The Delta Variant ‘Is 200x More Contagious Than The Original Variant’

NBC News correspondent Antonia Hylton, epidemiologist Dr. Anne Rimoin, and Washington Post national correspondent Philip Bump react to growing fears about the rapidly spreading delta variant and how some in Republican leadership are starting to urge their supporters to get vaccinated.

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  1. We all knew this was going to happen. Not sure how this is surprising to anyone so, mask up and “Don’t Let Your Guard Down.” Stay Safe.

    1. @Chad Winters
      I’ve read the Delta virus is more deadly than regular COVID 19. The scientists are saying those who have their shots of vaccine should were a mask. The unvaccinated should wear a mask and get vaccinated ASAP.

    2. @larry taylor
      That’s true.

      It is over 200% more contagious and more younger people are being hospitalized and dying from it than from the original Covid-19 virus because they’re not vaccinated.

      I’m vaccinated and still wearing a mask due to the too many still unvaccinated. If I get it chances are slim I’d get sick but I don’t want to risk it because it makes you very sick. However, you don’t end up in hospital or dying from it if vaccinated.

    1. @S.D. C Todays democrats are only cheering for the death of half a nation. Democrats from the past were the slave masters. Don’t call someone ignorant of their own history when you obviously don’t know its history? What party freed the slaves? What party came up with the welfare system that put blacks back in chains? Look at crime rates, marriage rates, 2 parent households, education, etc before and after welfare.

    2. @Fat Freddy’s Cat the world has a lot of population to feed, we need to understand population growth is not sustainable for future generations, please embrace social darwinism and capitalism.

    3. @Fat Freddy’s Cat they did remember millions got together during the elections and no crazy outbreak happened lmao. Wow that brain washing really has you bamboozled lol look back at real pandemics they look nothing like what we are living with. You see people actually getting sick in front of you just like the if you run a computer simulator now it will never replicate what they say is going on. Now ask why hahahaha can’t happen if it isn’t even plausible

    1. @Cloud No, not necessarily. A virus can be more deadly and more transmissible. It only becomes less deadly when its deadliness interferes with its transmissibility. So Covid has room to get more deadly and more transmissible.

    2. @hooleyqueen you are geographically correct, but delta is a letter from the Greek alphabet, as is Alpha and lambda.

    1. @Keep Faith Did your brain just completely tune out during the first few minutes..wouldn’t surprise me one bit but let me give you a push Ms. Thang…start at the 2:00 mark and listen to the 3:03 mark. She said it “very batum” and even went into detail explaining that community went as far as EVERYONE getting vaccinated and their health is still at risk…again 70%! Maybe it was all that pot you smoke in your “liberal brain” that dozed off 🤣 Mrs. “NO ONE said 70%” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 TYPICAL DemocRAT hahahahha

    2. I agree and disagree as the virus will mutate and possibly cause the vaccinated to be at risk again.

    3. @Grim reaper My friend who lost her ability to create memories would disagree with you, when you’re dying or maimed for the rest of your life, I would love to see the look on your face.

    1. and not fast enough..I’m so fed up with these fanatical, religious fanatical hypocrites who don’t care about any others’ lives

    2. @D Sab didIsaythat is a bot that sends out the same drivel every time in multiple threads.
      I have reported as Spam over 100 times.

    3. Darwin said all species of organisms ARISE and DEVELOP through the natural selection of small, INHERITED variations that increase the individual’s ability to COMPETE, SURVIVE, and REPRODUCE……NOT with a vaccine.
      The vaccine can only do so much for you.
      If you get sick every time someone sneezes your natural selected immune system may need a vaccine but there are different species that will survive without any help.
      To each there own….we are not in this together.

      I stand alone a noncompliant.

      The vaccine will not stop you from getting it
      & you can still be a career to me…..if the whole world got vaccinated someone’s still going to get covid.

      Unfortunately, if the past is any indication of future behavior, the US citizenry will take these new lockdown orders submissively, forever bent over the proverbial barrel while Fauci, Gates, and Co. extract the remaining lifeforce from the American society and economy.

    1. @Time ForChange he didn’t almost die he recovered in three days thanks to HCQ which is wht they should be giving out

    2. @Drownademonrat Jesus if you are talking about trump, he NEVER took HCQ,
      trump took single 8-gram dose of Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody cocktail,Remdesivir, Dexamethasone

    3. @Drownademonrat Jesus and trump came close to death had it NOT been for his team getting meds quickly to him, he would have died.

    4. @Drownademonrat Jesus NO, you just took someone’s choice away to live thanks to your selfishness, oh, and what you say is NOT the same as a choice or not for abortion or birth control

    1. Michael Steele is the Ben Carson who has brains, but Republican brains so is only good at talking to Republicans but since Republicans are kicking out anyone who isn’t a Trumper, I don’t see the point anymore.

  2. THAT is why I still wear a mask at the grocery store. Sure some people look at me like what’s your deal. Frankly, with my 80/20 medical bills coverage after the deductible, I don’t fee like getting a $100,000 hospital stay.

    1. @Brooke Taylor you are God’s given proof of why humankind needs a good kick in the pants every generation or so.

    2. @Drownademonrat Jesus you never contracted covid as far as you know. Possibly the most sinister part of this virus is that it causes asymptotic carriers who can still spread it to others.

    3. @Drownademonrat Jesus Educate yourself Trumpkin no one is Safe from The Delta Variant. Get the Jab ware a Mask Stay Safe. 😷

    4. @Tobby 999 why haven’t I caught it then the delta I live in Missouri we’re apparently we are the hardest hit state for it and I live near the city explain tht

    5. @Tobby 999 it’s called an immune system it works I don’t need the vaccine maybe u should actually educate ur self stop letting msm and the corrupt gov and fraudci think for u

  3. I rather listen to Fauci than Rand Paul, DeSatin and fox whose track record has been consistent with lies, misinformation and death

    1. why not – Why don’t you call the CDC then? Ask them if it’s true the overall survival rate is 99.8% globally. ROFL. It hurts doesn’t it? Your lefty DOGS lied to you.

  4. By the way I hope sometime in the future Mr. Steele gets back into politics and runs for office, just always seems to be a person with integrity and intelligent, which this country needs big time.

    1. It’s a bio weapon. Why take a vaccination for a bio weapon? The only one’s who can create a remedy for a bio weapon is the creator of that bio weapon.
      🙏🏻 We must stand up and say NO More Lies!
      Read this old November 12, 2015 article from a leading Scientific
      Magazine called “Nature.” You can find the entire article
      Title: “Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research”
      “An experiment that created a hybrid version of a bat coronavirus — one
      related to the virus that causes SARS (severe acute respiratory
      syndrome) — has triggered renewed debate over whether engineering lab
      variants of viruses with possible pandemic potential is worth the

    2. @DidISayThat Good, You’ re next. We know where you live. You can’t run, you can’t hide. 😈

  5. Just get a shot. I’m 60 and still remember my smallpox vaccination when I was a child. No harm was done and a lot of lives were saved. And I got a sucker for my discomfort.

    1. Some people got a pine box or cremated after getting the jab which is why most people wont volunteer they do not want to be the rare case

    2. I’m 70; I remember Polio. I had two friends as adults who had it when they were children. They survived, but of course they had paralysis of the legs.

    3. @Moses of Now Can you give us some facts and figures to back this up? What percentage of those who DID get shots died due to getting a smallpox shot? Sure, any death is tragic, but then again, what percentage of those that DID NOT get a shot died from smallpox? I don’t know these numbers and I’d really like to know.

  6. We knew this would happen when businesses say “No mask required for the vaccinated” and not enforce this at the door

    1. We knew this happened because of the reopen world wide ,they were lured into mass spreading ,dont blame the unvaccinated blame politicians and big business and the people who allowed this virus to enter the country

    2. @Moses of Now love how no one wants to put blame squarely on the shoulders of Trump, he knew in nov of 2019, this was not a flu, he knew how contageous it was, he knew how virulent it was and he played it down. He may have banned travel from china but Covid was already in parts of europe and it’s those travelers who brought it back from italy and other countries that caused the spread. It would have been easy to contain, anyone returning home needed to be placed in a singular location at the governments expense and quarentined to make sure they didn’t bring it farther into the country than the airports and ship docks.

    3. @Tosca Tattertail You crack me up……why dont you put the blame where it belongs? Only Trump knew this? Fauci didn’t? Congress wasn’t briefed? The World Health Organization didn’t know it either? Because they said back in late January it wasn’t transmissible to humans right on TV, so did Fauci. Trump was even told he was a racist for stopping travel and Fauci didn’t agree with stopping travel. Here you are spewing this false information and believing what you say…but it isn’t true. But, where the blame should really be is on the democrats because they knew months before that the delta variant was coming, since Feb actually and what did they do? Kept the borders wide open and allowed 1.5 million people into our nation from all over the world including India without masks, without testing, without a 14 day isolation period and bussed them all over the southern states. Biden has done NOTHING but encourage the spread of Covid 2021. Sheesh….you need to pay attention and think for yourself…..what did you think the consequences would be of 1.5 million people many with covid entering this nation during a pandemic? No nation does that to its people, none….just ours.

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