarchist state?”, they want to throw the dictionary at Trump. Well, if the mayor participates in vandalizing, I called that anarchy!

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