News Anchor Warns The Most Dangerous Thing You Put In Your Body Is Vaccine Propaganda 1

News Anchor Warns The Most Dangerous Thing You Put In Your Body Is Vaccine Propaganda


Despite being a scientific breakthrough, the coronavirus vaccine remains a point of great controversy in the United States. Cases of the virus are rising in every single state, and misinformation from conservative media and politicians continues to discourage people from getting vaccinated. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by Mother Jones’ David Corn and The Nation’s Joan Walsh to discuss the situation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. It’s wonders there’s no class action lawsuit against these social media outlets encouraging pro covid!!

    1. Maybe there should be staye MASS LAWSUITS against governors who say they won’t enforce what needs to be done. Freedom is a great theory, but not at the expense of ppl who are scared that they, or family members get sick and maybe die. The unvaccinated think they will be fine cause the ppl that did the right think for the country you know the REAL AMERICANS who love our country will be ok by herd immunity.. good luck with that theory. Sad that the ones who TRULY believe in freedom and got the shot will suffer the consequences of the IDIOTS who won’t.

    2. @Bob Stone “Fox” and “news” do not belong in the same sentence.
      May I suggest Fox Noise?

    3. The World is watching this MASS SUISIDE of 1,000’s of US citizens promoted by 45 REPUBLICIAN PARTY.

    1. @Ramon Guzman Again, look at you people arguing with me, when in all actually the numbers are in favor of the vaccine. Ramon, you’re another special statistic

    2. @raymondwise Still, you can’t even cite a reliable source.

      So, you are out of touch with reality.

    3. I watched the congressional hearing….Reminder – only 50-60% of FDA and NIH employees got vaccinated. The FDA and NIH directors can’t even persuade their own employees to take the experimental mRNA vaccines.

    1. I’m really upset that when I go to the emergency room I can’t get the janitor to treat me. It’s my right! And they need to stop refrigerating the milk in the grocery store. I want my children to build up an immunity and drink spoiled milk and they are ruining our lives!

    2. True, so keep it parked in your closed garage after you start it up, and never shift out of neutral.
      Night night.

    3. @george mira Don’t be a chicken, ride in the darkness, step on on the gas pedal and enjoy your freedom.
      Don’t you get it?

      Not everyone has your tendencies to stay put and smell the fumes.

      Have a drink on me.
      Cheers, long live freedom to drive drunk.

  2. Republican politicians know better but are making way too much money $ off the red hats to stop this .

  3. republicans are so brainwashed by trump, they wouldnt take off their shirt if it was on fire unless he told them it was ok…

    1. @J Bertrand Trump does not know his own mind. he wants credit for vaccine but also doesn’t want to go out and start encouraging people to vaccinate because afraid to lose his own support.

    2. @J Bertrand In the beginning he discouraged his supporters about the vaccine, he only admitted it when he was called out.

    3. @гарненькадівчина puellam servum ad dominum In a Trump mind that’s call CON tradicting his own policy.

    1. @William Springer, What climate-relevant degree do you have and where is the data you produced in your field studies?

    2. @Charles Lindsey The Bible says everything that has life Praise ye the Lord. What are trees doing when the wind is blowing?

  4. if “folks ‘ had common sense, there would be no reason to have seat belt laws. speed limits on high ways. If ” folks ” in Alabama had common sense, Kay Ivey wouldn’t be governor. Trust me ,I live in Alabama and ‘ common sense ‘ not so common here .just my 2 cents

    1. READ
      Half of what they discussed is illegal, for one you can’t have government mandate it, the White House just clarified that, meaning they can’t mandate school or medical facilities, or any tax payer funded sector of government! only “Private Business” can mandate it, or terminate! You are looking at being in court if you try!! Or worse!!!

      Which means that also apply’s for masks!!

      Which means if you “Own” a private Business don’t Mandate them!
      And if that Business Mandates them, you will be required by law

      Look to the states that are Banning Mandates!!

      This is by no means telling you not to vaccinate! The choice is yours, same with mask! Unless the privately owned business says other wise!

    2. @Animated Adventures You dont live in America anymore. 2.4M college students are required to get vaccine before they can return to state funded colleges. These Socialist Democrats claim 5o be about Democracy when the reality is anything BUT Democracy. They were slave masters on the Civil war and they are now. Just better liars now.

    3. @Bob Stone well there are some good movies mad from his books, i recommend the george c. scott version of the christmas carol

  5. Europe has the vaccine “passport” that shows you have been vaccinated. France nailed it — you want to go drink in a bar or have dinner in a restaurant, you just show you’ve been vaccinated so everyone there is safe from you.

    1. @nosuchthing8 guess if I was over 55, obese and on medications with a poor immune system I’d lean towards it. Weeks before lockdown I had to photocopy dozens of dirty IDs as part of job in New york, one of the covid19 epicenters, by hand, stuck between two people who just mysteriously couldn’t shake their flu and coughed next to me for a month, got everyone sick including me but I only had a temperature for two days. Why should I risk getting the vax if there’s an equal chance of bad reaction, are you gonna pay my expenses? Are the people in my community gonna pay them? No, nobody but me would have to deal with a severe reaction so the choice is simple. Delta variant can be as transmissable as it wants to be, if it’s not more severe symptom-wise then I don’t have to be pressured by anyone of isn’t paying my bills.

    2. in the UK there has been over 15000 people infected and they are fully vaccinated, it really doesnt make a difference because you can still get it and spread it. The vaccine wasnt made for the Delta.

    3. @ol noob The unvaccinated are likely to only make vaccinated people asymptomatic. And they’ll be shedding much less of the virus for a shorter period of time. A vaccinated spreader would theoretically need to be around another vaccinated person for a long time to get them infected.
      *I still think bars and restaurants should still be closed for in person dining until more people get the jab

    1. @Drought Tolerant so the illegal immigrants all move to the south east where covid is exploding?

  6. Freedom comes with the understanding that you’ll respect everyone else’s freedom AND safety

    1. @Demetria Karnavas honey, the people grant the government it’s power. Without the people, the government is nothing.

    2. @Drought Tolerant You’re not the government. Plenty of people are sitting in jails and prisons today because they believed they had the freedom to as they please.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas oh so you didn’t hear them talk about how they’re trying to blame the unvaccinated people for covid cases?

    4. @evan doe It’s a fact that unvaccinated people currently make up virtually 100% of Covid hospitalizations and deaths. If unvaccinated people feel they’re being blamed, they certainly have a right to their feelings. If you insist on making choices, don’t make the rest of us responsible for how your choices make you feel.

  7. It sounds like their governor is frustrated and just gave up what is she going to do when it really gets bad this winter especially when they have massive super spreader evens like Alabama football?

  8. Kay Ivey did her part to downplay the virus. Now she’s seeing the results of her words and actions.

    1. You cant share common sense when you don’t have it either. She could have done better. Oh well, it’s a red state, sadly I hope for big losses, thin the herd.

    2. @William Springer covid is continuing to spread because of unvaccinated people. The results in Alabama are that they are one of the states with the lowest vaccination rate and are now seeing thousands of new cases per day with hospitalizations and deaths overwhelmingly in the unvaccinated.

      The more covid spreads the more likely we will see a new variant that will render the vaccine useless and we will be back at square one. If people had the same “it’s not going anywhere” attitude about polio or smallpox we would be living a very different world.

    1. @John_Smith Chiropractor wow Biden has done SO much in the short amount of time he’s been in office. But all of the good things you guys say is from when tRump was in office. Crazy how you guys think, huh?

    2. @Little nug think bonk name 1 thing Biden has done that didn’t originate with Trump?

    3. @John_Smith Chiropractor all Trump did in his first six months was wonder who was going to be arrested next. Gates, Flynn, manifort, popodopolous, cohen. Let’s not forget about the guys that quit or fired in discrace. And then how many during his last six months. I’d name them all but you already know. You willingly follow a person that you know is a lying criminal. When did you throw your self respect and morality away. When Trump was elected or where you always like that

    4. @John_Smith Chiropractor sorry to say, but writing new policies and then implementing them take way longer than 6 months. Some even take a year.

    1. The really sick aren’t in a position to give consent. I wish “life support” was used more widely, as in some local news outlets – “ventilation” is brutal, but I think some think it’s just having an oxygen mask.

  9. Ironic, the very people who say “I don’t trust politicians.” are taking their direction from a failed incompetent ex President politician and his political propaganda machine at a certain right wing “news” channel instead of scientists and doctors.

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