1. Remember, my friends:

    1. @Helga Egger I really appreciate the civil discourse as well. Not being from here makes it really hard to understand. As i mentioned, even ma y Americans dont or wont try to understand.

      Statistics rarely give a good insight on what is what. For example, we often discuss Chicago. Anti-gunners dismiss that idea because based on per capita, Chicago doesnt rank in the top 10. However, just looking at raw numbers, Chicago would have by far the largest stack of dead bodies and longest line of injured waiting to receive medical care.

      Statistically we look bad. I agree. Aside from outliers like this recent shooting, most of iur crime where guns are involved are in large cities with strict gun laws.

      America is very diverse. I would t say too diverse, but we have literally everyone from everywhere. We didnt just get the Somali politician, we got the Somali pirate under the guise of “asylum”. We didnt just get the Nigerian Doctor, we got the “nigerian prince”. The list goes on. We got the bad with the best. The bad has festered and been allowed to fester in this country.

      My local Wal-Mart doesnt have armed guards. Our schools have locked doors and intercom systems with cameras. You dont just walk in anywhere and nobody feels like they are in a prison.

      The causes of shootings can be opinionated. Facts remain that we are not a very homogenous nation. We have class disparities. We have political divides. We have a media that oushes these divides deeper and deeper. We have racial injustice as well as racial excuses. We have politicians who let criminals out while creating felons out of law abiding citizens. We have gun culture thats all about self defense, hunting, and sports(think olympic shooting events). Unfortunately we also have a sub culture of crime, gangs, and killing for what you want as illustrated in rap music. I know its entertainment and love rap music myself, but young minds see that and want to do the same.

      Social media spreads the worst among us. There are no limits. Misinformation is ok if you are of the right political class.

      We need a law that makes it illegal to make social media posts, videos, other messaging that shows intent to do harm. This way police can legally do whats necessary to prevent senseless shooting. This doesnt ban weapons or freedom of speech. Sadly, we wont grt a good law. Just ban a gun or nothing. Ban a gun and the cops still wont run in. People stull wont love each other.
      We need to work on people.

      I sincerely hope this helps a bit more for understanding. We created our own monster.

    2. So you’re making a good point about why a certain % of the teachers should either have access to a weapon, or why there should be armed guards stationed at every school.

  2. Politics is always about money/greed & who gives a crap about the people they supposedly serve!

    1. @Paulie Princeton And adding more guns and doing nothing is your idea of a “solution”? How many mass shootings does it take before your brain starts working? How helpless were the police when a single gunman shot more than 400 people at a country music concert? A 18 year old killed 22 people and fired 350 rounds, mostly in the classroom. Guess he was “exercising his 2A rights” .

    2. @donald iodice you can make as much laws as you want but if the FBI don’t do their jobs then it wouldn’t matter and the fact is that almost ALL mass shootings in America that DID use guns that was purchased legally could’ve been stopped if the FBI did their jobs with the current gun laws we already have…

    1. Homeschooling is purely reactive to reactionary and understandable but necessitates economic class distinction.

      Unions need to organize for gun control and more teacher’s aids in classrooms.

  3. The fact that the cops didn’t attempt to go into the school for an hour means they should all be fired at least for incompetence and maybe criminal negligence.

    1. @B Holmes How can you say knee jerk actions? Cops are trained to take action in difficult situations. When a peep is firing a weapon cops are suppose to engage and discharge until the perp is down.
      There were 7 cops in the hallway outside the classroom only 7-8 minutes after the perp initially entered the building. They had significant numbers and could have taken action.

    2. @Mark Todd why didn’t they put the school on lockdown before the shooter went inside. The teachers should had been notified on the speakers to lock the doors.

  4. If you want this to never happen again then give every single school in America the same level of security that the politicians children’s schools have.

    1. Eric clubs knives bow and arrows Spears boomerangs do I need to continue are all considered arms

    2. @Dan Lyons the 2nd amendment was written before there were city and state police forces. Instead, rewards were posted for wanted criminals and armed citizens were expected to capture them. Armed citizens were expected to protect their homes and help protect the homes of neighbors, particularly for citizens who lived in remote areas. As states and cities were formed and became more established so did law and order and police forces were formed which are now the well regulated militias. There were other reasons for the 2nd amendment which are for the most part no longer needed except in remote parts of of Alaska, the Rockies, the Southwest and Appalachia.
      More guns do not make us safer. Quite the opposite considering that gun sales have skyrocketed in recent years and for the 1st time in history, guns are the leading cause of death for children. And that’s F*cked Up!

  5. How many children died waiting for a hero?

    I’ve said it many times lately, I fear regret more than death! My only purpose in life is to raise and protect my children. There is no power on earth that would keep me from trying to save my kids.

    An immediate, aggressive response, is the only way to regain the initiative from a suicidal person. Without that raw aggression, the gunmen has time and maintains the initiative and can do even more damage!

    Getting the wounded to a hospital in less than 1 hour saves lives. Conrinuous engagement would likely have saved lives.

    I DON’T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, but I know BAD OR NO Decisions cost lives. Regret over the response will cost more lives.

    1. It’s worse than you think. When the cops went in, they asked the children to call out if they needed help. One girl did and was shot.

  6. 4:00 I love how they have Krysten Sinema as a Republican by mistake but it makes sense at the same time since she barely is a democrat.😂

  7. Let’s start with making a law that no politicians are entitled to a security detail…
    Let them go without that protection and see how that goes..I’m a regular citizen and I don’t have that when I go grocery shopping or to let out and pickup my grandchildren at school… I have a gun at home..I just take it with me..

  8. Only good people with guns can stop the evil ones with guns, I guess could be at least partially true until those good people that are trained and paid to do so are to scared to do anything about it.

    1. @Landieux Nobody is saying take all guns away. Just guns that are designed for a battlefield . Always a knee jerk reaction if even the THOUGHT of responsible legistation comes up.

    2. @donald iodice nah u dnt like it get out of America n go to china or africa..never heard of 2a?

    3. @donald iodice AR-15 was not designed for the battlefield it it does not have full rock and roll

  9. Ted Cruz didn’t need to finish his statement, he was done with the statement “we must not react.”

  10. Trump: ” the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”
    It is a pity that the good guy with a gun was out to lunch that day and the other 19 armed officers had to wait till the “good guy” arrived before they could enter the classroom…
    It’s also a pity that school children don’t get to stand behind bullet proof glass like Trump does.

    1. @Tomas Pita Is that even a response? That’s a complete non sequitur. You can’t blame trump for this but you can blame him for something else. What a fool.

  11. “We need more security and mental health treatments.” Why wasn’t this action taken after Sandy Hook, Columbine, or Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School? Because it’s all talk and no action.

    1. And honestly it is impossible to solve this problem. The only solution : ban automatic riffles. When a crazy men enters a school with a single gun, law inforcement will be able to take care of him fast.

  12. It is quite hideous when you have characters in such influential positions that have such obvious personality disorders. Narcissism. Stupidity. Egocentricity. Greed. Idiocy. Sociopathy. Psychopathy even. No doubt a smidgen of corruption. Or even more than a smidgen perhaps. To suggest that more guns distributed amongst the population would make the American people safer is absolutely ludicrous. It is a proven fact, that the more difficult the authorities make it for individuals to possess firearms, then there is less frequency of attacks on individuals and institutions.. Unfortunately, it seems to be that the aforementioned personality types tend to pursue these careers in government, and due to the naivety, ignorance, apathy, and voter suppression of the electorate achieve their goals and then prove difficult to unseat. I must say, that certain elected members of your Congress appear Putinesque in their Machiavellian ways. I would have thought that The U.S.A. could do far better than that. Sadly, we have a similar situation here in the U.K. Boris is proving to be a mini – Trump. He lies, and doesn’t care. And he too has his enablers surrounding him. With their self -interest at heart. Thankfully though, those who suffer from mental illness in Britain cannot yet purchase a gun of any type. Semi-automatic combat weapons! At age 18! Can any reasonable, thinking person, consider that right?

    1. u can own a weapon that could potentially end someones life at 18 but u cant drink alcohol until 21 …how backwards is that ?

    2. @d rich — Thank you for your comment from the U.K.
      Most U.S. citizens, myself included, have never approved of the now-disgraced former president, which is why he lost the popular vote twice and had only one term in office.

  13. Do these politicians care about our lives? What is the problem to pass that law? It is getting scary.

    1. @Ariadne’s Child ahhh thanks for clearing that up I just remember the news about that and his excuse was his kids wanted a holiday lol

    2. @giles rich he’s a toerag, he jetted off to Cancun leaving his dog in a cold house while people froze to death, the state officials knew a big freeze could happen but did nothing to prepare for the eventuality.

  14. You shouldn’t need added security & metal detectors at school’s to learn: amend your Constitution, you’re the only country that allows all your citizens to be armed by Right; it’s not a Right, it’s a responsibility…!!!

    1. US is not the only country that allows people to have firearms and it’s not even the highest rate of gun ownership either.

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