The Grift Goes On For Former President Trump | MSNBC

White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemire and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson discuss the former guy raising money off the Big Lie he continues to spread.

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  1. I mean.. is anyone really surprised by this? His whole career is built on false pretense and financial scams.

    1. He is the most successful
      Career crook ever a master
      Manipulator amazing how stupid
      He’s supporters are

    2. FACT: Trump hasn’t even paid off the 14 cities he owes for the 2016 rallies which cost the cities 1.82 million dollars in policing and security.

    3. @shad rox nope we mean Trump. Dude is a straight con man and your hatred for the left is going to leave broke and dead.

  2. For people who give money to Trump, your investment will have negative returns. What a bunch of tools.

    1. @Cornelius Gal your brother has no clue what I feel. How about you think for yourself. The church should be paying taxes….end of discussion….I don’t hate anything….I just want the church to pay it’s fair amount like the rest of us do..

    2. @Pat Murray Obviously you don’t understand that man’s laws don’t apply to Almighty GOD. Please accept this Truth.

    3. @Pat Murray I speak for my family, friends and myself. Everyone agrees that you must hate Almighty GOD.

    4. @Cornelius Gal obviously you are not understanding….please accept you are speaking nonsense….have nice day….crazy is what crazy is….

  3. They will still give money to trump as soon as he says… Fake News! Serves them right to be ripped off.

    1. Trump supporters are supporting china everytime they buy one of thos God awful ugly hats. Something just bugs me about yaping about being a patriot while wearing a cheap chinese hat or flying an American flag with trump all over it or a 2and amendment flag all made in communist effin china……

    2. @Censorship Is real we saw the ‘patriots’ become traitors on live TV. Patriots don’t storm the Capitol threatening legally voted in Congress persons. Who tries to hang their own corrupt VP because they did not win, traitors , cowards and Putin’s pawns. They are a joke and should rot in jail.

    1. “Stand clear and keep your eye on this ball.” (W.C. Fields scene) reminds me of Donald on the golf course.

    1. Then explain to me how a person with dementia got elected to the highest office in the country. Are you telling me we have a lot more idiots voting than I realized

    2. @JAKE SAMUAL FACT: The vast majority of Americans HATE Trump, and would’ve voted for an eggplant had one been their ONLY alternative to Trump!

    3. @JAKE SAMUAL Just because you believe bs and live in an alternate reality, doesn’t mean that sane people do. The sane people elected Biden and the majority of the country is sane and doesn’t live in a QAnon world.

    1. His own greed did him in. He was doing good until he decided to take over the Free World. Crazy bastid.

  4. Phony preachers pretend to speak for God.
    This con artist pretends to speak for “democracy.”
    Exact same.

    1. You definitely got that 💯.How can people be so gullible or dumb.tRumps history of lies and business shows red flag he can’t be trusted.stay safe.✌😷

    2. zammerjammer , ….instead of democracy , they use the word
      ” patriotism “, even more loosely. They insert the.word
      ” Republic ” to represent America, WHAT THEY HATE IS DEMOCRACY, and
      ‘ The People ‘ being served by their
      democratic government. They are ‘ Tea Party ‘ Anarchists and they are brain-washed by
      Monied Interests to think of “The
      People ” * as expendable excess baggage.
      * as in the Constitution : ” Government Of The People, By the People, and for The People “. They want a Government run along the terms of a business , where Money is the essential component, “the People ” are existential, at best, and these Elites want to realize a profit on each and every single individual —- even on services those People have already paid for.

    3. They don’t use the word “Democracy”
      in their palaver. They don’t like that word. They claim, “tHis iSn’t A Democracy iT’s a RePuBliC”.
      That’s how they get around representational voting. The keystone of Democracy. Their ‘thinking’ makes sense to them.

    4. It’s not quite the same thing. If we were to lose “God,” how much of an effect would that really have on us? But, losing our democracy, means we become a fascist dictatorship! BIG difference!

    1. It’s disturbing how much you hate Trump and at the same time you support the most racist leader since Hitler. Strange times!

    2. @Chino T. let’s let the racists sell our country to china! Don’t think logically and definitely don’t think for yourself! Let others tell you how to think! Wink wink and kisses:)

  5. “The Art of Grifting Bigly “, would be an appropriate title for a Trump book one of these days 📖.

  6. You must’ve heard “ one born every minute”. Serves them right to be grifted. BILLIONAIRE GRIFTER!

    1. He’s not a billionaire, he’s been estimated to be worth between 150-250 million. He basically has lost 2/3rd of his inheritance.

  7. Trump no longer has daddy to help him so he need other’s to fill in the short fall of his losing ways

    1. Google “dad’s been getting all his money from Russia for years. We have a hundred million dollar loan account from Russia.” You will see dozens of articles from fifteen years ago where Eric and Don Jr. bragged about being used by Soviets. It explains Trump’s treasonous devotion to Putin.

  8. Can he not be charged with fraud since he’s raising money based on baseless lies, and using it for his own personal use?

    1. You both need to listen to the report, you are commenting on…It tells you there is no Law to stop him….As long as he intends to run for office in 2024…Now if he does not run, then maybe a charge would stick…

    2. No, unfortunately he included “fine print” in his contribution site that allows him to keep the money. Surprise, surprise, none of his marks read it.

    1. Give it time. The lawyers gonna sing sweet sue all over the place for year’s to come. Donny gonna run out $$ before it’s over.

    1. @Jay C ‘ I’ve yet to see any millionaire in this country declare bankruptcy unless they did something really stupid.’ like become a business partner of trump?

  9. He’s a life long con artist. It’s really the one thing he’s truly great at. He tells bold obvious lies to people’s faces, screws them over, and gets them to come back for more.

  10. He’s paying himself for grifting his followers and they love him for it. They’ve given up love of country for love of tRumpf.

  11. The trumpist mantra: “We´d rather die than accept the truth!”
    [… a death cult, how about that!]

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