1. Sound nice but that grudge will be heavy and race is a big reason for most this thing anyway and religions everyone wanna be #1 so there that..

    2. What do you mean “better hitting eachother with sticks”? A stick can’t kill your enemy. Imagine if Ukraine hit Russia with sticks 🤡

  1. It getting crazy over there, Indian soldier carrying “tridents” as weapons. This getting medieval.

  2. LOL! These are sporting men! Rather then use gun,bombs or tanks they decided to settle it like gentlemen with a good old rumble!

    1. @GETmessedUPP so what ? What other then this could be a gentlemen move where disputes are solved but no men is killed , such a Dumbass

    1. China has border issue with all of its neighbor from Japan Philippines Taiwan Vietnam Korea Malaysia Indonesia Russia etc.

  3. Chinese Troops: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”

    Indian Troops: (grabs sticks and stones) “ATTACK”

    1. Luv to see Indians go full howler monkey insisting they won the fight. It exposes their deeply rooted inferiority complex.

  4. When the power is rising, clashes are inevitable. So does China’s relationship with countries like Japan, India, UK and Australia, who are U.S. closest allies.

    1. Any borders between water are free for all. China has a higher chance of claiming a majority of sea till it reaches the line of Japan. Of course, it’s not recognized and will only bring tensions between Japan and China. Japan being an US Ally since after WWII, China better back down. Same with the Southern Asian seas.

  5. They have similar clashes like these in Europe too but its from soccer hooligans. There’s plenty of videos of them meeting up in the field and just rumble.

    1. ​@Edge_of_Chaos India and China have mutual agreement not to use military weapons at the border but instead use hand to hand or sticks to fight. As a result, these clashes at the border ends up looking like European Hooligan fights. Here’s an example video of what I am talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWu-87BG3XY

    2. @HP PC Only if it was literally, it would be nice for Russia and Ukraine to just fight with sticks to save lives and especially money.

  6. FYI: India and China have an agreement to not use firearms on borders. So both sides are trying not to break it bcz once it does, there will be everything involved.😌✌️

  7. The real reason is that India and US had high altitude military exercises a few hundred miles from this location. The PLA was miffed about it and they decided to do this to pressure India.

  8. If China decides to invade India or vice versa, the two most populated nations in the world will make the Russia-Ukraine conflicts look like child’s play! By the way, there have been conflicts between India and China for more than decades over border disputes, not just recently. Anyone can google the facts. In addition, China has border disputes with all the nations in Asia, including Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and even North Korea. China either had border disputes with countries that had lands connected to them OR disputes over South China Sea resources. I can’t even find a country in Asia that does not currently have territorial disputes with China. And also, the EU, US, and UK are not particularly fond of China’s way of handling the Russia situation so China is really not in amicable relationships with most of the countries in the world at the moment!

    1. “most of the countries in the world” hah? Dude, Did you know that there are nearly 200 countries in the world ?

  9. What this report is missing is the analysis that from this video it can be clearly seen that it is the heavily armed Chinese troops which had climbed the border wall and entered Indian territory and intended to enter further and bully Indian soldiers. However they retreated after they were badly beaten by stick wielding Indian Soldiers 🤣 and then chinese troops literally ran away on their side of the border. It also shows that they knew it very well that Indian troops will not cross over to their side and therefore they sat down on the ground clearly exhausted but without getting worried of getting further chased. Think of this too, if a small and outnumbered stick wielding Indian soldiers can do this how much damage they can cause with firearms.

  10. Well, if they ever go all out with a real war against each other, I will definitely be on India’s side. I love India and their people.

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