NIH Director Collins: 'You Can’t Count On The Vaccinated People To Save You.' 1

NIH Director Collins: ‘You Can’t Count On The Vaccinated People To Save You.’

National Institutes of Health Director, Dr. Francis Collins, joined Stephanie Ruhle for a wide-ranging interview about the latest rise in Covid-19 cases fueled by the delta variant, vaccine effectiveness, changing guidance from the Biden administration on mask-wearing, and shots for children. "We know these vaccines are safe," he said. "So if you have been on the fence, anybody listening right now, this is the moment to step aside from all the misinformation and frankly disinformation that’s been put out there, look at the data, and then roll up your sleeve."

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NIH Director Collins: 'You Can’t Count On The Vaccinated People To Save You.'


    1. @Michael Ehmann You still don’t want to risk the chance of spreading it to children under 12 and people who can’t get the vaccine. If you accidentally pass it to an anti-vaxxer, I mean, whatever, but we still want to end this pandemic, so I guess we should try everything we can to stop it.

    2. I would rather catch Covid than to get the Jab and that’s exactly what happen.
      I’m fine with natural immune for all you idiots.
      You think everybody who had Covid has a tube in their throat, how dumb.
      MSM got you’ll bought and sold.

  1. You make decisions based on the information you have at the time. There is not one scenario without risk. I got vaccinated because I think the benefits outweigh the small risk of side effects. Personal decision. Talk to your doctor

  2. How can we get people to hear these reports they are not listening. I have friends that have real diseases that could need hospitalization. We have no beds. JAX., Fla.

    1. Just love them, Denise, I think it’s all you can do. Compassion is powerful and even if it doesn’t save them, it will free you. All you can do is love them

    1. What concerns me is the lack of care available for non- covid related medical concerns i.e. stroke, heart attack, cancer txmt as hospitals are at capacity now because people refused the vaccine.

  3. Meanwhile, in the real world, there are literally billions of people begging to get vaccinated here and now, but we are still having to hear about these pampered American trolls and their “hesitancies”

    1. thank you for asking the right questions!

      that stock market analogy is totally bunk! you know why? you can’t foresee stock market swings using basic deduction and the precautionary principle based on what we already have experienced. also the stock market isn’t human lives so the degree of precaution should be on its own scale.

      and meanwhile, we keep getting told ‘we’d have herd immunity if only we’d all taken it’ while 6.4 Billion in the poorest counties haven’t even had access yet. so how does that make sense if the only way ‘herd immunity’ can be achieved is for 80% of the PLANET to be vaccinated?

    2. I hear where your coming from. As Americans we are very fortunate to have the advances in medicine and science. Unfortunately so many people don’t take advantage of this privilege

    3. @awise83 actually more people died in this country than other poor countries, 8.9 per 1000 per year compared with 6.1 in Mexico and 5.5 in Central America in the year 2020

  4. Dying because you can not breathe is a horrible way to die. My first grade teacher accidentally showed her class a newspaper with a picture of hundreds of polío victims trapped in the old iron lung machines. I still remember praying for those people 70 years later just before the polio vaccine was developed. The young always believe that they are invincible. In the end, all we can do is ease the passing of people like my son and pray for their souls. Don’t let anyone play craps with the health of your family members. You never get a second chance.

    1. That’s true. However, surviving is no cake walk either.

      I had water on my right lung a year before Covid started.
      Even after I left hospital they made arrangements to get my oxygen levels checked.

      One lung , nearly three years later and just now getting back to what my lung capacity use to be.

    2. I am so sorry you lost your son. You are so correct about the young thinking that they are invincible. I am 63 yrs old and still remember what a nightmare Polio was and personally knew three people stricken from that terrible disease. Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing.

    3. Miss Kathryn, it’s not the young. Grown people, acting like children, are creating this. They are playing the victim because they don’t want to wear masks, social distance or get vaccinated. Children under 12 aren’t safe because of this. In fact, none of use are.
      Bless you for your beautiful spirit. It comes through in your writing. And, I’m sorry for the passing of your son. No parent should have to face that. God watch other this woman and sustain her. Give her peace and allow her to impart it to others, in Jesus name.

  5. I wish they would make these articles more concise and trim out the unnecessary parts and create something for short attention span people.

  6. Trump told Woodward in March 2020, was part of a strategy to deliberately minimize the danger. “I wanted to always play it down,” the president said. “I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.”

    He didnt want to create a panic bc he didnt want to lockdown or take anti covid measures bc it would hurt his re election.

    1. That ain’t all that hurt his re-election the people of our country the majority didn’t want him anymore after four years of his BS

      Goodbye Trump and don’t come back.

    2. Ironically I truly think that if he had taken the pandemic seriously and had a better response to the pandemic He would still be president
      (I am an Independent and have voted on both sides of the aisle. And many people probably would have ignored the fact that he was a terrible president if more people had survived this)
      Just a theory, trust I am very glad we dont have 45 in power anymore.

  7. With Fox Lies blaring anti vax from every public screen? Ask your cable provider to drop fox lies. If its on your guide, you’re giving them money.

  8. The mask and the shots have kept me well and virus-free so far — why gripe about continuing with what works?

    1. @Gabriel Martinez , when covid calls the game, you won’t need to yell bingo. Save that breath. You’ll need it. Every gambler eventually wins.

    2. Spinning Cockroach hahahahaha you believe everything huh? Why can’t I just be young and healthy, turn of the news lol and see the world with your own eyes

  9. Cringeworthy questioning about the obvious. “Why did you say that then and this now? Does that undermine trust?”Blah blah blah. Spare us. Thankfully Dr Collins comes through crystal clear.

  10. People are always so busy, trying to blame the Chinese, the dr’s, anybody. People need to take responsibility for themselves, just man up!

    1. @Dennie Saunders OK OK OK!!!! We get it. You are not only selfish, but you are suicidal as well. Just try and not take others with you. Good riddance to you pal.

    2. @Dennie Saunders You go on with your bad self Dennie. You are the reason why I have to still wear a mask, after being fully vaccinated, because I do not want to infect children or immune compromised people. Variants will keep getting stronger because of selfish people like you!!!!

    3. you get jab not me and isn’t any of your business and if your kids and loved die so be it.And the vaccinated are the ones giving it to the unvaxxed period,50% of the new infection come from the vaccinated lmao.Thats from the mainstream media no two ways around that you cohort and they been calling the vaccinated cohorts lmao to your face .Try google CDC Welensky calling vaccinated folks cohort and they been tracking you cohort form day one.ALSO Im sure you can google if the vaccine prevents infection or not ,from the mainstream new thats exactly where i heard from broad cast such as this

    1. The red death is fitting.
      I just want their deaths to be listed a suicide by non-vaccination. What they do is worse than being bled by leeches or not bathing or drinking their own urine because we have a treatment and they do nothing.

  11. Just got over Covid while being vaxxed. I had symptoms and there is NO WAY I would want to experience Covid without the vax. Get your shot folks while it’s free.

    1. My friend got the jab and almost died, everybody situation is different so stop thinking the vaccines is the answer.
      The gov paid Big Pharma Billions for these vaxx so what do you think?

    1. If the democrats can convince you that if you chop off your junk you are magically a real woman instead of a eunuch they can convince you of anything.

  12. Easy solution: The volunteers who remain unvaccinated and get sick requiring hospitalization? Their decision SHOULD BE HONORED, and they should be shown the door.
    How is this inappropriate?

  13. Actually, US models showed Delta would be a raging dominant variant way back when UK was decimated. US’s “Mask Freedom” was ridiculously naive, even given the facts at the time.

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