1. @Curtis Goss what have i said that’s racist? Your mind invents its own reality. I bet you voted for segregationist Biden. Fact!

    2. @Curtis Goss them who invaded the Capitol Building are idiots. They were mostly peaceful though and yet the peaceful ones are still locked up as political prisoners. Your government is behaving like a dictatorship. You should be disgusted with them. Fact!

    3. @Chaos didn’t see your response. So, if you aren’t a FASCIST, then doesn’t it stand to reason you’re ANTIFA since it means “ANTI-FASCIST? Also, based on what you’ve said, aren’t you also a “PEDOPHILE” since according to you “ALL ANTI-FASCIST are PEDOPHILES”… your words not mine? Logical conclusion? 🤷

    4. @Lugner Lugner Antifa aren’t just anti fascist, they’re anti cop and anyone who isn’t a commie. They also defend paedophiles. If you consider yourself Antifa then you’re anti cop and pro paedophile. That’s using you’re definition of Antifa. Fact!

  1. The government seems more focused on slapping wrists than meting out justice when it comes to these traitors

    1. @Federalist Papers you people are just sad… how do you like being an outcast from society? 🤡❄️

    2. @Lisa Burnette
      Stop the online harassment, leftist troll. Pathetic that you are only able to feel good about yourself, by insulting others. Says a lot about who, and what you are. I pity you.


    1. @Just Say’n cope liberal 🇺🇸 don’t care about JAN 6th anymore. We are more worried about people falling from airplanes at the Kabul airport 🖕🖕🖕

    2. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways yep. Purely because you don’t like who’s in office. Your feelings would be the complete opposite if tRump was still president

  3. This country needs to bring true criminals to justice like these insurrectionists and stop wasting time arresting people who smoke pot. Such a waste of time and money.

    1. @Kteka no there isn’t. Its a list of trespassing citations. 2018 the same thing happened, are you in favor of rounding them up as well? For some reason I think not. Why? You’re a political hack. Neither side has your best interest at heart and the sooner you realize that the better off you will be. We’ve been played all of our lives. Oh, don’t you arrest people based on committed crimes instead if arresting someone then finding out what crime if any was committed? You don’t see how this can get out of control? You need to read a few history books, specifically regarding totalitarianism.

    2. This Jan 6th garbage is a false flag put on by Capitol Police and the Gestapo FBI. There is other footage being hidden from you showed the Capitol Police beating the crap out of innocent people.

      Why do you think Pelosi denied extra security requests when she knew this would happen?

    1. @GDN Jaramillo keep your racism to yourself. You are mixing up Antifa with BLM. Just what Antifa wanted and why they infiltrated BLM.

    2. @Bruh go buy a clue clown. Fascism 101
      1. Hyper nationalism. Our country is the best it has the best rulers and ideas and no one absolutely no one can criticize it.
      I literally heard this fall out of 100s of maggots.
      2. Bogeyman. The populace is never at fault it is always the fault of the other. The minority. These photos are taken from old racial stereotypes or made up out of whole cloth lies
      3. Advocation for violence. Subtle and overt. If This does not fit the Maga crowd it has fit no one in history.
      4. A strong leader projects strength. In order to protect you from aforementioned false enemies. “I alone can do it” “I am the chosen one”This was written for Donald Trump
      There are several more but The differences between fascism and totalitarianism is not worship of the state but worship of a single individual and control in aspects of all walks of life. Class dismissed

    3. @gary the great yet the ONLY!!!! ones showing nazi methods are Blm and antifa educate yourself with academic documentation and facts truth not your twisted leftists feelings

    1. @MAGA TRASH Summer School post Americans do understand the fact that our greatest threat to national security is domestic terrorism as proven instated by all of the national security departments one of them being the FBI. As far as your exaggerations obviously listening to Tucker to be arrested and blah blah blah and ground into dust that’s for none of us to decide all we want is accountability. And if you are a threat then you need to be accounted for. And when I say threat threat to the democracy to overthrow the government as you witnessed on January 6th. In fact where were you on January 6th?

    2. @Bill Clark The FBI also put a statement out today saying that there was no evidence of a co-ordinated attack which is why none of the people who “stormed” the capital have been charged with sedition. Accountability ? Sure, I agree. So let’s go after the rioters who looted and burnt down stores, burnt down police stations, attacked federal court houses and created autonomous zones.

    1. Im not interested in ruining fools that fell for the lies of a conman. As per usual the little guys take all the blame. I would be far more happy to see trump and his verminous helper filth that actually caused the insurrection prosecuted and then shot than thousands of his maga fools that were gullible enough to believe him.

    2. @Neil Rusling being charged doesn’t mean they’ll all get convicted for that felony, maybe something less, that’s why we have courts. But the felony charge for taking part in it is the right thing

    1. I disagree with calling them vigilantes. They are not taking the law into their own hands. They are reporting to cops. Maybe the hackers who downloaded the servers from their crap social media sites. But most are just dissecting publicly available video.

    2. @Jesse Lopez  @Jesse Lopez  I think it’s just a sort of cutesy name. No, they aren’t “taking the law into their own hands,” they’re just providing necessary information to law enforcement officers working with severely inadequate time. I hadn’t heard this expression before viewing this video. As long as it doesn’t become more widespread I’m willing to cut this single commentator slack.

    3. We really need to thank them that they take probably hours, days or even weeks of their time to scroll through the horrendous video footage frame by frame. It likely takes an emotional toll on them given how graphic those images are. It’s not their job nor their responsibility yet they want to see justice. America is more than what we saw on Jan. 6th.

  4. The insurrectionists are rightly going to jail, but what I’d most love to see is all the Senators, Executive branch members, Congressmen and women who planned and executed this elaborately orchestrated event get indicted and convicted. I pray the committee spares no effort at identifying and criminally charging every last person involved in this treason.

    1. @Thatcher2.0
      Investigations take time you fool, they do not happen overnight in these types of criminal offences.

    2. @Richie Tattersall it’s been 6 months, more excuses. They keep saying they have ample evidence where is it.

    3. “Where is the evidence”
      FOOLS don’t get it, evidence is NEVER released during an ongoing investigation. Once a person is legally charge with committing a criminal offence, they have the right to all of it, until that actually happens, they have none.

    1. Right, not one arrest on-site that day, even after reinforcements showed up. Meanwhile, in L.A. a black fellow was shot dead by cops for jaywalking. The suspect was cooperating, but hey, he got shot anyway….

    2. The answer is the white supremacy that is rampant throughout the justice system. I still remember when the KKK was given probation for torture, mutilation, lynching and murder. That’s the history of the United States. Ask any native people of this continent. White people have been like that since before there was a United States. Do a study of history, learn about the crusades. Specifically, Saladin and King Richard.

    3. Excellent point. If a response by the National Guard had not been deliberately stalled and thwarted ( from the “inside” ) these people would have been kettled and rounded up like BLM protesters. Easy peasy.

    4. That astonished me too. No one discusses that, they just keep congratulating the cyber-sleuths. I honestly think they wouldn’t have bothered to track them down but they were forced to because so many people posted videos. Parler sent over 50 warnings to the FBI that their users were planning violence, and the Capitol police sent officers home early that day. I want to hear testimony from the cops in the offices that made these decisions.

  5. We need to start a Go Fund Me account to buy these patriotic sleuths dinner for all their hard (non-compensated) work! THANK YOU!

    1. @Jillian Jillian > It’s my job. It’s what I do. 😜😂😂
      I love to troll those MAGAt flying monkeys.
      My grandfather told me when I was 19 years old, ” When you do what you love for a living. You never work a day in your life. That was 42 years ago. I finally found what I love.

    2. @Ken Tinman haha more buzzwords that equal nothing. Your 1/6 narrative has already been debunked lefty. Cope harder you commie PoS

    3. @LagrangePoint has the boogeyman Russia turned your already fragile brain to mush? Looks like it stupid lefty😂😂

    4. @Thatcher2.0 Oh, how soon they forget or conveniently change their story. The commie lover is the Lump after claiming his love for PUtee. So you can’t change who the commie is to suit your position. …but then again that’s what you lapdogs do.

  6. These sedition hunters are PATRIOTS! Many thanks to all of them. I still want to see Trump, his sycophants and the members of Congress who planned the Jan 6th inserrectionist.

  7. Lmao imagine being that dude thinking he only boutta get a misdemeanor and then 30 seconds later judge is like oh wait hold up sikeee you getting 10+ years.

    1. The Irony of ” Make America Great Again ” is what they believe in .. and in turn being locked up convicted .. is in turn .. Making America Great Again.

  8. The commission needs to fund these people, they can do more in a day than the feds can in a month, respectfully as the feds are getting em but use ALL tools available

    1. They can redirect funds from the FBI, since they’re not seems to be using it to investigate the 1/6ers anyways.

    2. That’s because most of them already have access to video footage the Feds don’t have because the footage was taken by private citizens and posted to social media where these Sedition hunters are collecting and sending out messages to their contacts daily to identify these people. Using people’s tips to solve crimes isn’t a new concept, every law enforcement agency does it. The FBI doesn’t just have this case to handle… there are still other crimes being committed that the FBI must handle, like investigating the ex-president and his cronies for illegal activity and insight a riot. Not to mention countless murders, embezzlement, and other Federal crimes being committed daily in America. I honestly don’t think people even bother using logic or reasoning when dealing with common sense issues anymore. It’s all negative feedback they spread around due to their own stupidity and ignorance. BTW, people are given rewards for their assistance in the arrests and convictions in federal crimes. Why do you think people are motivated to do it, for sport?

  9. A deep bow to these sedition hunters, true American heroes in the age of sedition, traitors, and fools.

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