NIDS Explained – Jamaican New Identification System | TVJ Smile Jamaica

NIDS Explained - Jamaican New Identification System | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


  1. Try depositing money or transferring money from your overseas account to a Jamaican account or try withdrawing money from your account in Jamaica 🇯🇲 and see the headache! Most Jp don’t even know the person they’re stamping pictures of! Let’s see how this is going to work out!

  2. The most vital question they avoided or failed to ask Floyd Green:

    Will Jamaicans personal information required by nids, is stored locally or overseas(US, UK, Germany etc)?

    If the information is being stored in foreign countries, then this creates a serious security risk to citizens such as identity theft, blackmail etc.

    1. @Creative Pragmatic No, your info is safest in YOUR hands, not govt. This is Chinese Digital I.D.

  3. Why is this man still a minister … cant even take him seriously.. is like we just rotate the corrupt people

    1. He’s not a 100% minister. He’s a “Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister”. That’s the Prime Minister’s penalty box for errant ministers.

    2. @Creative Pragmatic Fam so we should just accept that crap? Need likkle standard at the top man.. thats why everything a jamaica a shake ino

  4. This is what it will ultimately lead to. Revelation 13:17. Your entire life will be linked to this. They like to start small, telling you things like.. “it will make your life easy” or “it is for your safety”. What is next? If your entire life is linked to this, it is nit safe when it falls to the wrong hands.

  5. The most significant takeaway from this interview for me is that the government will be passing laws that legally forces banks to accept NIDS and nothing else as valid ID.

  6. I just think the money they’re spending on this could be used for much more important things like…idk…paying govt workers.

    1. It’s Your $$ they’re wasting! Digital ID, Chinese Social Credit system, the Everything in 1 card… Can’t see how anything can go wrong with this,, can you??

  7. This is for those who choose……. Afterall, every man has fred will…..freedom of choice…..

  8. First ina Jamaica 🇯🇲 history 📜 them have a national 🏞 I’D, the other 🆔 is voters I’D,
    Them thing yah shoulder be in place from the 2000…..

  9. Next is digital money which means 1 currency for the world. We are moving toward a digital world. And we all know man made systems malfunction at times.

    1. @Jake Filmore Definitely and decide if you can afford to take vacation or buy a ticket because it will depend on if your credit is good or not.

    2. @Sancia Jones I’m encouraged by the # of comments that are AWAKE & SEE what they’re trying to do. This is basically the Mark of the Beast, you cannot buy/sell w/o it. Refuse to accept this! WE ARE THE 99% If we stand united we will make them fall.

  10. Are we realizing that our freedom is becoming a thing of the pass how many of us are realizing that there is a new world order in the making as we speak the bible cannot lie and none shall buy or sell unless he has the mark …it all comes down ro worship who will you worship, things will never be the same it will only get worse

    1. Everything that is happening in America WILL happen in Jamaica. Everything goes digital quite soon. They won’t let the pandemic go to waste using fear and control.

  11. No system is secure in Jamaica. There will b confusion as its a part of the every sector n harder on the poor. This is a country that is rife with confusion, lawlessness n greed. Unno always come with something 2 make life difficult for people. What u guys doing about crime?

  12. I believe at this time and what is happening in the world I believe this thing is a big waste of time I believe food and water security is a more serious problem we are going to face in the not too longer fun to

  13. 🤔 passport ,drivers license, votes ID now NIDs this government Marvel me as a citizen i thought Minister you were not into the house of parliament anymore werent you removed from your polítical duties due to party covid breach?

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