Dr. Jha On The Spread Of The Delta Variant And Covid Misinformation

Dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health Dr. Ashish Jha, former Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo, and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson discuss the rising spread of the delta variant and the threat the Republican Party’s misinformation poses to public health.

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    1. I love the dummies that don’t get vaccinated. I use to sell car now I sell casket. I making way more money right now selling casket. Keep it up dummies I will be a millionaire by the end of the year selling casket to dummies.

    2. @Pirate Ninja Your point? You hate the idea that the govt is asking you to wear a small mask over your nose and mouth if you are unvaccinated, or better yet, that you take a vaccine that has proven it works. It’s your personal freedom? Constitutional freedom and all? Yet you’re ok with forcing a woman to keep a fetus no matter what? Her body, not yours! Doesn’t she get to decide what’s best for her, if you can decide what’s best for you in a pandemic? Double standard? Do you see your hypocrisy?

    3. @Lee 60 million that Republicans would abandon as welfare leeching parasites if they got squirted out, 60 million in poverty, 60 million likely to get caught up in crime.

  1. I have zero sympathy for those who don’t want the virus and get sick and die. I have sympathy for their dependents and those who, due to medical reasons, cannot.

    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid your governor granny slayer andrew cuomo killed off the elderly in the nursing home. that makes you partially responsible. change my mind.

    2. SAME
      i think instead of pleading with these infantile selfish low intellect troglodytes, we should allow them to not be vaccinated and then disallow them from any places where they can infect others such as public places, etc, or mandatory mask
      their ‘right’ to not be vaccinated ends where they overstep others’ rights to not get infected bc of their ignorance

    3. @Exposing the Lies you’d be surprised my friend, at who asks me to hold their hands when they are dying.

  2. More lock downs and tighter restrictions are on the way back to Cities and States across the US. ladies and gentleman stock up on as much toilet paper and paper towels as you can all over again.

    1. No one ever needed to stock up on these things. Stock up on staples to minimize how many times you are exposed in public. You should be using same amount of TP as you usually use, but you might find shelf stable foods to come in handy like soups, pre-cooked bacon, canned foods and things that can stay fresh.

    1. Covid was found in unvaccinated deceased Covid-19 patients.

  3. Based on some of the interviews I’ve seen with many anti vaxers, they don’t like toothpaste either.

  4. More and more people are saying that those who refuse to take the covid vaccine should not have their Healthcare bills paid for by health insurance, Medicare, Tricare or any other way. That they should have to pay 100% of their medical costs because they refused the vaccine that was free and easily available. Also they should not be allowed to bankrupt their expenses in bankruptcy because they refused to take the shot. What do you think? The amount that this is going to cost the US economy and the healthcare system when it’s perfectly preventable is just an excusable.

    1. @Jan Sonshine I wasn’t making a suggestion personally I was just relating what I keep seeing out there in the news and on Facebook and on Twitter. Seems to be that there’s a pattern emerging.

    2. @Jan Sonshine I don’t think there’s any secrets about whether people are immune or not based upon this doubt of the other, I think it’s pretty well-documented how people who have had covid already once can get it a second time although their previous infection does Act II have an ameliorative effect.

    3. @Jan Sonshine What about those who had minor symptoms? Those who were in a hospital but not in the ICU? Asymptomatic? The level of protection is not uniform and could be minimal. There are documented cases of people who were sick more than once.
      Instead of measuring immunity, or worse, assuming their all protected “good enough”, just get them the shot.

    4. @Jan Sonshine this is irresponsible to state when it’s the opposite of what infectious disease physicians have recommended, just bc you have chosen not to , it’s not the data that’s been shown

    5. @Jonathan Logan infectious disease physicians have categorically said prior infection antibodies will not be effective enough to avoid delta and to get vaccinated!
      why are people listening to any random person on the internet instead of their own physicians and infectious disease physicians and epidemiologists!

  5. People should look at this way, do your research weigh in the numbers who’s dying more? Vaccinated or unvaccinated? Than think about it do you really want to risk that you can bring the virus home to your family, your little children’s that can’t be vaccinated? Lastly talk to your doctors, do some praying, some discerning and what really feels right.

    1. You forgot the ‘E’ in hypocrite. You should fix it before the ignorant hypocrites realize you’re illiterate.

  6. The bright light of being a conservative is to throw themselves on the spikes of the covid and celebrate.

  7. Dr. Jha I used to have so much respect for you. What happened? Tell me a man in your position does not comprehend the scientific reality of the superior immunity convalescent COVID patients have developed. I am a medical professional in my 60’s with lupus who nearly died from SARS-COV2 in March 2020. While I strongly encourage all people who have not yet been infected to get a vaccine STAT! I will not for good medical reason. I still use masks and face shields and always continue precautions, as should everyone!

    1. infectious disease physicians have said the data shows post-infection natural immunity is not resistant to delta and the vaccine is recommended
      I am immuno compromised with M.E. and CFIDS and I got both moderna shots with no issues

  8. The world may have changed but containment strategies have not. The ‘Spanish Flu’ of 1918 lasted 2 years in 3 waves with 500 million people infected and 50 million deaths. Most of the fatalities happened in the 2nd wave. People felt put upon by the quarantine and social distancing measures imposed at the outset and when they were lifted, there was rejoicing in the streets. A few weeks later however the 2nd wave hit with a vengeance killing tens of millions.

  9. In the UK so far, more than 46 million people have had a first vaccine dose – nearly 90% of the adult population – and more than 36 million – about 70% of adults – have had both doses.
    The UK is the ONLY country with over 40 million people with at least 70% of all adults vaccinated.

  10. Such grown people who have claimed being pro-life destroyed many people with Covid mis-information.

  11. Why do ”news reporters” yell?

    That guy almost threatened firing for not getting vaccinated. These people are politicizing it in this video.

    1. @Michael Jarmuzek lol. It’s to scare you. Get vaccinated. I am pro vaccine ya dope. I am more pro get healthy. Stop inflicting preexisting conditions on yourself. Meat, cheese and sugar are poisons. Functioning alcoholics looking for the vaccine to be a quick fix. Covid is here to stay. It is the pandemic of the unhealthy.

      I am asking why news reporters yell with intense music.

  12. Dogs and cats Test Positive PCR for Covid and TRANSMIT COVID TO HUMANS ! Dogs won’t wear masks, too smart. PEOPLE ARE DYING ! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE !

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