New York Dolls, LL Cool J And More Are Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

New York Dolls, LL Cool J And More Are Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has named its 16 nominees for the 2021 class, and the list includes everyone from Chaka Khan to Devo, Foo Fighters and the New York Dolls to Dionne Warwick. Joel Peresman of the Rock and Roll Hall Fame along with John Heilemann join Morning Joe to discuss.

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New York Dolls, LL Cool J And More Are Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Of course Rage got one this yr. The machine they’re so mad at is the printer from office space

    1. @Jeigh Neither the real question is why did it take decades and about 2 popular songs to get these idiots in the hall of fame

  2. Devo is rock and roll! Listen to their cover of the Stone’s “Satisfaction”. They were there at the very start of MTV. No one can say they’re not rock and roll.

    1. Back and Forth is my particular favorite.
      But Devo….?
      They shredded in their time.
      They deserve the Honor

    2. Well yeah? Who doesn’t think Devo rocks? What Hall of Fame would they belong in anyway? The R&R Hall of Fame has inducted Bill Withers & The Dave Clarke Five FFS.

  3. Tina Turner isn’t in the Hall of Fame already?? She and most of the other women on that list should have been in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame before this.

    1. I think that the only reason isn’t already in as a solo artist is that she’s already in with Ike Turner, so they weren’t in a hurry to give her a 2nd induction.

  4. They nailed it on the N.Y. Dolls. Highly influential, yet largely unknown. They definitely deserve a spot in the R & R HOF.

    1. @UC-NDpTeEA8w7xAG5JCOkLsw Fail? really? I wrote “Go to a grocery store OUTSIDE of New York….” Do you believe the NY Dolls are some sort of household name outside of NY? If so you are crazy out of touch. They are a great band that I have loved since the mid 1980’s, but I also followed music closely as a 15 YO & most people don’t.

    2. @Jeigh Neither You really don’t get it do you? All I said was the average person in the country has never heard of the NY Dolls and guess what, they ain’t going online to look up a band they don’t even know exists. Why are you so bent over this anyway?

    3. @3LD I can’t understand half of what any of them say anymore, the repugnicant plan of dumbing down their constituency worked better than I ever realized! _nice to see you buddy!_

  5. If I had to choose seven: The Go-Go’s, New York Dolls, Tina Turner, Fela Kuti, Carole King, LL Cool J, Devo.

  6. My votes if I had them. Mary J. Blige, Carole KIng, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Todd Rundgren…. but the entire list is so deserving….. my runner up….. New York Dolls. SO influential! They will all be inducted at some point.

  7. The Go-Go’s released the first record by an all-female group who wrote its own songs and played its own instruments to hit No. 1 on the Billboard album chart 39 years ago. That alone seems shocking, but more unbelievable is the fact that it’s NEVER happened again. The R&R Hall of Fame blew it a long time ago, they’ve got some chances to make amends with these nominees.

    1. Pro trick: watch movies on Flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

  8. So, the hall will pick Foo Fighters and Jay Z, because they’ve been around 25 years and are still going strong. And are hugely popular right now. The rest will be very difficult. My pick of the other five potentials are Kate Bush, Tina Turner (she basically had a whole separate career from Ike), Iron Maiden, Rage Against the Machine (still hugely popular, even after 20 years since their last album) and the New York Dolls.
    The hall also has to resurrect their category for musical excellence and put Todd Rundgren in this year and Nick Lowe next year. Talents known for both making excellent music for decades and producing excellent albums. Maybe Daniel Lanois sometime in the future. Daniel Lanois has basically been there with since the early 80’s in Canada producing local acts to producing the biggest acts in the world. At the same time, making and writing some excellent music, like The Maker (his most famous track. I’ve enjoyed Willie’s version for years.)
    It’s quite a trick to be a producer for others and carry on a career as a performer and songwriter and singer.
    They need to acknowledge this kind of talent.

    1. I think 5 of the inductees will be Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, Tina Turner, Carole King, and The Go-Go’s.

    1. @davey dudely it’s a diverse group of people. Not just white rock and roll singers.

  9. Dionne Warwick nominated for the rock and roll hall of fame? Really? How about nominating Liberace?

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  11. New York Dolls were the fathers /influencers of glam/glitter rock AND they were the seeds of what became PUNK; and where is the first Trans rocker Jayne(Wayne) County who broke ground in 1972, WAY ahead of the curve!!

  12. Todd Rundgren should get it. If you don’t know him listen to a few of his songs. That dude is legend.!! Check it out

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