Inslee: ‘Height Of Irresponsibility’ To Not Use Masks, Vaccines To Protect Kids

“I cannot understand why people think that is fulfilling our responsibility to our children,” says Gov. Jay Inslee on people refusing to wear masks or remaining unvaccinated around kids. 

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    1. @Cramdad Smith derp, derp, the virus is carried in areosols which is bigger, the mask catches both, you really lack education there buddy. as long as you have a mask on you are ok.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis 🤡- Even the N95 mask packaging has label verbiage indicating protection that can only go down to 0.3 microns, yet the Covid-19 virus particles have a diameter of approximately 60–140 nm, and that’s 0.06 to 1.4 microns. The decimal .06 is 5 times smaller than .3. That means the Covid virus particles are 5 times smaller than the holes in nearly every mask that nearly every American is wearing

    3. @Chris Thomas were is joe Biden? Is he still on vacation at his home. Very strange

    4. @Chris Thomas ORANGE MAN BAD RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA ORANGE MAN BAD RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA ORANGE MAN BAD. this how 🇺🇸 views trashy woke liberal Democrats. The people falling from airplanes at the Kabul airport could implode the Democrat party for 25 years.

    1. @Howard Mulvihill Sick and tired of Texas and Florida imposing sickness on children who cannot be vaccinated. They are disgusting examples of how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They should be banned from holding office.

    2. @Crimdor Lots of people here, so doesn’t surprise me. But my partner works at a hospital and they are not overrun and haven’t been since last summer. What I mean is that I’m proud of the fact that a major percent of the city is following guidance and science. It’s tough, though, bc no matter how much we mask/vaccinate, it’s an epicenter for tourists – who may or may not be as conscientious. And in such close proximity here (especially the subway), there’s only so much we can do.

  1. Olympia, we’ll trade you. Please take our governor! Mr. Inslee, good job! If you don’t have anymore compassion for your fellow human; I don’t want my tax dollars spent on employing you!

    1. @Elizabeth Taylor What district do you live in? Let me guess…..Issaquah? Lake Washington? Or are you in Eastern Washington?

      You also know that your children, if you have any, are taught how to construct an argument in school. Calling people names and citing no evidence or reasoning is not an argument: its screeching.

    1. Same! Happy to live in Seattle where a large majority of the folks care about each other enough to take the precautions seriously. Here is Capitol Hill (Seattle neighborhood for those that don’t know) I think there were like 2 weeks where most of us were unmasked after being vaxxed… ’twas fun while it lasted!

    1. He really does come across that way; not so much charismatic or flashy, but earnest and caring.

      Ingraham HS? It opened the year I graduated from Mt Si. 😁

  2. Wish their were more Governor’s like Governor Inslee. We’d be so much further ahead of stomping this virus.

    1. @Elizabeth Taylor Oh yeah, uh huh….That’s why he easily won reelection….🙄
      If you don’t like it here, there are houses going up for sale in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana because their owners are gone…..

    2. @Elizabeth Taylor nice thing about living in America you can live in any state you want I’m sure you’d be welcome in places like Texas and Florida. At least this Governor is showing some concern for the people that live in this state maybe if a few more people would just do their end of it we wouldn’t have to go back to masks or mandates.

    3. @Elizabeth Taylor

      You’re so wrong. He won by a landslide and his competition was a man who didn’t even bother filling out his bio, but that was enough to win some voters from morons.

      Inslee is a great governor. So many patriots that claim to do anything for their country, but are unwilling to take a shot that save the lives of their friends and neighbors and fellow countrymen.

      So happy to be part of this state.

    4. It will never need. Even when you have the choice to keep yourself safe from the cute little virus, they still have restrictions. If covid cases went to zero, what makes you think they wouldn’t still try imposing restrictions?

  3. It seems to mainly be the highly ‘unintelligent’ people in the community who tend to push back against such obvious potentially life saving things like vaccines and masks! Frighteningly stupid people who could easily pay the ultimate price for their stupidity with their lives!

    1. Everyone promoting the Covid19, US Military’s bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

    2. @Don Hardcastle all you just proved is that you are a scared child
      Time to grow up. Time to act like an American

    3. @Don Hardcastle I never wear a mask when I’m in my car or when I’m outside. But last year was the first Winter that I didn’t catch a cold so it must be the mask.

  4. Thank you Gov. Inslee. We care more about our children in WA state. Morons don’t get their way in our state.

    1. Every time I go on social media I see a new child story on death related to covid that’s way too young to die way too young

  5. We have to show some leadership with family and friends and if you make an enemy along the way, surely that will be short lived 😷🇺🇸

  6. Imagine having had a competent president promoting the vaccine he now claims to have invented when it first became available, and asking the people to wear a mask in high infection risk environments. The former Orange could have prevented so much death and suffering.

    1. History books have already written that the wanna be dictator is responsible for ALL americans who died with covid-19.
      The orange doesn’t care though!!! He doesn’t read books & he doesn’t want to hear the truth due to he deosn’t care nor concern about anyone else than himself and his money. He just keeps telling lies.
      But his grand children, great grand children and generations to come will feel the shame, will be ashame when reading the history books in school.
      Some of them, perhaps, will commit suicide while others want to change the last name.
      Maybe he knows what he is doing : take revenge on his father❗

    2. President Trump cleared away a lot of bureaucratic roadblocks that allowed the vaccine to be delivered to the American people in record time. Candidate Biden and candidate Harris are both on record as saying that they would not trust any vaccine from the Trump administration.
      We now have a president who turns his back on the American people, will not answer questions and has difficulty reading the Teleprompter.

    3. Not even a trump supported but some of these goofballs are completely insane. The dictators are the ppl wanting all these restrictions we have to abide by… not to mention covid was a world wide event meaning more than just the US

    4. @Kyle Gross So, you’d rather just run around with no restrictions and let thousands upon thousands (including children) get sick and die? Also, “was” is wrong. We’re still very much dealing with it, so it should be “is” And yes, COVID is a worldwide issue, but America is one of very, very few countries that have had access to vaccines from the very beginning, yet we have case numbers and deaths higher than some places without a vaccine being widely available, and that’s just plain sad. It wouldn’t have happened if there was a sensible leader when this started that didn’t treat it like a joke for months upon months.

  7. Inslee taking shots at Flat Earther “The Science is so abundantly clear it’s like gravity it’s inarguable” LOL

  8. I don’t live there. Don’t know Inslee.The one thing I’ll say is it sounds like he has a genuine concern for the people & intelligence.Those, to me, are admirable qualities that I wish was more common among all our politicians.

    1. Indeed. Instead we have GQP governors saying, and I quote- “kids get sick.” In other words, it is what it is. :-/

    2. The nasty Red folk that are in this state tried to pull what’s killing so many in the south right now and thankfully Inslee was smarter than that, I will be sad if he runs for president only because I like the work he’s done here. He also survived a murder attempt by the Magat’s here in Jan 6th

    1. Actually, “common sense” was a Republican meme for a few years in the 90s. It meant what every Republican Knew from their own direct (ie, limited) experience. Earth is flat. God has a preference of white, christian americans. Women were created to clean up after men. You know, the obvious stuff. Some of them now use a quick question to test other people’ s rationality: How many genders are there? They recognize 2, clearly demarcated, obvious at birth if you know where to look, as consistent as iron and immutable. It’s all they allow themselves to see. It’s common sense!

  9. The “reason” not to get the vaccine and/or not wear a mask, for many, is mental illness. What can be done about the massive mental illness in the US?

  10. Nice to see and hear a Governor who believes in science and actually listens to the experts. And then puts his money where his mouth is. It’s called leadership..

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