Nicolle Wallace On What Everyone Got Wrong About Biden 1

Nicolle Wallace On What Everyone Got Wrong About Biden


MSNBC’s Ari Melber and Nicolle Wallace discuss the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Wallace points out that most Americans agree with Biden’s decision, despite many DC insiders condemning the move. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Since when have we ever had a smooth withdrawal from any War without more blood being spilt , Biden did the right thing and I will vote again for Biden Harris and every Democrat and progressive…..

    1. So you thing taking troops out before civilians was a good idea!? You think disbanding the”Crisis and Contingency Bureau” 3 wks ago was a good idea!? You think leaving billions of $ s worth of military equipment to fall in the hands of terrorist was a good idea!? Then you are as stupid as Biden and that’s saying something!! Any American civilian that is executed by the Taliban is on your hands!!

    2. @Ernesto: Then you approved of Trump’s deal to leave and it’s okay that people in Afghanistan are suffering and there is angst in Germany, France, Australia, Great Britain and many other countries over Biden’s non-plan to leave Afghanistan. Trump would never have left in this way. Who’s going to trust Biden now? Everything Biden said about leaving has been wrong. Who is running the White House? Progressives? Russia? China? Communists? Globalists? Iran? This poorly planned or lack of planning all together retreat could spread instability around the world.

    3. @Linda Neilsen You’re right, they screwed it up, but what makes you think trump would have gotten it right,…he screwed up every disaster he dealt with, the hurricanes, the floods, the virus, school shooting, demonstrators, nazi sympathizers, you name it. Still waiting on Mexico to send the money for the wall, it looks like they pulled a trump on trump

  2. What are private security companies doing in Afghanistan?
    Чем занимаются частные охранные компании в Афганистане?

    1. @William Larney Right! What are they doing? Why can’t they escort Americans to the airport? Where is black water at?

  3. Think about Mitch and other Republicans not being happy about the exit. Follow the money. They don’t care about Afghans. Just follow the money.

    1. I don’t see you complaining about Afgans people and their futures. Would you feel the same way about this mess if Trump would have done it?? Honest question. MSNBC would have reacted differently. Guaranteed.

  4. And so it is to the printing press–to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news–that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.

    1. @Noreb the man, who without facts argues history with the man with specifics. Do you want dates, names and a bibliography? 1761 Writs of Assistance. Just focus on that first issue and read up on John Adams, President of The United States who said the Writs of Assistancevissue was the real beginning of the American Revolution – a fight between Judge James Otis Jr ( a white, Christian, Harvard Lawyer ) and the corrupt Governor Hutchinson. Enjoy the rest of your day and life living under the Natural Law Theory established by that same Judge Otis Jr along with all of the western world, genius.

    2. @Butch Cassidy that kind of press doesn’t exist anymore. They only act like journalists now regarding Biden to try to cover their tracks of having promoted an incompetent man to the presidency.

  5. I voted for the man who would make the decision to do the right thing for the majority of the American people regardless of what the democracy hating public officials say…

    1. @Marquita Marina America first unlike the Democrats are for America last. Biden is a disaster.

    2. @Marissa Herradura The FBI just admitted it wasn’t a planed insurrection , lets see if CNN can report on that. In the meantime you just keep using that buzzword no matter what just like the good propaganda sheep you are.

    3. @Ellyn MacGregor We had 4 years of prosperity with Trump. Not even a year of Biden and we have a border crisis, inflation, increase crime on the street, and an embarrasment in Afghanistan. Yep, I’ll take mean tweets over Biden anyday.

    1. @David Burgess and how many Americans were killed in the 18 months before Joe was installed as president? and who did Obama release …. or do you conveniently forget that

      You are one twisted person, the super wealthy democrat leaders love having the brainwashed idiots that will support them no matter what happens to Americans

    2. @Carl os LMFAO! I’d say that if this really happens it’s on the 5000 Talibani that Impotus released to go home and plan the takeover.

    3. @RuBaron715 Democrats are trying to change the filibuster right now to alter voting rights! Lol. Where did you get those numbers? Did you make that up?

  6. I feel horrible for the Afghan people, and I don’t know how pulling out of Afghanistan would’ve turned out to be a positive for everyone?
    On the other hand, we can now pay for America’s infrastructure, because we’re not spending money on a war with no end.

    1. I stopped this video when she said “I talked to Mary trump today” what does Mary trump have to offer? Mary trump has a psyc degree but I wouldn’t put her as a expert on this issue. I will continue the video now.

    2. We’ve never been good at nation building. The people in the country need to do this for themselves.

    3. @skoshunt USA was there for 20 years, can’t shove democracy down their throats. I mean look how the 300,000 US- trained and armed Afghan security forces didn’t even try to fight the 75,000 Taliban Army. It was time to get outta there.

    4. @William Larney On the first 6 months of 2020, there are 100000 deaths due to Covid19, under Trump, he even said it was Democrat’s hoax, he even suggested to take or inject bleach (on the record) for covid19. Up to now there are Republican leaders who don’t take the advise of Medical professionals, just for political gains. Their state is on medical chaos. So whose to blame?

  7. Galatians 6:7
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  8. Military quagmires in foreign countries are very profitable for many U.S. industries, and a few well-connected politicians.

    1. @Denise Hall Unfortunately the Bush Crime Family profited untold treasures. Remember Clinton Pelosi, Romney, Ryan and crooks on both sides profited off our misfortune. Like Trump or not he never blamed one party but both and Bush is at the top of the list.

    2. …a few well-connected politicans? It’s more like the vast majority of our politicians are on the gravy train.

  9. What did they want? Another surge? Biden had the fortitude to do what the three previous presidents were too afraid to do. Another 20 years and trillions of dollars? Politicians better get in line or get outta the way.

    1. Yeah, we should always pull out 2500 troops only to send back 6000 a few weeks later to evacuate civilians.

    2. @Blondstoner lmfao, people die everyday..your point? You think people weren’t dying because we were in Afghanistan? What cotton candy world do you live in? Send your family to go fight. My family has paid its price.

    3. @Ryan Burg You tell that to Democrats pushing their mask mandates and vaccine agenda. People die everyday. your point??? Such a hypocrite you are.

    1. BUT YOUR BOSS, Jihadi Joe TaliBiden, the terrorist lover, KNOWS HOW TO CREATE THE CHAOS THAT YOU LIKE.

  10. Luckily, I moved to LA, California from Beirut, Lebanon when very young–right before the big surprise war of ’74 broke out. But, man, the hot-blooded, temperamental, always-ready-to-argue and-fight tendencies of Middle Eastern countries ain’t easy to contend with–no matter who you are and from what angle you’re coming!!

  11. I like how everyone in the comments is blaming everyone BUT Biden. Just shows you how far they’ll go to defend him.

  12. I posited that this was a brave move by Biden, and I got some pretty nasty responses, obviously from MAGA folks.

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